Opinions and reviews of ProRealTime users

Reviews and opinions

We regularly receive opinions and reviews from ProRealTime users located all around the world. We would like to share some of their ProRealTime reviews and opinions..

Do not hesitate to share your opinions and reviews of the ProRealTime software by writing to us..

Best trading software that I have ever used! .

Perhaps the best site. I use end of the day. I find more USEFUL information at one place than in a lot of paid platforms. It takes 15 minutes to find stocks for dealing the next day. Thanks, you have made my life very simple that is what I needed. Best wishes for your team..

I really appreciate the awesome piece of software you guys have developed. It really is a leading standard in the industry and it’s very easy to see why..

I have completed the trial period, and I have to say that I´m totally in love with Pro Real Time. I´ve used most of the platforms out there, and this one completely outperforms them all in my opinion. Well done!! .

Your service is the best I've ever encountered, excellent customer service and amazing charts..

Congratulations for a superb program in technical analysis..

I am finding the dynamic [ProReal]trend lines and other support and resistance line very rewarding..

I found the ProScreener to be an exceptional tool to focus my attention on the forex pairs with the most potential..

The premium [version] is great. It allows much more flexibility for my purposes..

I am really very happy with ProRealTime charts [...]. Having tried many chart tools and platforms this is hands down the most useful and flexible to me..

I love your charting software it is really intelligently built! I had subscribed to/tested many trading packages over the past 8 years. Once I had tested your charts, I felt the difference of yours! I recommend it to all world traders. .

I'd also just like to tell you that I have been comparing your data feed with another very well known live data provider, and I am happy to tell you that Prorealtime is faster at giving live prices, and far more accurate in terms of candlestick formation, which for me, trading very small time frames, is vitally important. .

Congratulation on a superb technology - You truly are a world class..

Brilliant charting software !.

I just want to say that your service is brilliant. Your charting software is very nice and easy to use and I really like the paper trading module you have introduced. I think it is just fantastic! Keep up the great work..

The paper trading module is great. I am having fun learning all the new features..

Thank you, once again, for your excellent customer service..

As a full time trader I need simplicity and reliability. Prorealtime is the most reliable charting package I have ever used. I have tried them all and none compare to this great system. The data feed is faultless. .

Great software all round..

Majestic !!!.

For the last 15 years I've traded the markets using, at various times, most of the charting packages on the market. ProRealTime beats them all. It's very simple to use. It has indicators hardly anyone else offers, like angles by degrees, and percentage movement, and Wilder's smoothing. I can use it on any machine anywhere. The SMS alerts mean I'm not tied to a desk. Marvellous! .

I have recently switched to ProRealtime, and so far I haven't regret it for a second..

I think you guys have an awesome technology..

I am greatly impressed by your charts & company and have decided to subscribe. Your systems are excellent when I compare them to the multitude of others I have used in the past..

Thank you and the team very much for the great charts you produce, which has made it possible for me to trade the market and make money. I have tried A, B, and others, but your charts are the best..

This is grreat software - thanks & keep up the good development!.

The service is great and it could not be better....

Yours is an Excellent site, i would venture to say that it is possibly one of the Best, if not the Absolute Best that i have come across on the Web. Keep up the good work, it is very much appreciated i can assure you..

ProRealTime is quite simply the best charting software out there - congratulations!.

ProRealTime 7.11 is unique in the new added time frames. They allow much more flexibility in trading..

Nice offering of different indicators and the ability of programming my own indicators - very easy to do..

I love the new ruler and I like the way you can drag and drop stocks from one list (ex:top movers) to a personal list..

About ProRealTime v7.11 printing (exporting) lists to external text applications is really helpful..

I have to congratulate you on the latest update (ProRealTime 7.11). There are some really excellent innovations included..

This is seriously user friendly adaptable software for creating hundreds of new Trading ideas. Great stuff!!.

I have been trading since 1982 and have used many charting packages. Yours is the best..

Fast, accurate, very nice charts!! .

State of the art charting package ,a must for a serious trader. The latest development - ProRealTrend - is exceptional..

Wow, your software is amazing, the ProRealTrend module has made dramatic changes to my trading. Thank you..

About the new ProRealTrend Module: It is excellent, easy to use and a real help, saving me time and money on my trading. Thanks for this great addition to the tool set..

The new feature (automatic trend lines) is excellent!.

The new ProRealTrend module is very useful , indeed. Congratulations!.

My initial impression with the ProRealTrend lines have been very favourable. The automatic horizontal support/resistance lines have saved me hours of analysis already. The Trend Detection module also seems to be a fantastic new addition, and although I have only toyed with it so far, I'm sure with a small amount of effort it could be integrated into any traders arsenal..

The new version of ProRealTime is very impressive. I have been using real time charting software for many years, including 1, 2, 3 and 4 (names removed). I can honestly say that ProRealTime has features which are superior in some respects to other applications..

