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The spreads tool lets you create charts that display differences in price between different financial instruments on a chart.

This feature allows you to display the difference of prices between two securities. Spreads are mainly used for the commodities or futures markets. Some strategies consist in buying / selling a security while selling / buying another one. Spreads emphasize on abnormal conditions between both securities.

With ProRealTime you can display each spread in a candlestick view, thus improving your analysis. We compare every tick of both securities to be able to display the low and the high of your spread in a candlestick view.

To benefit from this useful tool, go to "Display" and click on "Spreads" as shown below.

A new empty window appears that will look as shown below.

Click on the "Set Spread" button to open the window below. In this window you can create your first spread.

This window allows you to select both securities of your first spread by using the search buttons.

For instance, we first click on the button highlighted above and select the first security of your choice from the search window.

Then, click on the button outlined below to select the second security.

Then, choose the coefficients and the operation to apply.

Finally, click on the "Add" button to display this spread in the "Spreads" window. It will appear in the top left position of the "Set Spread" window as well as in the "Spreads" window.

Note that you can change the name of the spread by typing the name of your choice in the top-right box titled "Name" in the "Set Spread" window.

You can create and save up to 50 spreads. Inversely, if you wish to remove a spread, go to "Display", select "Spreads" and click on the button "Set Spread". Select the spread you want to remove and click on "Delete" button.

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