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ProRealTime reviews

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Adam S, United States

Best trading software that I have ever used!

Nirmal D, United Kingdom

Perhaps the best site. I use end of the day. I find more USEFUL information at one place than in a lot of paid platforms. It takes 15 minutes to find stocks for dealing the next day. Thanks, you have made my life very simple that is what I needed. Best wishes for your team.

Luke B, Australia

I really appreciate the awesome piece of software you guys have developed. It really is a leading standard in the industry and it’s very easy to see why.

Per N, Norway

I have completed the trial period, and I have to say that I´m totally in love with Pro Real Time. I´ve used most of the platforms out there, and this one completely outperforms them all in my opinion. Well done!!

Tim E, United Kingdom

Your service is the best I've ever encountered, excellent customer service and amazing charts.

Dee C, United States

Congratulations for a superb program in technical analysis.

Bryan K, Australia

I am finding the dynamic [ProReal]trend lines and other support and resistance line very rewarding.

Sergio C, Portugal

I found the ProScreener to be an exceptional tool to focus my attention on the forex pairs with the most potential.

Corinne L, Canada

The premium [version] is great. It allows much more flexibility for my purposes.

Fred R, United States

I am really very happy with ProRealTime charts [...]. Having tried many chart tools and platforms this is hands down the most useful and flexible to me.

Ahmad M, Kuwait

I love your charting software it is really intelligently built! I had subscribed to/tested many trading packages over the past 8 years. Once I had tested your charts, I felt the difference of yours! I recommend it to all world traders.

Timothy F, United Kingdom

I'd also just like to tell you that I have been comparing your data feed with another very well known live data provider, and I am happy to tell you that Prorealtime is faster at giving live prices, and far more accurate in terms of candlestick formation, which for me, trading very small time frames, is vitally important.

Kunwar S, United Kingdom

Congratulation on a superb technology - You truly are a world class.

Wilfred L, United States

Brilliant charting software !

Dion V, New Zealand

I just want to say that your service is brilliant. Your charting software is very nice and easy to use and I really like the paper trading module you have introduced. I think it is just fantastic! Keep up the great work.

George S, United States

The paper trading module is great. I am having fun learning all the new features.

Paul E, United Kingdom

Thank you, once again, for your excellent customer service.

David T, South Africa

As a full time trader I need simplicity and reliability. Prorealtime is the most reliable charting package I have ever used. I have tried them all and none compare to this great system. The data feed is faultless.

Gerard N, United Kingdom

Great software all round.

Iulian C, Romania

Majestic !!!