Italian Futures (IDEM) & Index Options

The Italian Derivatives Market (IDEM) represents a derivatives platform that is part of the Italian Stock Exchange. It is considered one of the most important derivatives markets in Europe. IDEM is cleared by Euronext Clearing, a subsidiary of pan-European exchange operator Euronext. This positions Euronext to become the central market infrastructure in Europe with the capacity to fully manage the trading process and play a major role in the post-trade sector. The Italian Derivatives Market consists of three distinct sections: one dedicated to equities and indices (IDEM Equity segment), one dedicated to energy commodities (IDEX segment) and one reserved for agricultural commodities (Agrex segment). On this Italian derivatives platform, it is possible to trade futures contracts on the FTSE MIB, which represents the major index of the Italian stock exchange, encompassing the 40 most significant companies on the Italian market. It is also possible to trade futures on Italian stocks such as Enel, Ferrari, Moncler, Unicredit and Telecom Italia, as well as dividend stocks and electricity. Options on the FTSE MIB and Italian equities are also available. The history of the Borsa Italiana began in 1808 with the creation of the Milan Merchandise Exchange. Since then, it has undergone a number of changes and mergers that have enabled it to become a major player in the Italian economy. These changes have also enabled it to adapt to market developments and technological advances, so that it remains an essential part of the European financial landscape.


606 Futures
1,086 Options

Italian Futures (IDEM) & Index Options - Futures

Amount of Instruments: 606

Ticker Name
A2A60325 A2A (Cash) Only0325
A2A60624 A2A (Cash) Only0624
A2A60724 A2A (Cash) Only0724
A2A60824 A2A (Cash) Only0824
A2A60924 A2A (Cash) Only0924
A2A61224 A2A (Cash) Only1224
A2A70325 A2A (Physical) Only0325
A2A70624 A2A (Physical) Only0624
A2A70724 A2A (Physical) Only0724
A2A70824 A2A (Physical) Only0824
A2A70924 A2A (Physical) Only0924
A2A71224 A2A (Physical) Only1224
ANI60325 ANIMA Holding (Cash) Only0325
ANI60624 ANIMA Holding (Cash) Only0624
ANI60724 ANIMA Holding (Cash) Only0724
ANI60824 ANIMA Holding (Cash) Only0824
ANI60924 ANIMA Holding (Cash) Only0924
ANI61224 ANIMA Holding (Cash) Only1224
ANI70325 ANIMA Holding (Physical) Only0325
ANI70624 ANIMA Holding (Physical) Only0624
ANI70724 ANIMA Holding (Physical) Only0724
ANI70824 ANIMA Holding (Physical) Only0824
ANI70924 ANIMA Holding (Physical) Only0924
ANI71224 ANIMA Holding (Physical) Only1224
ACE60325 Acea (Cash) Only0325
ACE60624 Acea (Cash) Only0624
ACE60724 Acea (Cash) Only0724
ACE60824 Acea (Cash) Only0824
ACE60924 Acea (Cash) Only0924
ACE61224 Acea (Cash) Only1224
ACE70325 Acea (Physical) Only0325
ACE70624 Acea (Physical) Only0624
ACE70724 Acea (Physical) Only0724
ACE70824 Acea (Physical) Only0824
ACE70924 Acea (Physical) Only0924
ACE71224 Acea (Physical) Only1224
AZM60325 Azimut Holding (Cash) Only0325
