Trade with a StreamDeck
Connect a StreamDeck to your ProRealTime platform, and gain comfort and speed in your Trading

Improve your trading at every level


Eliminate all useless gestures to concentrate only on your timing to enter and exit positions


Instantly raise or lower your profit targets and protection stops with tick by tick precision.


Create your trading interface that is unique and perfectly adapted to your trading activity.


Keep total control over your positions, even when you are using another application.

Create your own trading interface simply

Assign an action or information to each button of your StreamDeck directly from your platform.

Place at market or limit orders at the best bid or ask price

Add a protection stop and/or a profit target to your position

Move your stops and targets step by step

Adjust or reset the quantity of your order placement buttons

Close or invert your position and/or cancel your pending orders

Track your performance for the trading day in total or instrument by instrument

Quickly change from one instrument to another in mono-instrument mode

Assign an instrument to each button in multi-instrument mode

Open new windows in the platform

How to configure your StreamDeck

Video made by Benoist Rousseau, own account trader and writer of the blog

Easily swap from one configuration to another


Create your own configurations for StreamDeck in the platform


Assign a keyboard shortcut to each configuration


Go from one to the other with one button

Where to get a StreamDeck

StreamDeck 15 buttons

137,00 €

delivery included

139.99 £ (162.00 €)

delivery included

StreamDeck 32 buttons

237,00 €

delivery included

249.99 £ (289.41 €)

delivery included

According to prices checked on 18/08/2022.

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