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Poland Stocks (CBOE)

As part of the European Union, the Polish equity market is accessible via the Cboe Europe Derivatives Exchange (Cboe DXE). With a strong presence in the energy, financial services, consumer and technology sectors, the Polish market offers investors good opportunities for diversification. The Polish equity market is essentially based around the WIG20, WIG30, WIG40 and WIG80 stock market indices. Launched in 1994, the WIG20 is Poland's main stock market index. It comprises the 20 largest companies listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange and is the preferred barometer for analysts and investors seeking information on the performance of the Polish economy. More exhaustive and older, though less emblematic, the WIG (Warsaw Stock Exchange General Index) is the broadest index; it includes all companies listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange since 1991. Other, more secondary Polish stock market indices select stocks according to company capitalisation size, such as the mWIG40 and sWIG80 used to track mid caps and small caps respectively. Finally, the WIG30 index introduced in 2013 offers an extended version of the WIG20 index with a view to providing a more faithful representation of the reality of the Polish economy.

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