ProRealTrend - Automatic support and resistance lines

ProRealTrend allows you to display support and resistance lines for your favorite securities in one click.

Introduction to ProRealTrend

Profit from the trend: the 5 key steps

  • Respect the fundamental rules of the chartist approach
  • Search for the most interesting securities
  • Identify the best entry points
  • Learn to place stop losses and take profit levels

As every trader knows, charting analysis takes time and effort to provide consistently good results. These increase exponentially when applied to a growing numbers of securities.

  • How long does it take you to identify main trends and channels?
  • How confident are you in your analysis?

Automatic drawing of support & resistance trend lines

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Display horizontal support and resistance lines

Securities may oscillate between levels of supports and resistance. ProRealTrend can display minor, intermediate and major levels of support and resistance regularly updated, to fit with the latest price movements. Major levels are of particular interest, because the levels they represent may be more solid and reliable for use in trading strategies.
Horizontal trend lines

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Display channels and oblique support and resistance lines

ProRealTrend also displays for you upwards or downwards market trends with oblique lines or channels, updated every hour. It becomes simple to set alerts and be warned whenever a ProRealTrend line break occurs. The shaded area around the lines stresses the 'hot' zones which may anticipate a potential trend break.
Oblique trend lines, channels & triangles

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Set the density of trend lines displayed on charts

ProRealTrend gives you the flexibility to choose the level of detail of the analysis. You can set the amount of lines to display (from low to high) as shown in the images below.
  • Low density:
  • Medium density:
  • High density:
Set trend lines density on charts

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Customize any type of ProRealTrend line

ProRealTrend lines can be fully customized according to your preferences. Color, width and style can be separately defined.
You can also choose to display or hide the 'Hot zones' around the trend lines and a text indicating the timeframe in which the line was calculated.
Customize automatic trendlines

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Use ProRealTrend in multiple views

Studies in greater timeframes are also visible on inferior time units. ProRealTrend automatically distinguishes long-term trends from short-term trends.
Display of lines in inferior timeframes

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Detect securities approaching key price levels

With ProRealTrend Detection you scan markets and obtain the securities whose price is approaching ProRealTrend levels.
The results of the scanner are updated in real-time, just like ProScreener!

Many kinds of detections are available. You can set them up following this sequence:

1. Select the tab with the type of support or resistance (major or all)

2. Pick the market, view and density

3. Set the configuration (channels, triangles or lines) and the gap relative to price (proximity or breakout)
You can seize market opportunities that best fit with your trading approach!

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