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Saving different templates and the platform
Saving different templates and the platform

You can save different templates and quickly switch between them. You can also save your work with the "File" > "Save" option.

We advise you to save templates in order to keep your platform's layout and options. You can make several different templates if you like to use different layouts.

The following elements are saved in templates:

  • size and position of windows (charts, order books, lists...)
  • indicators displayed and their properties
  • columns displayed in lists
  • options in the "tempalte options" seciton of the menu

If you wish to save a new template, click on the "Templates" drop-down menu in the top area of the main window and click on "Save or delete...". A small window appears allowing you to choose the name of the new template, for instance "Tick by Tick View".

Once a template is saved, you can open it again anytime in the future.