Netherlands Futures & Options

The Netherlands plays a significant role in the European futures and options market, offering investors and companies instruments to manage risk and capitalise on market opportunities. The main platform for futures and options trading in the Netherlands, Euronext Amsterdam offers futures and options on indices, equities, interest rates and commodities. The most notable futures contract is based on the AEX index, which represents the 25 largest companies on Euronext Amsterdam. Options on the AEX are also widely traded. Aside from index futures and options, options on individual listed stocks allow for more targeted speculation or hedging strategies on specific companies. Thanks to its electronic trading platform, Euronext Amsterdam offers high liquidity for futures and options, making it easier for investors to enter and exit positions and at the same time guaranteeing fast and efficient execution of stock market orders. The Netherlands' futures and options play a crucial role in the Dutch and European economy. They enable better economic planning and allocation of financial resources.


7 Futures
27,589 Options

Netherlands Futures & Options - Futures

Amount of Instruments: 7

Ticker Name
AEX0325 AEX25 FTI Only0325
AEX0524 AEX25 FTI Only0524
Ticker Name
AEX0624 AEX25 FTI Only0624
AEX0724 AEX25 FTI Only0724
AEX0924 AEX25 FTI Only0924
Ticker Name
AEX1224 AEX25 FTI Only1224

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