AZM60624 Azimut Holding (Cash) Only0624
AZM60724 Azimut Holding (Cash) Only0724
AZM60824 Azimut Holding (Cash) Only0824
AZM60924 Azimut Holding (Cash) Only0924
AZM61224 Azimut Holding (Cash) Only1224
AZM70325 Azimut Holding (Physical) Only0325
AZM70624 Azimut Holding (Physical) Only0624
AZM70724 Azimut Holding (Physical) Only0724
AZM70824 Azimut Holding (Physical) Only0824
AZM70924 Azimut Holding (Physical) Only0924
AZM71224 Azimut Holding (Physical) Only1224
BPE70325 BPER Banca (Physical) Only0325
BPE70624 BPER Banca (Physical) Only0624
BPE70724 BPER Banca (Physical) Only0724
BPE70824 BPER Banca (Physical) Only0824
BPE70924 BPER Banca (Physical) Only0924
BPE71224 BPER Banca (Physical) Only1224
BGN70325 Banca Generali (Physical) Only0325
BGN70624 Banca Generali (Physical) Only0624
BGN70724 Banca Generali (Physical) Only0724
BGN70824 Banca Generali (Physical) Only0824
BGN70924 Banca Generali (Physical) Only0924
BGN71224 Banca Generali (Physical) Only1224
BME60325 Banca Mediolanum (Cash) Only0325
BME60624 Banca Mediolanum (Cash) Only0624
BME60724 Banca Mediolanum (Cash) Only0724
BME60824 Banca Mediolanum (Cash) Only0824
BME60924 Banca Mediolanum (Cash) Only0924
BME61224 Banca Mediolanum (Cash) Only1224
BME70325 Banca Mediolanum (Physical) Only0325
BME70624 Banca Mediolanum (Physical) Only0624
BME70724 Banca Mediolanum (Physical) Only0724
BME70824 Banca Mediolanum (Physical) Only0824
BME70924 Banca Mediolanum (Physical) Only0924
BME71224 Banca Mediolanum (Physical) Only1224
BMP60325 Banca Monte Paschi Siena (Cash) Only0325
BMP60624 Banca Monte Paschi Siena (Cash) Only0624
BMP60724 Banca Monte Paschi Siena (Cash) Only0724
BMP60824 Banca Monte Paschi Siena (Cash) Only0824
BMP60924 Banca Monte Paschi Siena (Cash) Only0924
BMP61224 Banca Monte Paschi Siena (Cash) Only1224
BMP71224 Banca Monte Paschi Siena (Physical) Only
BPM60325 Banco BPM (Cash) Only0325
BPM60624 Banco BPM (Cash) Only0624
BPM60724 Banco BPM (Cash) Only0724
BPM60824 Banco BPM (Cash) Only0824
BPM60924 Banco BPM (Cash) Only0924
BPM61224 Banco BPM (Cash) Only1224
BPM80624 Banco BPM (Dividend) Only0624
BPM80625 Banco BPM (Dividend) Only0625
BPM81224 Banco BPM (Dividend) Only1224
BPM81225 Banco BPM (Dividend) Only1225
BPM81226 Banco BPM (Dividend) Only1226
BPM81227 Banco BPM (Dividend) Only1227
BPM81228 Banco BPM (Dividend) Only1228
BPM70325 Banco BPM (Physical) Only0325
BPM70624 Banco BPM (Physical) Only0624
BPM70724 Banco BPM (Physical) Only0724
BPM70824 Banco BPM (Physical) Only0824
BPM70924 Banco BPM (Physical) Only0924
BPM71224 Banco BPM (Physical) Only1224
BRE70325 Brembo (Physical) Only0325
BRE70624 Brembo (Physical) Only0624
BRE70724 Brembo (Physical) Only0724
BRE70824 Brembo (Physical) Only0824
BRE70924 Brembo (Physical) Only0924
BRE71224 Brembo (Physical) Only1224
BZU60325 Buzzi (Cash) Only0325
BZU60624 Buzzi (Cash) Only0624
BZU60724 Buzzi (Cash) Only0724
BZU60824 Buzzi (Cash) Only0824
BZU60924 Buzzi (Cash) Only0924
BZU61224 Buzzi (Cash) Only1224
BZU70325 Buzzi (Physical) Only0325
