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ProRealTime v11 - New features

Platform redesign

The platform has been redesigned with 2 objectives:

  • allowing you to display more useful information in a smaller area
  • saving you time by requiring less clicks to use platform features

Chart improvements


The charting window buttons and menus have been optimized to take less space and give more space to the chart itself.

Customised timeframes

Timeframe and historical data dropdown menus can now be entirely customised.
You can add your own timeframes and historical quantities to the menus and hide the ones that you do not use. Customised timeframes

Price & Indicators

Price and chart styles


Chart studies

You can now create different chart studies which are independent from eachother on the same instrument and timeframe (example: different studies for support/resistance and for Fibonacci/Gann).

Objects in different chart studies are independent from eachother - only the objects you have drawn on a specific study will appear in that study.

Each chart study is specific to a financial instrument and is available no matter what workstation template you are using (ex: multiple screen template or single screen template).

Objects & drawing improvements

Drawing toolbar on charts

The object toolbar can now be displayed or hidden on all charting windows, and in the main ProRealTime window. This will allow you to access drawing tools and objects more quickly.

To display or hide the drawing toolbar from your charting windows, click on the drawing icon at the bottom left.

The toolbar can be customized to display the tools that you use in the order that you want. If your charting window is smaller than the toolbar, use your mouse wheel to navigate through the toolbar.

 Drawing toolbar on charts

Objects templates

Create and save several types of configurations per object (ex: red line and green line) to save some time when using drawing tools.

Draw and modify more quickly

In cursor mode, objects can now be modified (without using a dedicated modification mode), making it easier and more comfortable to use them.

Draw and modify more quickly

New objects

New drawing objects have been added : Head & shoulders, Impulsive Elliott waves and corrective Elliott waves.

Line color based on price or indicators

Horizontal and oblique lines can now be colored differently depending on whether the price or an indicator is above or below them. Line color based on price or indicators

Zoom zone mode

A new zoom zone mode lets you draw a rectangle on your charts to zoom on the area drawn (both horizonally and vertically).

Zoom zone mode

Future drawing in non-linear chart views

Non-linear chart views now also support drawing in the future.

Future drawing in non-linear chart views

Transfer to other timeframes

More possibilities to transfer your objects to other timeframes. Choose between :
  • Display objects only in the timeframe it was drawn
  • Transfer objects to inferior timeframes only
  • Transfer objects to superior timeframes only
  • Display objects in all timeframes

Object configuration


Object configuration

Instant messaging

Your friends

A new instant messaging feature has been added to the platform.Once you have chosen a nickname, you can add your friends to your list of contacts by clicking on the "+" sign. Your friends

Share indicators, trading systems and market scans

The instant messaging feature allows you to share charts, indicators, trading systems and market scans with your contacts.
It is possible as for sharing via a file, to chose if the recipient will be able to edit the code or not.

Share indicators, trading systems and market scans

Share charts and drawn objects


Limit orders at Bid / Ask

New optional buttons in the trading toolbar allow you to quickly place Limit orders at the best Bid or best Ask price.

Limit orders at Bid / Ask

Order ticket

The order ticket (manual entry of orders) has been redesigned.
It now lets you enter orders much more quickly with less clicks required.
You can also chose to display a preview of the order on your charts.

Order ticket

PaperTrading on delayed data

Simulated trading is now available both for markets with real-time data and for markets with delayed data. In the case of delayed data:

  • A delayed push datafeed is used (tick by tick updates)
  • A delayed one line order book is also used to check the feasability of order execution
PaperTrading on delayed data

Recently executed orders

Display of recently executed orders on charts has been improved. Hover over an order to see the details including position size before & after the execution.

You can click on a recently executed order to display it in the "Order List" window.

After running a Backtest, you can also click on any order on the chart to display the corresponding trade in the ProBacktest results window.

Recently executed orders

Order status

Order labels now include more precise order status information. In addition, right-clicking on the order label provides additional information.

Order status

The order list also provides additional information about order status.


Groups of positions

The portfolio window can now display your positions grouped by:

  • Type of position (Long / Short)
  • Type of instrument
  • Currency
  • Market
  • Activity sector
  • Sector by market

For each group, a summary line will show you information related to the group such as Latent Gain and Exposure.
Several additional optional columns have been added to the portfolio window including %Exposure, Delta (for options) and TTL (time to live).

Create custom groups

You can also create custom groups of positions and name them as you wish, such as for example "Long term positions" / "Swing" / "Short term positions".

Create custom groups

Trading Journal

The comments area below charts has been transformed into a trading journal.

The trading journal provides a new way for you to take notes on your trades, impressions on the market trends etc ...

Shortcuts & favorite instruments


The shortcuts window has been reworked to allow you to view and set several shortcuts at once and allow more flexibility in the type of shortcuts you can set.

Favorite instruments

From the instrument search results, click on the star icon next to an instrument's name to set it as favorite.
Once an instrument is set as favorite, you will be able to access it quickly by clicking the name area in any chart or order book.
If applicable, you will also see a list of securities related to the instrument currently displayed, and a list of recently viewed securities.

Favorite instruments


Lists in ProRealTime can now be displayed as a market heatmap.

The heatmap can be displayed either :

  • On the side of a list
  • Below a list
  • As an independent window

You can use your mouse wheel to zoom in the market heatmap.
The size of the boxes can be either fixed, determined by trading volume, or determined by exchanged capital for the current day.
The color of the boxes is determined by market variation since the previous trading day.

Search & instrument Database

The new "Instrument database" window allows you to display complete lists with up to 1 000 instruments per page.

