Automate your trading with ease
Create, program, or import trading systems with ProOrder AutoTrading and execute your strategy even when your platform is closed.

Create elaborate trading systems with ease

ProRealTime offers you all the tools to automate and optimize your trading strategy

1 Develop your strategy
  • Define the position entry and exit conditions
  • Choose the position size
  • Add target and stop-loss orders automatically
  • Configure the strategy's trading hours
2 Test, analyze and improve your system
  • Backtest your system over long periods of time in seconds with tick by tick precision
  • Analyze its performance with detailed, fully customizable reports
  • Find the best combination of variables in your system for optimal performance
3 Run your automated system in real trading mode
  • Let your system place your orders, even when your platform is closed
  • Access detailed performance reports for each running system
  • Add additional safeguards to your system (max. position size, limit of number of orders per day...)

Reliable and secure execution

Benefit from optimal response time thanks to our 100% server-side technology


Our servers that interpret your codes are directly connected to the servers that execute your orders, for minimal latency between the realization of your conditions and the placement of your orders.


Take advantage of computing power far superior to the majority of computers used by individuals thanks to our latest generation servers.


Server-side execution protects you from common computer failures (loss of internet access, computer crashes, power outages...).


Once your system is started, it runs autonomously on our servers even after closing your platform.

With or without programming


In a few clicks, define the entry and exit conditions and configure the money management of your system.


Create complex programs with more elaborate conditions using ProBuilder, ProRealTime's easy-to-use programming language dedicated to automatic trading.

Many help resources available

ProRealTime and the ProRealCode community can assist you in creation of your systems

Create an automatic trading system in 7 steps

Discover all the steps involved in creating an automatic trading system, from definition to analysis and optimization of the system.

Programming manuals

Our help manuals guide you step by step in learning the ProBuilder programming language and in creating your first trading systems.

Ask the community for help

Our partner offers a forum dedicated to programming:
  • Get help from other ProRealTime users
  • Learn from other traders and get new ideas
  • Discover over 1000 downloadable indicators and trading systems for free

Import trading systems designed by experienced developers

Rent or buy professionally developed automatic trading systems on the ProRealCode MarketPlace

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