BZU70624 Buzzi (Physical) Only0624
BZU70724 Buzzi (Physical) Only0724
BZU70824 Buzzi (Physical) Only0824
BZU70924 Buzzi (Physical) Only0924
BZU71224 Buzzi (Physical) Only1224
CPR60325 Campari (Cash) Only0325
CPR60624 Campari (Cash) Only0624
CPR60724 Campari (Cash) Only0724
CPR60824 Campari (Cash) Only0824
CPR60924 Campari (Cash) Only0924
CPR61224 Campari (Cash) Only1224
CPR70325 Campari (Physical) Only0325
CPR70624 Campari (Physical) Only0624
CPR70724 Campari (Physical) Only0724
CPR70824 Campari (Physical) Only0824
CPR70924 Campari (Physical) Only0924
CPR71224 Campari (Physical) Only1224
ERG60325 ERG (Cash) Only0325
ERG60624 ERG (Cash) Only0624
ERG60724 ERG (Cash) Only0724
ERG60824 ERG (Cash) Only0824
ERG60924 ERG (Cash) Only0924
ERG61224 ERG (Cash) Only1224
ERG70325 ERG (Physical) Only0325
ERG70624 ERG (Physical) Only0624
ERG70724 ERG (Physical) Only0724
ERG70824 ERG (Physical) Only0824
ERG70924 ERG (Physical) Only0924
ERG71224 ERG (Physical) Only1224
ENE60325 Enel (Cash) Only0325
ENE60624 Enel (Cash) Only0624
ENE60724 Enel (Cash) Only0724
ENE60824 Enel (Cash) Only0824
ENE60924 Enel (Cash) Only0924
ENE61224 Enel (Cash) Only1224
ENE61225 Enel (Cash) Only1225
ENE61226 Enel (Cash) Only1226
ENE80624 Enel (Dividend) Only0624
ENE80625 Enel (Dividend) Only0625
ENE81224 Enel (Dividend) Only1224
ENE81225 Enel (Dividend) Only1225
ENE81226 Enel (Dividend) Only1226
ENE81227 Enel (Dividend) Only1227
ENE81228 Enel (Dividend) Only1228
ENE70325 Enel (Physical) Only0325
ENE70624 Enel (Physical) Only0624
ENE70724 Enel (Physical) Only0724
ENE70824 Enel (Physical) Only0824
ENE70924 Enel (Physical) Only0924
ENE71224 Enel (Physical) Only1224
ENE71225 Enel (Physical) Only1225
ENE71226 Enel (Physical) Only1226
ENI60325 Eni (Cash) Only0325
ENI60624 Eni (Cash) Only0624
ENI60724 Eni (Cash) Only0724
ENI60824 Eni (Cash) Only0824
ENI60924 Eni (Cash) Only0924
ENI61224 Eni (Cash) Only1224
ENI61225 Eni (Cash) Only1225
ENI61226 Eni (Cash) Only1226
ENI80624 Eni (Dividend) Only0624
ENI80625 Eni (Dividend) Only0625
ENI81224 Eni (Dividend) Only1224
ENI81225 Eni (Dividend) Only1225
ENI81226 Eni (Dividend) Only1226
ENI81227 Eni (Dividend) Only1227
ENI81228 Eni (Dividend) Only1228
ENI70325 Eni (Physical) Only0325
ENI70624 Eni (Physical) Only0624
ENI70724 Eni (Physical) Only0724
ENI70824 Eni (Physical) Only0824
ENI70924 Eni (Physical) Only0924
ENI71224 Eni (Physical) Only1224
ENI71225 Eni (Physical) Only1225
ENI71226 Eni (Physical) Only1226
FTMIBXXXXNG FTSE MIB40 Full0624 (No Globex)
FTMIB0325 FTSE MIB40 Only0325
FTMIB0325NG FTSE MIB40 Only0325 (No Globex)
FTMIB0624 FTSE MIB40 Only0624
FTMIB0624NG FTSE MIB40 Only0624 (No Globex)
FTMIB0924 FTSE MIB40 Only0924
FTMIB0924NG FTSE MIB40 Only0924 (No Globex)
FTMIB1224 FTSE MIB40 Only1224
FTMIB1224NG FTSE MIB40 Only1224 (No Globex)
RAC60325 Ferrari (Cash) Only0325
RAC60624 Ferrari (Cash) Only0624
RAC60724 Ferrari (Cash) Only0724
RAC60824 Ferrari (Cash) Only0824
RAC60924 Ferrari (Cash) Only0924
Ticker Name
RAC61224 Ferrari (Cash) Only1224
