ICE Futures Europe

Branch of the London-based Intercontinental Exchange (ICE), ICE Futures Europe is a financial centre specialising in futures and options. Created in 1981 as the International Petroleum Exchange (IPE), it became ICE Futures Europe in 2005 following its acquisition by ICE. The exchange offers a wide range of derivatives on energy commodities, agricultural commodities, interest rates, equities and indices. ICE Futures Europe is particularly well known for its futures and options contracts on crude oil (Brent Crude), natural gas and coal. As a UK-based exchange, ICE Futures Europe is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), ensuring transparency and security for investors worldwide. ICE Futures Europe products are used for a variety of strategies, from hedging to speculation. Like many of its peers, this exchange is constantly innovating by introducing new products and services to meet the changing needs of the markets. In particular, it offers clearing solutions through its ICE Clear Europe service.


ICE Futures Europe

Amount of Instruments: 314

We currently offer those instruments with end-of-day data only.

Ticker Name
BRNXXXX Brent Crude Full0824
BRN0125 Brent Crude Only 0125
BRN0126 Brent Crude Only 0126
BRN0127 Brent Crude Only 0127
BRN0128 Brent Crude Only 0128
BRN0129 Brent Crude Only 0129
BRN0130 Brent Crude Only 0130
BRN0131 Brent Crude Only 0131
BRN0225 Brent Crude Only 0225
BRN0226 Brent Crude Only 0226
BRN0227 Brent Crude Only 0227
BRN0228 Brent Crude Only 0228
BRN0229 Brent Crude Only 0229
BRN0230 Brent Crude Only 0230
BRN0231 Brent Crude Only 0231
BRN0325 Brent Crude Only 0325
BRN0326 Brent Crude Only 0326
BRN0327 Brent Crude Only 0327
BRN0328 Brent Crude Only 0328
BRN0329 Brent Crude Only 0329
BRN0330 Brent Crude Only 0330
BRN0331 Brent Crude Only 0331
BRN0425 Brent Crude Only 0425
BRN0426 Brent Crude Only 0426
BRN0427 Brent Crude Only 0427
BRN0428 Brent Crude Only 0428
BRN0429 Brent Crude Only 0429
BRN0430 Brent Crude Only 0430
BRN0525 Brent Crude Only 0525
BRN0526 Brent Crude Only 0526
BRN0527 Brent Crude Only 0527
BRN0528 Brent Crude Only 0528
BRN0529 Brent Crude Only 0529
BRN0530 Brent Crude Only 0530
BRN0624 Brent Crude Only 0624
BRN0625 Brent Crude Only 0625
BRN0626 Brent Crude Only 0626
BRN0627 Brent Crude Only 0627
BRN0628 Brent Crude Only 0628
BRN0629 Brent Crude Only 0629
BRN0630 Brent Crude Only 0630
BRN0724 Brent Crude Only 0724
BRN0725 Brent Crude Only 0725
BRN0726 Brent Crude Only 0726
BRN0727 Brent Crude Only 0727
BRN0728 Brent Crude Only 0728
BRN0729 Brent Crude Only 0729
BRN0730 Brent Crude Only 0730
BRN0824 Brent Crude Only 0824
BRN0825 Brent Crude Only 0825