I get more impressed with ProRealTime every day I launch the program. I believe it's the best charting program on the market and with the new features (of version 7), amazing, you and your team are doing an incredible job..

ProRealTime has excellent chart software. Congratulations!.

This is the best charting and screening software period. Congratulations! Thank you so much!.

ProRealTime is so easy to program with..

ProRealTime's chart colour zones make it easier to visualise complicated breakouts and trend formations..

The colours within the Ichimoku cloud are very helpful. They provide you at glance a better picture of the price action..

I must thank you and the rest of staff for producing such an excellent charting package, please keep up the good work..

I love the brilliant timer just below the price showing countdown to the next candlestick (1-minute, 5-minute, 1-hour, etc..)!.

I like ProRealTime's Fibonacci tools! Very flexible and useful!.

ProRealTime is the best forex charting platform I have ever used..

I'm absolutely satisfied with the ProRealTime charting software. It is very useful and easy to use. The Alerts feature is exactly that I was looking for..

ProRealTime has great reliability, versatility and customization capability with a nice programming language and screening tool..

Thank you for your great charting application. ItŽs a must for every trader!.

ProRealTime's real-time data is fantastic. I have not encountered any glitches or stream interruptions and the software is suited ideally for my trading style..

ProRealTime is an excellent piece of financial market charting software..

ProRealTime's forex charting software is great. Congratulations also on your great service!.

I'm subscribe to Prorealtime for my forex trading and am really enjoying it. Thanks for offering a truly superior charting platform..

ProRealTime charting is EXCELLENT for technical analysis! Its response time is amazing. Its nice to have your layouts and parameters saved so you never have to reset them - this saves a lot of time! .

I use ProRealTime to do my own analysis of the stock market and I love all the indicators that are available..

Your charts are the fastest in the business!.

Your charts are among the fastest in the business!.

After weeks & months testing all available free online charting tools I finally found yours. It simply has all in it what I'm looking for! ProRealTime is fast, the looks are great, it got lots of indicators which you can finetune to your own preferences, the user interfaces are easy & quick to handle, the alerts are very helpful and I can acces it from anywhere! This is a killer application! Keep up the good work!.

I'm very impressed with ProRealTime's running and loading speed. Using ProRealTime is as easy as picking apples from a tree..

ProRealTime has superb backtesting features.

I would like to point out how pleased I have been with the system, it has truly enhanced my trading activity..

I like ProRealTime very much for backtesting and setting alert signals. It is excellent and very easy to use..

My congratulations on your service and really good trading platform!.

Prorealtime is the best charting tool i have seen so far. I do appreciate that they can let new traders use it for free end-of-day in their efforts to learn this craft. The charts are crystal clear and offer a world of indicators and retracement tools to help you understand support and resistance. They are also great in answering customer support questions in a very friendly and supportive way!.

My experience with your software has been very positive. It is extremely powerful, easy to use and has been very reliable. I also commend you support team. .

The customer service you provide for your real-time charting platform is most impressive!.

Your platform is simply amazing!.

I have been very impressed with the ProRealTime platform. The Java Web Start delivery of the charting application works very well. I just love being able to go to any machine and all my analysis and setup is saved and ready to use.

ProRealTime's technical analysis software is simply the best : especially (x)ticks-scale for drawing charts .

I really like the ProRealTime software, it’s easy and intuitive to use. A great feature is the range of market data that you offer at good value..

I just started using your software recently, and think it is some of the best I have seen..

Thanks for the best charting software in the world !.

ProRealTime is what I always imagined as a solution to all problems I had with different software providers..

Your innovation with the automatic trend lines and channels is absolutely fabulous..

I am enjoying the use of your service, i am making money!!.

It is a very friendly system and yet it is powerful..

You offer an excellent site and service. Especially as you cover so many markets across the financial world. That is the best I have come across yet..

The product is great - very comprehensive.

You have an incredible service backed up with top rate customer service..

I was looking for a charting package the last seven years, I am gald I found the best in the business. It's so easy to use now i can concentrate on my testing and trading..

Clarity & Accuracy of your Charts. Your software is helping an ordinary man like myself begin to understand how to use technical analysis..

I never thought I could write my own programs, Prorealtime made it possible. Excellent graphics and simple to use..

Good things : The ability to create your own strategies, based on a wizard and definitely the feature where you can ask the program to optimise the parameters in your strategy. Absolutely fantastic!.

I would like to congratulate your company on improving the service all the time, the graphics are intuitive to look at and the latest features in your complete workstation are very powerful. I have not come across a charting package which is more pleasant to use.

It's the BEST.

you have a fantastic chart tool..great.

The intraday quotes are fantastic. The grafics are pretty cool too..

great station..!.

I have seen your Animated Tutorial: It is much simple; it is much clear..

I agree your fantastic chart...imebelieveble...

Your software is fantastic and I use it every day to make my analysis..

The technical analysis charts are absolutely great..

Guys, I really love your charting software !.

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