RAC80624 Ferrari (Dividend) Only0624
RAC80625 Ferrari (Dividend) Only0625
RAC81224 Ferrari (Dividend) Only1224
RAC81225 Ferrari (Dividend) Only1225
RAC81226 Ferrari (Dividend) Only1226
RAC81227 Ferrari (Dividend) Only1227
RAC81228 Ferrari (Dividend) Only1228
RAC70325 Ferrari (Physical) Only0325
RAC70624 Ferrari (Physical) Only0624
RAC70724 Ferrari (Physical) Only0724
RAC70824 Ferrari (Physical) Only0824
RAC70924 Ferrari (Physical) Only0924
RAC71224 Ferrari (Physical) Only1224
FBK60325 FinecoBank (Cash) Only0325
FBK60624 FinecoBank (Cash) Only0624
FBK60724 FinecoBank (Cash) Only0724
FBK60824 FinecoBank (Cash) Only0824
FBK60924 FinecoBank (Cash) Only0924
FBK61224 FinecoBank (Cash) Only1224
FBK70325 FinecoBank (Physical) Only0325
FBK70624 FinecoBank (Physical) Only0624
FBK70724 FinecoBank (Physical) Only0724
FBK70824 FinecoBank (Physical) Only0824
FBK70924 FinecoBank (Physical) Only0924
FBK71224 FinecoBank (Physical) Only1224
GEO60325 GEOX (Cash) Only0325
GEO60624 GEOX (Cash) Only0624
GEO60724 GEOX (Cash) Only0724
GEO60824 GEOX (Cash) Only0824
GEO60924 GEOX (Cash) Only0924
GEO61224 GEOX (Cash) Only1224
GEO70325 GEOX (Physical) Only0325
GEO70624 GEOX (Physical) Only0624
GEO70724 GEOX (Physical) Only0724
GEO70824 GEOX (Physical) Only0824
GEO70924 GEOX (Physical) Only0924
GEO71224 GEOX (Physical) Only1224
GVS70325 GVS (Physical) Only0325
GVS70624 GVS (Physical) Only0624
GVS70724 GVS (Physical) Only0724
GVS70824 GVS (Physical) Only0824
GVS70924 GVS (Physical) Only0924
GVS71224 GVS (Physical) Only1224
G60325 Generali (Cash) Only0325
G60624 Generali (Cash) Only0624
G60724 Generali (Cash) Only0724
G60824 Generali (Cash) Only0824
G60924 Generali (Cash) Only0924
G61224 Generali (Cash) Only1224
G61225 Generali (Cash) Only1225
G61226 Generali (Cash) Only1226
G80624 Generali (Dividend) Only0624
G80625 Generali (Dividend) Only0625
G81224 Generali (Dividend) Only1224
G81225 Generali (Dividend) Only1225
G81226 Generali (Dividend) Only1226
G81227 Generali (Dividend) Only1227
G81228 Generali (Dividend) Only1228
G70325 Generali (Physical) Only0325
G70624 Generali (Physical) Only0624
G70724 Generali (Physical) Only0724
G70824 Generali (Physical) Only0824
G70924 Generali (Physical) Only0924
G71224 Generali (Physical) Only1224
G71225 Generali (Physical) Only1225
G71226 Generali (Physical) Only1226
HER70325 Hera (Physical) Only0325
HER70624 Hera (Physical) Only0624
HER70724 Hera (Physical) Only0724
HER70824 Hera (Physical) Only0824
HER70924 Hera (Physical) Only0924
HER71224 Hera (Physical) Only1224
ISP60325 Intesa Sanpaolo (Cash) Only0325
ISP60624 Intesa Sanpaolo (Cash) Only0624
ISP60724 Intesa Sanpaolo (Cash) Only0724
ISP60824 Intesa Sanpaolo (Cash) Only0824
ISP60924 Intesa Sanpaolo (Cash) Only0924
ISP61224 Intesa Sanpaolo (Cash) Only1224
ISP61225 Intesa Sanpaolo (Cash) Only1225
ISP61226 Intesa Sanpaolo (Cash) Only1226
ISP80624 Intesa Sanpaolo (Dividend) Only0624
ISP80625 Intesa Sanpaolo (Dividend) Only0625
ISP81224 Intesa Sanpaolo (Dividend) Only1224