BRN0826 Brent Crude Only 0826
BRN0827 Brent Crude Only 0827
BRN0828 Brent Crude Only 0828
BRN0829 Brent Crude Only 0829
BRN0830 Brent Crude Only 0830
BRN0924 Brent Crude Only 0924
BRN0925 Brent Crude Only 0925
BRN0926 Brent Crude Only 0926
BRN0927 Brent Crude Only 0927
BRN0928 Brent Crude Only 0928
BRN0929 Brent Crude Only 0929
BRN0930 Brent Crude Only 0930
BRN1024 Brent Crude Only 1024
BRN1025 Brent Crude Only 1025
BRN1026 Brent Crude Only 1026
BRN1027 Brent Crude Only 1027
BRN1028 Brent Crude Only 1028
BRN1029 Brent Crude Only 1029
BRN1030 Brent Crude Only 1030
BRN1124 Brent Crude Only 1124
BRN1125 Brent Crude Only 1125
BRN1126 Brent Crude Only 1126
BRN1127 Brent Crude Only 1127
BRN1128 Brent Crude Only 1128
BRN1129 Brent Crude Only 1129
BRN1130 Brent Crude Only 1130
BRN1224 Brent Crude Only 1224
BRN1225 Brent Crude Only 1225
BRN1226 Brent Crude Only 1226
BRN1227 Brent Crude Only 1227
BRN1228 Brent Crude Only 1228
BRN1229 Brent Crude Only 1229
BRN1230 Brent Crude Only 1230
ZXXXX FTSE 100 Index Full0624
Z0325 FTSE 100 Index Only 0325
Z0624 FTSE 100 Index Only 0624
Z0924 FTSE 100 Index Only 0924
Z1224 FTSE 100 Index Only 1224
Y2XXXX FTSE 250 Index Full0624
Y20325 FTSE 250 Index Only 0325
Y20624 FTSE 250 Index Only 0624
Y20924 FTSE 250 Index Only 0924
Y21224 FTSE 250 Index Only 1224
GASXXXX Gas Oil Full0616 Future
UHOXXXX Heating Oil Full0724
UHO0125 Heating Oil Only 0125
UHO0126 Heating Oil Only 0126
UHO0127 Heating Oil Only 0127
UHO0128 Heating Oil Only 0128
UHO0225 Heating Oil Only 0225
UHO0226 Heating Oil Only 0226
UHO0227 Heating Oil Only 0227
UHO0325 Heating Oil Only 0325
UHO0326 Heating Oil Only 0326
UHO0327 Heating Oil Only 0327
Ticker Name
UHO0425 Heating Oil Only 0425
UHO0426 Heating Oil Only 0426
UHO0427 Heating Oil Only 0427
UHO0525 Heating Oil Only 0525
UHO0526 Heating Oil Only 0526
UHO0527 Heating Oil Only 0527
UHO0624 Heating Oil Only 0624
UHO0625 Heating Oil Only 0625
UHO0626 Heating Oil Only 0626
UHO0627 Heating Oil Only 0627
UHO0724 Heating Oil Only 0724
UHO0725 Heating Oil Only 0725
UHO0726 Heating Oil Only 0726
UHO0727 Heating Oil Only 0727
UHO0824 Heating Oil Only 0824
UHO0825 Heating Oil Only 0825
UHO0826 Heating Oil Only 0826
UHO0827 Heating Oil Only 0827
UHO0924 Heating Oil Only 0924
UHO0925 Heating Oil Only 0925
UHO0926 Heating Oil Only 0926
UHO0927 Heating Oil Only 0927
UHO1024 Heating Oil Only 1024
UHO1025 Heating Oil Only 1025
UHO1026 Heating Oil Only 1026
UHO1027 Heating Oil Only 1027
UHO1124 Heating Oil Only 1124
UHO1125 Heating Oil Only 1125
UHO1126 Heating Oil Only 1126
UHO1127 Heating Oil Only 1127
UHO1224 Heating Oil Only 1224
UHO1225 Heating Oil Only 1225
UHO1226 Heating Oil Only 1226
UHO1227 Heating Oil Only 1227
