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Advanced search

Advanced search lets you search for financial instruments by keyword or by market. Search results can also be filtered and sorted.

If the instrument you are searching for does not appear in the proposed results as shown above, click on the icon (highlighted below) to launch an advanced search. This function is also available in the "Display" menu in the main window.

Searches can be executed by keywords or my market.

Keyword search

Using the Keyword search function lets you search:

  • Through the full instrument database available in ProRealTime
  • or in a specific market or market segment (ex: NASDAQ equities, or London Stock Exchange)

To execute a search, enter the name of the instrument to search for and enter the market or market segment in which you wish to search.

Search by market

The "Search by market" function allows you to search through an exhaustive list of instruments available through ProRealTime by using one or more criteria. You can limit your search to a country, a market segment or by the instrument's first letter.

For example, if you want to search through the French equities, choose "France" in the left hand dropdown menu, and "All stocks" in the center menu.

You can also search through the Dow Jones indices by choosing "Indices" from the left hand dropdown menu, and "Dow Jones" in the center menu.

The above image shows how to access the full list of French equities, or the full list of Dow Jones indices.

Display a chart from the advanced search window

  • Click on the icon to display the instrument as an unlinked chart.
  • Click directly on the name of the instrument to change the instrument of linked charts to the selected instrument. If no linked chart is currently open, this action will open a new linked chart.
Learn more about linked charts

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