Help videos for the ProRealTime platform

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First steps with ProRealTime

Getting started with ProRealTime in just 15 minutes

This video shows an example of how to create different workspaces for analyzing different instruments, place trades and analyze the market.

Advantages of ProRealTime

Learn about the advantages of ProRealTime, including top quality charts, technical analysis, data and trading tools.

Saving different templates and the platform

You can save different templates and quickly switch between them. You can also save your work with the "File" > "Save" option.

Help & support resources

Help and support tools are available directly from the platform via the options in the help menu.


Display charts and change the instrument displayed

Charts can be easily opened using the instrument search tools and lists in the platform.

Historical data and timeframes

Chart timeframes and amount of historical data to be loaded can be changed using the dropdown menus in the charts.

Zooming tools

You can zoom into or out of charts using the magnifying glass tools at the bottom right. You can also choose to zoom on a specific time period by choosing the beginning and ending times.

Manage multi-charts

Multiple charts can be opened and linked to eachother so that when the financial instrument of any given chart is changed, any linked charts are also changed to display the same instrument.

Chart settings

The chart settings window can be opened by clicking on the wrench key in the lower right part of each chart. The video provides details about the available options.

Modify chart styles

Chart styles can be modified by clicking on the wrench in the title of the price chart. More than 15 styles are available including charts based on time, price movement and volume.



How to open and use lists, customize columns displayed and column order and sorting criteria.

Personal lists

How to create and manage your own lists. Personal lists let you create watch lists including the financial instruments of your choice.

Quick search

Quick search is available in the main window and at the top of each chart. Results are provided as you type and can be directly clicked. The search tool can also be customized.

Advanced search

Advanced search lets you search for financial instruments by keyword or by market. Search results can also be filtered and sorted.

Indicators and price

Add and configure indicators

Indicators can be added using the add indicator button at the upper-right of charts. Indicators can be configured by clicking on the wrench in the indicator's title or the price chart's title.

Add an indicator on another indicator

Indicators can be added on other indicators by clicking the wrench icon in the title of the first indicator, then choosing "Add indicator". This method can also be used to add indicators on the price chart.

Compare multiple financial instruments on one chart

Multiple instruments can be compared on a single chart by adding the "Compared security (on price)" indicator to any chart, then choosing the instrument to compare. Three different scale types are available.

Delete indicators

How to delete indicators in separate panels and indicators displayed on the price panel.

Move and resize indicators and price

Indicator panels and the price panel can be moved and resized on your charts and also maximized and minimized.

Add color zones on indicators

Color zones can be added to indicators or modified by clicking the wrench icon in the indicator's title.

Favorite indicators

Indicators, trading systems, and market scans can be marked as favorites to access them more quickly.

Drawing tools and cursor

Drawing objects

How to draw objects on charts in ProRealTime. Many different types of drawing objects are available for use.

Move, modify, duplicate and delete objects

Tools are available to move, modify, duplicate and delete objects from the main window. Objects can also be moved, modified or deleted by right-clicking on them in the charts.

Customize cursor, cursor details window, cursor tricks

How to customize the cursor, use the cursor details window and some cursor tricks with the ProRealTime trading and market analysis platform.

Drawing options and drawing assistance

How set drawing options and use drawing assistance. Activating drawing assistance makes your lines automatically stick to important points while you draw or move them such as open, high, low or close prices.

Add texts to charts and comments below charts

The text tool lets you add text directly on charts. Text added to charts is shown only on the time frame where you originally added the text. Comments are shown below the chart and displayed on all time frames.


Trading and order placement

How to view orders and positions in ProRealTime and place orders. Orders can be easily placed directly from charts, the order book, alerts and order tickets. Both real and papertrading accounts are available.

Place multiple-leg orders from charts

How to place multiple-leg orders from charts such as a main order associated to a stop order and a target order.

Order placement and trading options

The order placement interface and trading options can be customized from the "Options" > "Trading options" menu.

Portfolio and order list

The portfolio and order list windows can be opened from the "Trading" menu and used to monitor your positions and orders and also quickly close them.