GWMXXXX UK Natural Gas Full0724
GWM0125 UK Natural Gas Only 0125
GWM0126 UK Natural Gas Only 0126
GWM0127 UK Natural Gas Only 0127
GWM0128 UK Natural Gas Only 0128
GWM0129 UK Natural Gas Only 0129
GWM0130 UK Natural Gas Only 0130
GWM0131 UK Natural Gas Only 0131
GWM0225 UK Natural Gas Only 0225
GWM0226 UK Natural Gas Only 0226
GWM0227 UK Natural Gas Only 0227
GWM0228 UK Natural Gas Only 0228
GWM0229 UK Natural Gas Only 0229
GWM0230 UK Natural Gas Only 0230
GWM0231 UK Natural Gas Only 0231
GWM0325 UK Natural Gas Only 0325
GWM0326 UK Natural Gas Only 0326
GWM0327 UK Natural Gas Only 0327
GWM0328 UK Natural Gas Only 0328
GWM0329 UK Natural Gas Only 0329
GWM0330 UK Natural Gas Only 0330
GWM0331 UK Natural Gas Only 0331
GWM0425 UK Natural Gas Only 0425
GWM0426 UK Natural Gas Only 0426
GWM0427 UK Natural Gas Only 0427
GWM0428 UK Natural Gas Only 0428
GWM0429 UK Natural Gas Only 0429
GWM0430 UK Natural Gas Only 0430
GWM0525 UK Natural Gas Only 0525
GWM0526 UK Natural Gas Only 0526
GWM0527 UK Natural Gas Only 0527
GWM0528 UK Natural Gas Only 0528
GWM0529 UK Natural Gas Only 0529
GWM0530 UK Natural Gas Only 0530
GWM0624 UK Natural Gas Only 0624
GWM0625 UK Natural Gas Only 0625
GWM0626 UK Natural Gas Only 0626
GWM0627 UK Natural Gas Only 0627
GWM0628 UK Natural Gas Only 0628
GWM0629 UK Natural Gas Only 0629
GWM0630 UK Natural Gas Only 0630
GWM0724 UK Natural Gas Only 0724
GWM0725 UK Natural Gas Only 0725
GWM0726 UK Natural Gas Only 0726
GWM0727 UK Natural Gas Only 0727
GWM0728 UK Natural Gas Only 0728
GWM0729 UK Natural Gas Only 0729
GWM0730 UK Natural Gas Only 0730
GWM0824 UK Natural Gas Only 0824
GWM0825 UK Natural Gas Only 0825
GWM0826 UK Natural Gas Only 0826
GWM0827 UK Natural Gas Only 0827
GWM0828 UK Natural Gas Only 0828
GWM0829 UK Natural Gas Only 0829
GWM0830 UK Natural Gas Only 0830
GWM0924 UK Natural Gas Only 0924
GWM0925 UK Natural Gas Only 0925
GWM0926 UK Natural Gas Only 0926
GWM0927 UK Natural Gas Only 0927
GWM0928 UK Natural Gas Only 0928
GWM0929 UK Natural Gas Only 0929
GWM0930 UK Natural Gas Only 0930
GWM1024 UK Natural Gas Only 1024
GWM1025 UK Natural Gas Only 1025
GWM1026 UK Natural Gas Only 1026
GWM1027 UK Natural Gas Only 1027
GWM1028 UK Natural Gas Only 1028
GWM1029 UK Natural Gas Only 1029
GWM1030 UK Natural Gas Only 1030
GWM1124 UK Natural Gas Only 1124
GWM1125 UK Natural Gas Only 1125
Ticker Name
GWM1126 UK Natural Gas Only 1126
GWM1127 UK Natural Gas Only 1127
GWM1128 UK Natural Gas Only 1128
GWM1129 UK Natural Gas Only 1129
GWM1130 UK Natural Gas Only 1130
GWM1224 UK Natural Gas Only 1224
GWM1225 UK Natural Gas Only 1225
GWM1226 UK Natural Gas Only 1226
GWM1227 UK Natural Gas Only 1227
GWM1228 UK Natural Gas Only 1228
