Candlesticks patterns

In this section you will find the list of Candlestick patterns that ProRealTime can detect for you:

Abandoned baby evening star
Abandoned baby morning star
Bearish doji star
Bearish engulfing lines
Bearish harami
Bearish harami cross
Black evening star
Black gravestone / inverted hammer
Black hanging man / hammer
Black line without upper shadow
Black marubozu
Black morning star
Bullish doji star
Bullish engulfing lines
Bullish harami
Bullish harami cross
Dark cloud cover
Doji evening star
Doji morning star
Downside gap
Downside Tasuki gap
Dragon-fly doji
Gravestone doji
Grip bottom and hammer
Grip bottom and piercing line
Grip top and dark cloud cover
Grip top and gravestone
Long black line
Long white line
Piercing line
Three black crows
Three white soldiers
Upside gap
Upside Tasuki gap
White evening star
White gravestone / inverted hammer
White hanging man / hammer
White line without lower shadow
White marubozu
White morning star