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Fonts & colors

Fonts and colors of the platform can be customized from the "Options" > "Template options" menu.

Set time zones & trading hours

Time zones and trading hours can be customized form the "Options" > "Platform options" > "Time zones and trading hours" menu. Time zones can be the same for all charts or customized market by market.

The options menu can be opened by going to "Options" and choosing one of the available possibilities:

Platform options includes General platform options, ProRealTrend lines options, Alert & sounds options, Time zones & Trading hours options. These options always apply, regardless of the template you are using.

Template options include General template options, Fonts, Colors & Effects and Main window options. All of these options may be different for different templates (for example, you may have one template with dark colors and large fonts and a different template with light colors and small fonts).

You can choose to apply your choices to all of your templates using the dedicated "Apply to all templates" checkbox which is available in each section of the template options window.

The main window options tab lets you completely customize the main ProRealTime window and all of the tools available in the toolbar:

Once you have selected the tools you want, you can also change their positions in the toolbar by holding your left mouse button over a tool, dragging it to the left or right, then releasing the mouse button.

Trading options includes customization of the order interface, manual trading options, automatic trading options, statistics and order display options. Like general options, these will always apply to all templates.

Multi-window multi-screen contains tools to help you organize your windows by fitting them to your current screen size or tiling them across one or multiple screens. It also has a tool to reduce all windows to the system tray (Ctrl + h).

DDE Data Export lets you activate the DDE data export function. For more information, see the dedicated DDE data export page.

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