ISP81225 Intesa Sanpaolo (Dividend) Only1225
ISP81226 Intesa Sanpaolo (Dividend) Only1226
ISP81227 Intesa Sanpaolo (Dividend) Only1227
ISP81228 Intesa Sanpaolo (Dividend) Only1228
ISP70325 Intesa Sanpaolo (Physical) Only0325
ISP70624 Intesa Sanpaolo (Physical) Only0624
ISP70724 Intesa Sanpaolo (Physical) Only0724
ISP70824 Intesa Sanpaolo (Physical) Only0824
ISP70924 Intesa Sanpaolo (Physical) Only0924
ISP71224 Intesa Sanpaolo (Physical) Only1224
ISP71225 Intesa Sanpaolo (Physical) Only1225
ISP71226 Intesa Sanpaolo (Physical) Only1226
IRE70325 Iren (Physical) Only0325
IRE70624 Iren (Physical) Only0624
IRE70724 Iren (Physical) Only0724
IRE70824 Iren (Physical) Only0824
IRE70924 Iren (Physical) Only0924
IRE71224 Iren (Physical) Only1224
IG70325 Italgas (Physical) Only0325
IG70624 Italgas (Physical) Only0624
IG70724 Italgas (Physical) Only0724
IG70824 Italgas (Physical) Only0824
IG70924 Italgas (Physical) Only0924
IG71224 Italgas (Physical) Only1224
LDO60325 Leonardo (Cash) Only0325
LDO60624 Leonardo (Cash) Only0624
LDO60724 Leonardo (Cash) Only0724
LDO60824 Leonardo (Cash) Only0824
LDO60924 Leonardo (Cash) Only0924
LDO61224 Leonardo (Cash) Only1224
LDO70325 Leonardo (Physical) Only0325
LDO70624 Leonardo (Physical) Only0624
LDO70724 Leonardo (Physical) Only0724
LDO70824 Leonardo (Physical) Only0824
LDO70924 Leonardo (Physical) Only0924
LDO71224 Leonardo (Physical) Only1224
MFE60325 MFE B (Cash) Only0325
MFE60624 MFE B (Cash) Only0624
MFE60724 MFE B (Cash) Only0724
MFE60824 MFE B (Cash) Only0824
MFE60924 MFE B (Cash) Only0924
MFE61224 MFE B (Cash) Only1224
MFE70325 MFE B (Physical) Only0325
MFE70624 MFE B (Physical) Only0624
MFE70724 MFE B (Physical) Only0724
MFE70824 MFE B (Physical) Only0824
MFE70924 MFE B (Physical) Only0924
MFE71224 MFE B (Physical) Only1224
MDB60325 Mediobanca (Cash) Only0325
MDB60624 Mediobanca (Cash) Only0624
MDB60724 Mediobanca (Cash) Only0724
MDB60824 Mediobanca (Cash) Only0824
MDB60924 Mediobanca (Cash) Only0924
MDB61224 Mediobanca (Cash) Only1224
MDB70325 Mediobanca (Physical) Only0325
MDB70624 Mediobanca (Physical) Only0624
MDB70724 Mediobanca (Physical) Only0724
MDB70824 Mediobanca (Physical) Only0824
MDB70924 Mediobanca (Physical) Only0924
MDB71224 Mediobanca (Physical) Only1224
MIFTMIBXXXXNG Micro FTSE MIB40 Full0624 (No Globex)
MIFTMIB0624 Micro FTSE MIB40 Only0624
MIFTMIB0624NG Micro FTSE MIB40 Only0624 (No Globex)
MIFTMIB0924 Micro FTSE MIB40 Only0924
MIFTMIB0924NG Micro FTSE MIB40 Only0924 (No Globex)
MFTMIBXXXXNG Mini FTSE MIB40 Full0624 (No Globex)
MFTMIB0624 Mini FTSE MIB40 Only0624
MFTMIB0624NG Mini FTSE MIB40 Only0624 (No Globex)
MFTMIB0924 Mini FTSE MIB40 Only0924
MFTMIB0924NG Mini FTSE MIB40 Only0924 (No Globex)
MON70325 Moncler (Physical) Only0325
MON70624 Moncler (Physical) Only0624
MON70724 Moncler (Physical) Only0724
MON70824 Moncler (Physical) Only0824
MON70924 Moncler (Physical) Only0924
MON71224 Moncler (Physical) Only1224
NXI70325 Nexi (Physical) Only0325
NXI70624 Nexi (Physical) Only0624
NXI70724 Nexi (Physical) Only0724
