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Display charts and change the instrument displayed
Display charts and change the instrument displayed

Charts can be easily opened using the instrument search tools and lists in the platform.

You can display the charts using the search tool or from a list of instruments.

Display a chart from the search tool

To display a chart of your chosen instrument, enter its name in the search bar located in the platform's main window, and results closest to your search will show up while you are still typing.

Click on your chosen result from the list that appears to show your chart.

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Display a chart from a list of instruments

If the Lists window is not shown on your screen, click on "Display" in the main window, and then select "Lists".

Use the drop-down menu at the top of the window to select your market of choice. You can then click on any instrument to open its related chart.

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The Complete version lets you open up to 20 charting windows simultaneously.

The Premium version lets you open up to 80 charting windows simultaneously.

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Quick instrument switch

The arrow in the upper-left corner of the charts lets you quickly change the instrument displayed.

You can directly click on a recently displayed instrument or enter an instrument name / ticker in the search bar.