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Czech Republic Stocks (CBOE)

Since its transition to a market economy, the Czech equity market has been accessible to investors from around the world via the Cboe Europe Derivatives Exchange (Cboe DXE) platform. A true barometer of the Czech economy, the Prague Stock Exchange (Pražská burza) is built around two major stock market indices: the PX Index and the PX-TR Index. The Czech Republic's main index, the PX Index dates back to 1994. Formerly known as the PX50, it comprises the largest and most liquid companies listed on the Prague Stock Exchange. Similar in composition to the PX Index and launched at the same time, the PX-TR Index (Total Return) includes reinvested dividends, providing a more accurate and complete picture of market performance. Like the Czech economy, the Prague stock market is relatively diversified, with companies ranging from financial services to energy and telecommunications. As a regulated market integrated into the European Union, the Czech equity market offers a relatively safe and transparent framework for investors seeking performance and/or diversification for their investment portfolios. While it is possible for market participants to invest directly in Czech equities, it is also possible for them to do so via derivative financial products such as futures, options, index funds and ETFs in order to reduce their costs and/or maximise the diversification of their investment operations.

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