NXI70824 Nexi (Physical) Only0824
NXI70924 Nexi (Physical) Only0924
NXI71224 Nexi (Physical) Only1224
PIR70325 Pirelli & C. (Physical) Only0325
PIR70624 Pirelli & C. (Physical) Only0624
PIR70724 Pirelli & C. (Physical) Only0724
PIR70824 Pirelli & C. (Physical) Only0824
PIR70924 Pirelli & C. (Physical) Only0924
PIR71224 Pirelli & C. (Physical) Only1224
PST60325 Poste Italiane (Cash) Only0325
PST60624 Poste Italiane (Cash) Only0624
PST60724 Poste Italiane (Cash) Only0724
PST60824 Poste Italiane (Cash) Only0824
PST60924 Poste Italiane (Cash) Only0924
PST61224 Poste Italiane (Cash) Only1224
PST80624 Poste Italiane (Dividend) Only0624
PST80625 Poste Italiane (Dividend) Only0625
PST81224 Poste Italiane (Dividend) Only1224
PST81225 Poste Italiane (Dividend) Only1225
PST81226 Poste Italiane (Dividend) Only1226
PST81227 Poste Italiane (Dividend) Only1227
PST81228 Poste Italiane (Dividend) Only1228
PST70325 Poste Italiane (Physical) Only0325
PST70624 Poste Italiane (Physical) Only0624
PST70724 Poste Italiane (Physical) Only0724
PST70824 Poste Italiane (Physical) Only0824
PST70924 Poste Italiane (Physical) Only0924
PST71224 Poste Italiane (Physical) Only1224
PRY60325 Prysmian (Cash) Only0325
PRY60624 Prysmian (Cash) Only0624
PRY60724 Prysmian (Cash) Only0724
PRY60824 Prysmian (Cash) Only0824
PRY60924 Prysmian (Cash) Only0924
PRY61224 Prysmian (Cash) Only1224
PRY70325 Prysmian (Physical) Only0325
PRY70624 Prysmian (Physical) Only0624
Ticker Name
PRY70724 Prysmian (Physical) Only0724
PRY70824 Prysmian (Physical) Only0824
PRY70924 Prysmian (Physical) Only0924
PRY71224 Prysmian (Physical) Only1224
STE60325 STMicroelectronics (Cash) Only0325
STE60624 STMicroelectronics (Cash) Only0624
STE60724 STMicroelectronics (Cash) Only0724
STE60824 STMicroelectronics (Cash) Only0824
STE60924 STMicroelectronics (Cash) Only0924
STE61224 STMicroelectronics (Cash) Only1224
STE70325 STMicroelectronics (Physical) Only0325
STE70624 STMicroelectronics (Physical) Only0624
STE70724 STMicroelectronics (Physical) Only0724
STE70824 STMicroelectronics (Physical) Only0824
STE70924 STMicroelectronics (Physical) Only0924
STE71224 STMicroelectronics (Physical) Only1224
SPM60325 Saipem (Cash) Only0325
SPM60624 Saipem (Cash) Only0624
SPM60724 Saipem (Cash) Only0724
SPM60824 Saipem (Cash) Only0824
SPM60924 Saipem (Cash) Only0924
SPM61224 Saipem (Cash) Only1224
SPM70325 Saipem (Physical) Only0325
SPM70624 Saipem (Physical) Only0624
SPM70724 Saipem (Physical) Only0724
SPM70824 Saipem (Physical) Only0824
SPM70924 Saipem (Physical) Only0924
SPM71224 Saipem (Physical) Only1224
SRS60325 Saras (Cash) Only0325
SRS60624 Saras (Cash) Only0624
SRS60724 Saras (Cash) Only0724
SRS60824 Saras (Cash) Only0824
SRS60924 Saras (Cash) Only0924
SRS61224 Saras (Cash) Only1224
SRS70325 Saras (Physical) Only0325
SRS70624 Saras (Physical) Only0624
SRS70724 Saras (Physical) Only0724
SRS70824 Saras (Physical) Only0824
SRS70924 Saras (Physical) Only0924
SRS71224 Saras (Physical) Only1224
SRG60325 Snam (Cash) Only0325
