ICE Futures Canada

The ICE Futures Canada is an essential component of the Canadian financial market specialising in agricultural products. Founded in 1887 as the Winnipeg Grain and Produce Exchange and acquired in 2007 by Intercontinental Exchange (ICE), ICE Futures Canada is Canada's oldest commodity exchange. Known for its futures and options contracts on canola (Canada's major agricultural commodity and an oilseed crop grown primarily for its oil-rich seeds), this market also offers contracts on barley, wheat and other grains, reflecting the importance of agriculture to the Canadian economy. Farmers, agri-businesses, brokers, institutional investors and individual speculators - many market players come together on the ICE Futures Canada to implement their hedging, arbitrage or investment strategies. As the central market for agricultural commodities, ICE Futures Canada plays a vital role in the pricing and price discovery of these products and thus influences the Canadian and global agricultural sector. Trading on ICE Futures Canada offers significant opportunities, but also entails risks associated with the volatility of commodity markets. In conclusion, ICE Futures Canada is a dynamic and central derivatives market specialising in agricultural commodities. It offers unique opportunities for risk management and trading, while playing a crucial role in the agricultural economy of Canada and the world.


ICE Futures Canada

Amount of Instruments: 12

We currently offer those instruments with end-of-day data only.

Ticker Name
RSXXXX Canola Full0724
RS0125 Canola Only 0125
RS0126 Canola Only 0126
RS0325 Canola Only 0325
Ticker Name
RS0326 Canola Only 0326
RS0524 Canola Only 0524
RS0525 Canola Only 0525
RS0526 Canola Only 0526
Ticker Name
RS0724 Canola Only 0724
RS0725 Canola Only 0725
RS1124 Canola Only 1124
RS1125 Canola Only 1125

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