GWM1229 UK Natural Gas Only 1229
GWM1230 UK Natural Gas Only 1230
WBSXXXX WTI Crude Full0724
WBS0125 WTI Crude Only 0125
WBS0126 WTI Crude Only 0126
WBS0127 WTI Crude Only 0127
WBS0128 WTI Crude Only 0128
WBS0129 WTI Crude Only 0129
WBS0130 WTI Crude Only 0130
WBS0131 WTI Crude Only 0131
WBS0225 WTI Crude Only 0225
WBS0226 WTI Crude Only 0226
WBS0227 WTI Crude Only 0227
WBS0228 WTI Crude Only 0228
WBS0229 WTI Crude Only 0229
WBS0230 WTI Crude Only 0230
WBS0231 WTI Crude Only 0231
WBS0325 WTI Crude Only 0325
WBS0326 WTI Crude Only 0326
WBS0327 WTI Crude Only 0327
WBS0328 WTI Crude Only 0328
WBS0329 WTI Crude Only 0329
WBS0330 WTI Crude Only 0330
WBS0331 WTI Crude Only 0331
WBS0425 WTI Crude Only 0425
WBS0426 WTI Crude Only 0426
WBS0427 WTI Crude Only 0427
WBS0428 WTI Crude Only 0428
WBS0429 WTI Crude Only 0429
WBS0430 WTI Crude Only 0430
WBS0431 WTI Crude Only 0431
WBS0525 WTI Crude Only 0525
WBS0526 WTI Crude Only 0526
WBS0527 WTI Crude Only 0527
WBS0528 WTI Crude Only 0528
WBS0529 WTI Crude Only 0529
WBS0530 WTI Crude Only 0530
WBS0531 WTI Crude Only 0531
WBS0624 WTI Crude Only 0624
WBS0625 WTI Crude Only 0625
WBS0626 WTI Crude Only 0626
WBS0627 WTI Crude Only 0627
WBS0628 WTI Crude Only 0628
WBS0629 WTI Crude Only 0629
WBS0630 WTI Crude Only 0630
WBS0631 WTI Crude Only 0631
WBS0724 WTI Crude Only 0724
WBS0725 WTI Crude Only 0725
WBS0726 WTI Crude Only 0726
WBS0727 WTI Crude Only 0727
WBS0728 WTI Crude Only 0728
WBS0729 WTI Crude Only 0729
WBS0730 WTI Crude Only 0730
WBS0731 WTI Crude Only 0731
WBS0824 WTI Crude Only 0824
WBS0825 WTI Crude Only 0825
WBS0826 WTI Crude Only 0826
WBS0827 WTI Crude Only 0827
WBS0828 WTI Crude Only 0828
WBS0829 WTI Crude Only 0829
WBS0830 WTI Crude Only 0830
WBS0831 WTI Crude Only 0831
WBS0924 WTI Crude Only 0924
WBS0925 WTI Crude Only 0925
WBS0926 WTI Crude Only 0926
WBS0927 WTI Crude Only 0927
WBS0928 WTI Crude Only 0928
WBS0929 WTI Crude Only 0929
WBS0930 WTI Crude Only 0930
WBS0931 WTI Crude Only 0931
WBS1024 WTI Crude Only 1024
WBS1025 WTI Crude Only 1025
WBS1026 WTI Crude Only 1026
WBS1027 WTI Crude Only 1027
WBS1028 WTI Crude Only 1028
WBS1029 WTI Crude Only 1029
WBS1030 WTI Crude Only 1030
WBS1031 WTI Crude Only 1031
WBS1124 WTI Crude Only 1124
WBS1125 WTI Crude Only 1125
WBS1126 WTI Crude Only 1126
WBS1127 WTI Crude Only 1127
WBS1128 WTI Crude Only 1128
WBS1129 WTI Crude Only 1129
WBS1130 WTI Crude Only 1130
WBS1131 WTI Crude Only 1131
WBS1224 WTI Crude Only 1224
WBS1225 WTI Crude Only 1225
WBS1226 WTI Crude Only 1226
WBS1227 WTI Crude Only 1227
WBS1228 WTI Crude Only 1228
WBS1229 WTI Crude Only 1229
WBS1230 WTI Crude Only 1230
WBS1231 WTI Crude Only 1231

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