ProRealTime Complete

All the tools you need in one platform

Analysis & decision support tools


  • 100+ technical indicators included in the platform.
  • Import hundreds of additional indicators created by the community of ProRealTime users or create your own.
  • Customize all indicator parameters, visual display and scale.
  • Display indicators from multiple timeframes on the same chart.

Chart styles

ProRealTime offers both standard "time based" chart styles and chart styles based on volatility or liquidity.

  • Candlesticks
  • Bar charts
  • Range Bars
  • Heikin-Ashi
  • Hollow candles
  • Renko
  • Kagi
  • Point and figures
  • Market profile ®
  • … and more

Charting analysis

  • 40+ drawing tools, from classic supports & resistances, to channels, Fibonaccis, speed lines and more.
  • Transfer your drawn objects to lower and higher timeframes.
  • Create several independent chart studies per security.
  • Import to your platform chart studies created by others.

Extensive timeframe selection

ProRealTime offers both standard "time based" chart styles and chart styles based on volatility or liquidity.

Non-time based views

Our tick by tick, x-ticks and x-volumes charts give an alternate analysis of market trends focusing on price movements rather than time.

Price comparisons

Display several instruments on the same chart to compare them.

Create your own indices & spreads

Build indices based on a basket of stocks of your choice, with or without weighting.
Create spreads between two Securities, display the spread chart in candlestick view and use indicators on it.


Powerful stock screener

  • Scans thousands of securities across several stock markets in a matter of seconds.
  • Set searching criteria based on price, indicators, timeframes, market trend …
  • Securities matching your investment criteria are found in real-time.


Identify trade opportunities at a glance

Real-time alerts

Place alerts based on one or multiple conditions, in one or multiple timeframes. Receive alerts notifications in the platform, or optionally via email or SMS even when your ProRealTime platform is turned off. Trigger entry or exit orders orders automatically when your alert conditions are met.

PRT Bands

An exclusive all-in-one indicator to help you detect trends, mesure their intensity, watch-out for trend reversals, and find potential entry and exit points.

ProRealTrend automated trend lines

ProRealTrend automatically draws horizontal and oblique support and resistance lines on your charts. Its integrated detection tool allows you to scan hundreds of securities in real-time to find the ones approaching key price levels or where a breakout is occurring.


Efficient trading interface

Trading from charts

  • Place, manage and monitor your orders directly from charts for simple and intuitive control.
  • Customise the trading toolbar at the top of your charting windows to display only the types of orders you use.
  • Contextual order placement to save time when managing your positions.

Trade from the order book

Place and manage your orders and positions directly from the order book.

Choose your display

The ProRealTime order book offers 4 customizable display modes:

  • Vertical order book (DOM)
  • Scalping mode
  • Horizontal order book
  • Best bid/ask mode

Use orders that make a difference

Many order types are at your disposal, such as :

  • Triple orders to automatically attach a target and a stop loss to your entry orders.
  • Trailing stops to secure your gains as price moves in your favor
  • Oblique orders to enter or exit on channel rebounds or breakouts
  • One cancels the other (OCO)
  • Automated quantity orders ….

Detailed reports on your trading

  • Fully customisable performance reports on your trading activity
  • Over 30 statistics available such as performance/risk ratio, average position duration etc…


Do you trade multiple instruments simultaneously? To help you monitor your positions, they can be grouped by type of position (long / short), type of instrument, market, activity sector, or you can create custom groups.

Trading from alerts

  • Transmit your orders automatically when your alerts are triggered.
  • Preset your order type, price level and attach target and stops.
  • Alerts can be based on multiple conditions such as indicators, price, time …


Automatic trading made easy

  • Set up your own automatic trading systems, with simplified creation in just a few clicks, or by programming.
  • Import trading systems designed by experienced developers into your platform.
  • Test your systems with a virtual portfolio before running them in real trading on the market.


Scalping tools

Scalping order book

An interface designed for speed, bringing together all useful information.

Trade using a Stream Deck

Create your own trading interface to gain reactivity and total control over your positions.


Professional quality market data

  • Low latency data feeds send to your platform in push mode.
  • Non agregated data: all transactions that happen at the exchange are added to your charts in tick by tick mode.
  • Direct Connectivity to the exchanges, with no intermediary.
  • Redundant infrastructures to ensure continuity of service.


Depth of market

Access to market depth on major Stocks & Futures market.

Customize your order book

  • Display the order book in vertical or horizontal mode.
  • Choose the information you want to display such as bid/ask ratio, order volume and number per price level, volume imbalance, executions per price level, detect large executions …

Trade from the order book

Place and manage your orders and positions directly from the order book.

Estimated position in queue

Display the estimated position in queue of your limit orders to know your chances of being executed on extremum levels or on illiquid instruments.


Volume profile

Volume Profile allows you to see the volume distribution across all price levels directly on your price charts, and identify easily the price levels with the highest volume traded.

Order Flow

Analyse the order flow

Monitor the flow of trades placed by other traders to make predictions on the short term direction of the market.

  • Monitor spread evolution.
  • Detect large trades.
  • See if buyers or sellers are in control.
  • Identify volume accumulation levels that can indicate support & resistance levels.
Virtual Portfolio


Trade with a virtual portfolio to practice without risking your capital, experiment with new trading strategies or new financial instruments.

All your platform saves (chart and indicators configuration, lines drawn on charts, alerts …) are synchronized to allow you to alternate at any time between real trading mode and simulated trading mode, without having to replicate your customizations.


Market replay

Practice trading on past data with market replay, on any instrument, in any time frame, to improve your trading and analysis skills.

Use market replay alongside PaperTrading. Choose freely the starting and ending date and hour of the time period to replay. Replay can either be done with simulated real-time, or in fast foward.


Share with other traders

Platform to platform direct sharing and messaging

Use the instant messaging system to chat with your trader friends, but also to share:

  • Charts along with their configuration
  • Trendlines and objets drawn on charts
  • Indicators
  • Automated trading systems
  • Market scans

You can also export/import instrument watchlists, workspaces, track records, automated trading and backtesting reports …

Import tools made by other users from

Free indicators from ProRealCode

The free library of downloadable codes hosted by ProRealCode keeps increasing with over 1000 indicators, automated trading systems and market scans.

Premium marketplace indicators

Buy or rent premium indicators from the ProRealCode marketplace.

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