Detailed report of your trading activity

How to view a detailed report and equity curve of your trading activity (real trading or papertrading).

Order book

Trading from the order book

Simple and multiple leg orders can be placed from the order book. You can also move and delete orders from the order book.

Order book scalping mode

Scalping mode with the order book is ideal for fast trading using keyboard, mouse and game pad shortcuts.

Order book configuration

The order book can be customized by clicking the wrench icon at the bottom right of the order book window.

Platform customization

Fonts & colors

Fonts and colors of the platform can be customized from the "Options" > "Template options" menu.

Set time zones & trading hours

Time zones and trading hours can be customized form the "Options" > "Platform options" > "Time zones and trading hours" menu. Time zones can be the same for all charts or customized market by market.

Keyboard mouse and game pad

You can set personal shortcuts for trading and use of the platform with a keyboard, mouse or game pad.


Create alerts

Alerts can be based on many different criteria including price, time and indicators.

Create multi-timeframe alerts

Alerts can also be set using multiple conditions or based on multiple time frames.

Custom indicators Download the indicators and basic functions programming guide (ProBuilder)

Creating custom indicators

You can create custom indicators with ProBuilder which is a simple programming language created by ProRealTime.

Adding dynamic parameters to your indicators

Adding dynamic variables to your indicators lets you modify these variables from the indicator properties window without modifying the program (for example: number of periods of a custom indicator).

Trading systems Download the trading system programming guide (ProBacktest & ProOrder)

ProOrder - Automatic trading made easy

ProOrder is ProRealTime's automatic trading module. Trading systems can be created either with or without programming and be used with both simulated and real trading portfolios.

Create a trading system without programming

How to easily create a trading system without programming.

Run and analyze a trading system backtest

How to run and analyze a trading system backtest and also export the results.

Trading system backtest optimization

How to use ProBacktest optimization to find values of variables that give the best results for a strategy for a given financial instrument and period of historical data.

3 ways to start a trading system with ProOrder

Trading systems can be easily added to ProOrder and started from the chart, or the list of your trading systems, or from the programming window.

Modify trading system

How to modify a trading system that was created in simplified creation mode (without programming) or with programming.

Backtesting in tick by tick mode

Using tick by tick data to backtest in higher timeframes enables more accurate backtesting.

Market scanning tools Download the market scans programming guide (ProScreener)

ProScreener: create a custom market scan

How to scan entire markets based on your own chosen criteria.

ProScreener: create a multi-timeframe scan

ProScreener scans can have multiple conditions including conditions based on different time frames.

Top Movers: market scans with pre-defined criteria

The top movers tool scans the market based on predefined criteria such as price (highest winners or losers) and volume. Different time frames for the scan are also available (ex: since yesterday, since 1 hour).

Candlestick pattern detection market scanner

The candlestick pattern detection tool scans entire markets to find instruments which show popular candlestick patterns on charts.


Introduction to ProRealTrend

How to use the ProRealTrend module to automatically draw trend lines on financial charts in the ProRealTime.

ProRealTrend Detection

ProRealTrend detection scans entire markets to find financial instruments close to support and resistance lines and also chart patterns such as channels and triangles.

ProRealTrend Options

ProRealTrend options can be opened from the "Platform Options" > "ProRealTrend lines" menu. You can set options such as line density, display, and colors.

Sharing content with ProRealTime

Import and export indicators, trading systems and screeners

Programs such as indicators, trading systems and screeners can be imported and exported to share with your contacts.

Send charts by e-mail

Charts can be sent by e-mail using the e-mail tool at the bottom-left of each chart.

Save and print charts

Charts can be saved and printed using the print and save tools at the bottom-left of each chart. You can customize the image size and print multiple charts.

Share charts via social networks

Charts can be shared via popular social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

Other advanced tools


The spreads tool lets you create charts that display differences in price between different financial instruments on a chart.

X-tick charts

X-tick charts display candlesticks based on number of transactions instead of time and offer an alternate way to analyze the market.

Tick by tick list

The tick by tick list shows a list of transactions for a given day with time, price and volume data.

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