You can filter instruments by :

  • Exchange
  • Country
  • Instrument type
  • Sector
  • Capitalisation
  • Underlying

Advanced search has been improved to offer the same possibilities.
If the number of results is below 50 for the Complete workstation, or below 100 for the Premium workstation, you will be able to export results to a real-time watchlist.

Search & instrument Database

Historical data mode

A new "Historical Data Mode" in the Premium version allows you to view charts with up to 1 million candles displayed!
This mode is dedicated to analysis and backtesting.

Historical data mode

In addition to displaying the last 1 million candles, you can get historical data even farther in the past by selecting a specific date range (ex: Dax Future chart in 1 minute view from 2009 to 2014).

Historical data mode

Up to 3 charts in historical mode with up to 1 million candles of each can be displayed at one time, either on the same instrument or on different instruments.

Historical data mode

Notification center

For less disruption in your trading, the following popups are now displayed as notifications :
  • Information on pending or executed orders
  • Alerts triggered
  • Instant message received
Notification center

Notifications are also regrouped in a dedicated notification window. If you missed notifications, a badge in the main window will show a count and allow you to display them.

Notification center

Options pricer

The options pricer chart can now be viewed as a 3-dimensional chart. The options pricer chart can now be viewed as a 3-dimensional chart.
  • Variables which can be used for the X and Y-axis: Underlying asset price, Volatility, Time until exercise, Risk-free rate Variables
  • Variables which can be used for the Z-axis: P&L, Option price, Delta, Gamma, Vega, Theta, Rho
The options pricer chart can now be viewed as a 3-dimensional chart.

ProBackTest / ProBuilder

Multi-instrument Backtesting

You can now run a backtest on multiple instruments simultaneously from the backtest creation window (Premium version only).
For each instrument in a multi-instrument backtest, you can configure the following information :

  • Initial capital
  • Order fees
  • Spreads
Multi-instrument Backtesting

Backtest optimizations

  • Optimizations can also be run on several instruments at a time (Premium version only) and the results are displayed in one window for easy comparisons.
  • The line “Combined results” shows the combined results for the best combination for each instrument.
  • You can save a combination of variables of your choice by clicking the disk icon in the table.
  • You can prepare a strategy for automatic trading with the values of the line by clicking on the gear icon to send it to ProOrder.
More optimization criteria

More optimization criteria

Optimization for backtests can now be based on more criteria than before to maximize gains or minimize risk.

  • Gain
  • Nbr positions
  • % Winning positions
  • Max drawdown
  • Max runup
  • Average gain per position
2D and 3D Optimization charts

2D and 3D Optimization charts

  • In addition to the table format, optimization results can now be displayed as a 2D chart or 3D chart.
  • In the 3D chart, the X and Y axis show variables used in the backtest. The Z-axis can show things like gain, drawdown or runup.

2D optimization chart

2D and 3D Optimization charts

3D optimization chart

ProBuilder engine to create personal indicators

ProBuilder engine to create personal indicators

The ProBuilder engine to calculate personal indicators has been redone to significantly improve performance.
Using CALL instructions in your personal indicators can be up to 10 times faster.

ProBuilder engine to create personal indicators

Additional ProBuilder Indicator functions

Additional indicators have been added as ProBuilder instructions :

Additional ProBuilder Indicator functions
  • Stochastic (%d)
  • Hull Moving Average
  • Zero Lag Moving Average
  • Adaptive Moving Average
  • Volume Weighted Moving Average
  • Ichimoku :
    • Kijun-Sen
    • Senkou-Span A
    • Senkou-Span B
    • Tankan-Sen
    • Chikou-Span
  • CCI divergences
  • MACD divergences
  • RSI divergences
  • Keltner bands
  • MACD signal line
  • Dynamic Zone RSI
  • Dynamic Zone Stochastic
  • Elder Ray
  • Donchian channel
  • Fractal Dimension Index
  • Vortex
  • Repulse MA
  • Smoothed Repulse

ProOrder AutoTrading

The strategy center for automatic trading has been redesigned to add several features :

  • 1 - Start or stop several strategies at the same time.
  • 2 - Strategies can be grouped by name, instrument or time frame.
  • 3 - Global view of gains and positions for a group of strategies.
ProOrder AutoTrading

You can choose to receive email notifications when your strategies are stopped or about to expire.

ProOrder AutoTrading

Other improvements

Alerts in 1 click

You can now create alerts based on price levels in 1 click.
The configuration of the alert will depend on the cursor position relative to current value. For example, if you create an alert below the current price, the alert will trigger when price <= the alert price.

Alerts in 1 click


  • Pre-Open prices will now be displayed on charts and lists (during market pre-open).
  • When trading on a stock is suspended, the price and time that trading will reopen are now displayed on the chart (when the exchange provides this information).
  • A datafeed status icon shows you the current market status (pre-open / open / closed / vacation) and/or your type of access (real-time / delayed / end-of-day).

Platform Templates

The new templates menu has been reworked.
It now shows a preview of all your saved templates, including the approximate window dispositions and number of screens the template was saved with, making it more easy to manage your templates when you are using your ProRealTime platform on several computers (for example a desktop computer with 2 screens and a laptop).

Platform Templates

General interface

  • Modal popup windows will now always appear on the screen where your mouse is placed so that they are easy to find.
  • Date selectors have been improved and now display a calendar to pick a date.
  • Hovering over a line in a list highlights this line for easier readability.
  • A new "Quick addition" button has been added to lists to make it easier to insert new instruments into existing personal lists or make a custom version of predefined lists.
  • By default, Market buttons display the "Sell" on the left and the "Buy" on the right. You can now choose to invert their position (Options Menu > Trading Options > Display).
  • Multi-market ProScreener : The equityframe ProScreener instruction can now be used with instruments in multiple different markets in the Premium version.

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