Top 5 reasons why traders choose the ProRealTime workstation

Get real-time access to financial markets, anytime, anywhere

  • Install ProRealTime on an unlimited number of computers or use the online java version. Your data, charts and analysis are automatically available on all your computers.
  • Get a fast tick-by-tick PUSH datastream from worldwide financial markets: stocks, futures and currencies.
  • Access reliable and extensive historical data: up to 16 years of intraday bars.
  • A light smartphone version is available at

Benefit from the most advanced features, evolving constantly

  • ProRealTime handles the most advanced technologies to deliver a complete, flexible and easy-to-use workstation for demanding traders.
  • Features evolve regularly and each update is available at no extra cost. The new features are loaded directly when you launch the workstation: no other action is needed!

Access the markets of your choice, with no hidden costs

  • ProRealTime workstation is 100% FREE with access to end-of-day data: there is no hidden cost, you just have to register.
  • If you wish, you can request a 7-day FREE trial with real-time data and no commitment.

Reduce time and effort using tools designed to meet your needs

Get assistance from experienced staff in your native language

  • Each member of ProRealTime benefits from the assistance of a responsive and experienced support team.
  • Do not hesitate to suggest your ideas or to share your impressions with our community.

Have a question or need help? Contact us

Free registration gives you:

  • Unlimited free access to
    • ProRealTime Complete version
    • ProRealTime Mobile version
    • End-of-day market data
  • 2 weeks free trial on real time market data
  • Individual training session upon request