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New features of ProRealTime v12

Indicators & multi-timeframe
Market replay
Order Flow
Sharing between users
Main window and interface
Calculated instruments

Indicators & multi-timeframe

New Volume Profile Indicator

Volume Profile allows you to see the volume distribution across all price levels directly on your price charts, and identify easily the price levels with the highest volume traded.

Multi-timeframe available for all indicators

All indicators of the platform can now be displayed on a different timeframe than the one they are calculated in (example: Display a daily moving average on a 1 hour chart).

Improved VWAP indicator

More historical data available and this indicator is now calculated tick by tick. You can also choose between a daily period or a sliding period in minutes.

Calculate indicators in heiken ashi view

When displaying a chart in the heiken ashi view, you can choose between calculating the indicators shown on the chart based on heiken ashi candles or on regular candles (OHLC).


New order book scalping mode features

Scalping mode is one of our most popular order book views. The following new features have been added to it : move stop to break even level, reduce a position, display potential gain of pending orders, set a limit at X ticks by choosing the reference price or desired gain/loss.

Other new trading features

The following new features are under development :

  • Set multiple stop and target orders at a time (on new orders or positions)
  • Show gain/loss ratio in order labels
  • Money management features such as: maximum daily/monthly loss for your positions or portfolio, email alerts when a certain loss amount is reached, maximum daily number of trades per instrument type.

Market replay

Market replay lets you replay market data. ProRealTime's market replay has several innovations not available anywhere else :

  • Trade on replayed data with our PaperTrading module and get a detailed report on your trading results
  • Pick any instrument of your choice for the market replay, or replay and trade on multiple instruments at a time in the Premium version
  • Choose any starting and ending date & time you want for the replay
  • Choose any base unit of time of your choice AND choose the speed of the replay. For example, you can choose to do the market replay on a 15-minute timeframe but at an accelerated pace in order to practice trading on a whole week of past trading data in just a few hours

Order Flow

ProOrderFlow is a new feature that lets you display a historical chart of Buy and Sell orders in the order book.

This information can be used to make predictions on the short term direction of the market.

  • Continuous lines show the history of bid/ask data
  • Circles show order executions
  • The heatmap shows the history of the volume of the order book per price level

Sharing between users

Import/export lists (including from a text or .csv file)

The platform can now import and export lists of instruments. Recognized formats for imports include text files, .csv files or .itf files (which are created when you export a list). This is practical for sharing watchlists with your friends or transferring lists between your accounts with different brokers that use ProRealTime.

Import/export workspace templates

Template exports can be customized to include or not your visible drawn objects and codes of personal indicators displayed in the template. You can also set your template to be importable just once or an unlimited number of times.

Platform to platform direct sharing

In addition to chat with friends, the instant messaging system of the platform can now be used to share :

  • Charts along with their configuration
  • Drawn objects
  • Indicators
  • Trading systems
  • Market screeners

Main window and interface

Main window

  • Main window in fixed or floating mode
  • Show trading information in main window
  • Follow favorite instruments from the main window
  • Show local times of different markets (New York, Chicago, Paris...)

Interface improvements

  • Templates for Charts: save chart configurations and re-apply them to any other chart
  • Templates for Order books
  • Many redesigned windows to make features easier to find and use & overall UI improvements such as customizable right-click menus, open recently closed windows and more


Several new objects and improvements to existing objects highly requested by our users have been added.

  • Position simulator with risk-reward ratio
  • New circle, pencil (freehand drawing), multi-point line & curve tools
  • More levels & colors for Fibonacci, Gann & Pitchfork objects
  • Improvements to settings windows of more than 40 existing objects
  • Select multiple objects at a time to copy/modify/delete
  • More colors available

Calculated instruments

The new calculated instruments feature (formerly called "spreads") lets you display differences in price of one or more instruments in candlestick form with many important improvements :

  • Calculator tool for easy creation
  • Extended historical charts in candlestick form
  • Each calculated instrument can use up to 50 other instruments
  • 10 mathematical operators available
  • Import or export calculated instruments
  • For the volume chart of the calculated instrument, you can display : the sum of volumes of the instruments, the sum of the instruments market caps, or the formula of the calculated instrument applied to the volume of each instrument


The alerts module has been overhauled in version 12 with several significant improvements :

  • Associate all types of orders to your alerts (limit, stop, trailing stop, OCO, multiple leg....)
  • Customize alert trigger times : once, every X minutes, each time, ...
  • Pause/play button for each alert in the alert status window
  • Customize sounds for individual alerts or alert types
  • Multi-condition alerts with no limit on the number of conditions per alert


Array variables

The possibility to create array/table variables for more organized and readable code has been released in-between version 11 and version 12.

Learn more

Free indicators from ProRealCode

The free library of downloadable codes hosted by ProRealCode keeps increasing with over 1000 indicators, automated trading systems and market scans.

Learn more

Premium marketplace indicators

Buy or rent premium indicators from the ProRealCode marketplace.

Learn more

Note that ProRealTime does not endorse the ProRealCode website and is not responsible for the content and services offered by this website which is managed by a third party company which has its own terms of use.

Other improvements

List improvements

New list columns, sort by highlight, multiple selection, automatic cycling, improved parameters window


Improved order ticket window, also used for placing orders on alerts. More coming soon.

Chart improvements

Additional information in chart titles available - portfolio information, other instrument quotes

Configure opening times of intraday candles

You can now configure opening times of intraday candles. For example, a 3 hour candle can start at 0H (0H, 3H, 6H), or at the open (9H30, 12H30, …) or at a custom time (ex: 8H, 11H…)

Free registration gives you :

  • Unlimited free access to
    • ProRealTime Complete version
    • ProRealTime Mobile version
    • End-of-day market data
  • 2 weeks free trial on real time market data
  • Individual training session upon request