SRG60624 Snam (Cash) Only0624
SRG60724 Snam (Cash) Only0724
SRG60824 Snam (Cash) Only0824
SRG60924 Snam (Cash) Only0924
SRG61224 Snam (Cash) Only1224
SRG80624 Snam (Dividend) Only0624
SRG80625 Snam (Dividend) Only0625
SRG81224 Snam (Dividend) Only1224
SRG81225 Snam (Dividend) Only1225
SRG81226 Snam (Dividend) Only1226
SRG81227 Snam (Dividend) Only1227
SRG81228 Snam (Dividend) Only1228
SRG70325 Snam (Physical) Only0325
SRG70624 Snam (Physical) Only0624
SRG70724 Snam (Physical) Only0724
SRG70824 Snam (Physical) Only0824
SRG70924 Snam (Physical) Only0924
SRG71224 Snam (Physical) Only1224
STL60325 Stellantis (Cash) Only0325
STL60624 Stellantis (Cash) Only0624
STL60724 Stellantis (Cash) Only0724
STL60824 Stellantis (Cash) Only0824
STL60924 Stellantis (Cash) Only0924
STL61224 Stellantis (Cash) Only1224
STL61225 Stellantis (Cash) Only1225
STL61226 Stellantis (Cash) Only1226
STL80624 Stellantis (Dividend) Only0624
STL80625 Stellantis (Dividend) Only0625
STL81224 Stellantis (Dividend) Only1224
STL81225 Stellantis (Dividend) Only1225
STL81226 Stellantis (Dividend) Only1226
STL81227 Stellantis (Dividend) Only1227
STL81228 Stellantis (Dividend) Only1228
STL70325 Stellantis (Physical) Only0325
STL70624 Stellantis (Physical) Only0624
STL70724 Stellantis (Physical) Only0724
STL70824 Stellantis (Physical) Only0824
STL70924 Stellantis (Physical) Only0924
STL71224 Stellantis (Physical) Only1224
STL71225 Stellantis (Physical) Only1225
STL71226 Stellantis (Physical) Only1226
TGY70325 Technogym (Physical) Only0325
TGY70624 Technogym (Physical) Only0624
TGY70724 Technogym (Physical) Only0724
TGY70824 Technogym (Physical) Only0824
TGY70924 Technogym (Physical) Only0924
TGY71224 Technogym (Physical) Only1224
TIT60325 Telecom Italia (Cash) Only0325
TIT60624 Telecom Italia (Cash) Only0624
TIT60724 Telecom Italia (Cash) Only0724
TIT60824 Telecom Italia (Cash) Only0824
TIT60924 Telecom Italia (Cash) Only0924
TIT61224 Telecom Italia (Cash) Only1224
TIT61225 Telecom Italia (Cash) Only1225
TIT61226 Telecom Italia (Cash) Only1226
TIT80624 Telecom Italia (Dividend) Only0624
TIT80625 Telecom Italia (Dividend) Only0625
TIT81224 Telecom Italia (Dividend) Only1224
TIT81225 Telecom Italia (Dividend) Only1225
TIT81226 Telecom Italia (Dividend) Only1226
TIT81227 Telecom Italia (Dividend) Only1227
TIT81228 Telecom Italia (Dividend) Only1228
TIT70325 Telecom Italia (Physical) Only0325
TIT70624 Telecom Italia (Physical) Only0624
TIT70724 Telecom Italia (Physical) Only0724
TIT70824 Telecom Italia (Physical) Only0824
TIT70924 Telecom Italia (Physical) Only0924
TIT71224 Telecom Italia (Physical) Only1224
TIT71225 Telecom Italia (Physical) Only1225
TIT71226 Telecom Italia (Physical) Only1226
TIR60325 Telecom Italia Rsp (Cash) Only0325
TIR60624 Telecom Italia Rsp (Cash) Only0624
TIR60724 Telecom Italia Rsp (Cash) Only0724
TIR60824 Telecom Italia Rsp (Cash) Only0824
TIR60924 Telecom Italia Rsp (Cash) Only0924
TIR61224 Telecom Italia Rsp (Cash) Only1224
TIR70325 Telecom Italia Rsp (Physical) Only0325
