DDE Data Export

What is ProRealTime DDE?

ProRealTime DDE plugin (prortdde.exe) is a handy tool that enables you to export in real-time data from the list displayed in the Lists window of your ProRealTime workstation. Thus, it is dedicated to ProRealTime real-time users.

The ProRealTime DDE is 100% free and ensures the correct data download to external software compatible with Microsoft DDE (Dynamic Data Exchange, such as Excel, notepad etc..). The items that can be downloaded for each list are shown in the image below.

How to install the ProRealTime DDE Plugin?

  1. First of all, close your workstation.
  2. Download the "prtdde.zip" file from the link below (choose the "Save" option).
    Click here to download the "prtdde.zip" file
  3. Unzip the "prtdde.zip" file
    For Windows 8, 7 or Vista:
    • Right-click on the file
    • Click on "Extract All..."
    • Click on "Extract"
  4. To install the files, open the "prtdde" folder that was created and carefully follow the procedure below:
    If your operating system is Windows 8, 7 or Vista:
    • Double click on the "mscomctl2.exe" file and follow the installation procedure.
    • Right-click on the "prortdde.exe" icon shown in the folder created and select "Run as administrator".
      This step is required only when you first launch the plugin.
    • If you experience a "vb6fr.dll" error:
      • Copy the "vb6fr.dll" file from the folder "prtdde" to the folder "C:WindowsSystem32".
      • If you are running a 64-bit version of Windows, you must also copy this file into the folder "C:WindowsSysWOW64".
    If your operating system is Windows XP:
    • Right-click on the "mswinsck.inf" file and select "Install".
    • Double click on the "mscomctl2.exe" file and and follow the installation procedure.
    • Double click on the "prortdde.exe" to launch the DDE export.
  5. Now launch your ProRealTime Workstation, with real-time data access.
  6. Click on the Options menu from the ProRealTime Main window and verify that "Export DDE" is activated.

If the ProRealTime DDE is properly installed, the new window "ProRealTime DDE Stream" appears (see image below).

Simultaneously, a new icon appears on your Windows taskbar: that means that the ProRealTime DDE is up and running.

How to export data

First open the list containing the datafeed to export

The ProRealTime DDE exports the data-stream related to the securities contained in the list shown in your "List" window. You can display only one list at time and every list contains a maximum of 50 securities. Thus, a maximum of 50 securities can be exported real-time.

Then select the data kind

From the "Copy DDE Link" menu in the "ProRealTime DDE Stream" window, you can select the kind of data that you wish to export into your DDE enabled external software.

You can choose between the default configuration, which exports Ticker, Name and Last , or the All Items configuration that exports all the items shown in the image below:

Export to DDE enabled external software

Let's assume you are using the Microsoft Excel software.

Open it and click on the field where to export the data selected.

Then press "=" on your keyboard, click on "Edit" menu and choose "Paste". The cell will display a function (see image below): press "Enter" to accept it.

Tip: you can also paste into Excel by using CTRL+V keyboard shortcut, but still remember to insert "=" in the cell before pasting.