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Hungary Stocks (CBOE)

Although smaller than other European markets, the Hungarian equity market is accessible to investors from all over the world via the Cboe Europe Derivatives Exchange (Cboe DXE). The Hungarian market is dominated by the pharmaceutical, telecommunications, financial services and energy industries. Hungary, with its Budapest Stock Exchange, has several major stock market indices that reflect the performance of companies listed on the Hungarian market, including the BUX Index, the BETa Market Index and the CECE Index. The flagship index of the Budapest Stock Exchange, the BUX Index is made up of the largest and most liquid stocks on the Hungarian financial market. Followed by domestic and international investors, this index is regarded as the main barometer of the performance of the Hungarian economy. The BETa Market Index covers small and mid-cap companies listed on the Budapest Stock Exchange. Finally, although it is not exclusively Hungarian, the CECE (Central European Composite Index) covers some of the equities listed in the country. Created in 1996 by the Wiener Börse (Vienna Stock Exchange) in Austria, in collaboration with other stock exchanges in the region, the CECE is a regional index. It measures the performance of companies listed in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe.

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