TIR70624 Telecom Italia Rsp (Physical) Only0624
TIR70724 Telecom Italia Rsp (Physical) Only0724
TIR70824 Telecom Italia Rsp (Physical) Only0824
TIR70924 Telecom Italia Rsp (Physical) Only0924
TIR71224 Telecom Italia Rsp (Physical) Only1224
TEN60325 Tenaris (Cash) Only0325
TEN60624 Tenaris (Cash) Only0624
TEN60724 Tenaris (Cash) Only0724
TEN60824 Tenaris (Cash) Only0824
TEN60924 Tenaris (Cash) Only0924
TEN61224 Tenaris (Cash) Only1224
TEN70325 Tenaris (Physical) Only0325
TEN70624 Tenaris (Physical) Only0624
TEN70724 Tenaris (Physical) Only0724
TEN70824 Tenaris (Physical) Only0824
TEN70924 Tenaris (Physical) Only0924
TEN71224 Tenaris (Physical) Only1224
TRN60325 Terna (Cash) Only0325
TRN60624 Terna (Cash) Only0624
TRN60724 Terna (Cash) Only0724
TRN60824 Terna (Cash) Only0824
TRN60924 Terna (Cash) Only0924
TRN61224 Terna (Cash) Only1224
TRN80624 Terna (Dividend) Only0624
TRN80625 Terna (Dividend) Only0625
TRN81224 Terna (Dividend) Only1224
TRN81225 Terna (Dividend) Only1225
TRN81226 Terna (Dividend) Only1226
TRN81227 Terna (Dividend) Only1227
TRN81228 Terna (Dividend) Only1228
TRN70325 Terna (Physical) Only0325
TRN70624 Terna (Physical) Only0624
TRN70724 Terna (Physical) Only0724
TRN70824 Terna (Physical) Only0824
TRN70924 Terna (Physical) Only0924
TRN71224 Terna (Physical) Only1224
UCG60325 UniCredit (Cash) Only0325
UCG60624 UniCredit (Cash) Only0624
UCG60724 UniCredit (Cash) Only0724
UCG60824 UniCredit (Cash) Only0824
UCG60924 UniCredit (Cash) Only0924
UCG61224 UniCredit (Cash) Only1224
UCG61225 UniCredit (Cash) Only1225
UCG61226 UniCredit (Cash) Only1226
UCG80624 UniCredit (Dividend) Only0624
UCG80625 UniCredit (Dividend) Only0625
UCG81224 UniCredit (Dividend) Only1224
UCG81225 UniCredit (Dividend) Only1225
UCG81226 UniCredit (Dividend) Only1226
UCG81227 UniCredit (Dividend) Only1227
UCG81228 UniCredit (Dividend) Only1228
UCG70325 UniCredit (Physical) Only0325
UCG70624 UniCredit (Physical) Only0624
UCG70724 UniCredit (Physical) Only0724
UCG70824 UniCredit (Physical) Only0824
UCG70924 UniCredit (Physical) Only0924
UCG71224 UniCredit (Physical) Only1224
UCG71225 UniCredit (Physical) Only1225
UCG71226 UniCredit (Physical) Only1226
UNI60325 Unipol (Cash) Only0325
UNI60624 Unipol (Cash) Only0624
UNI60724 Unipol (Cash) Only0724
UNI60824 Unipol (Cash) Only0824
UNI60924 Unipol (Cash) Only0924
UNI61224 Unipol (Cash) Only1224
UNI70325 Unipol (Physical) Only0325
UNI70624 Unipol (Physical) Only0624
UNI70724 Unipol (Physical) Only0724
UNI70824 Unipol (Physical) Only0824
UNI70924 Unipol (Physical) Only0924
UNI71224 Unipol (Physical) Only1224
UNS60325 UnipolSai (Cash) Only0325
UNS60624 UnipolSai (Cash) Only0624
UNS60724 UnipolSai (Cash) Only0724
UNS60924 UnipolSai (Cash) Only0924
UNS61224 UnipolSai (Cash) Only1224
UNS70325 UnipolSai (Physical) Only0325
UNS70624 UnipolSai (Physical) Only0624
UNS70724 UnipolSai (Physical) Only0724
UNS70924 UnipolSai (Physical) Only0924
UNS71224 UnipolSai (Physical) Only1224

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