EUREX Futures & Options (Dax, Dax Mini, Bund, EuroStoxx50, ...)

Owned by the Deutsche Börse Group, Eurex or Eurex Exchange is Europe's leading derivatives exchange. It also occupies a leading position among the world's derivatives exchanges, offering a wide variety of internationally benchmarked products. The exchange links market participants at more than 700 locations worldwide and offers futures and options on interest rates, equity indices, equities, volatility, ETFs, ETCs, currencies, crypto-currencies and commodities. Eurex is responsible for overseeing Eurex Clearing, one of the largest derivatives clearing organisations in Europe. This ensures the security and integrity of the markets while driving innovation in risk management, clearing technology and the protection of client assets. Eurex Repo is also part of the group and acts as one of the leading providers of international funding in the secured money market. Since 1998, Eurex has strengthened its services in electronic trading, clearing and standardised collateral management for secured financial transactions, proving the success of its business model and the strength of its global offering.


EUREX Futures & Options (Dax, Dax Mini, Bund, EuroStoxx50, ...) - Futures

Amount of Instruments: 271

Ticker Name
3MEBXXXX 3M Euribor Full0624
3MEB0325 3M Euribor Only0325
3MEB0326 3M Euribor Only0326
3MEB0327 3M Euribor Only0327
3MEB0328 3M Euribor Only0328
3MEB0329 3M Euribor Only0329
3MEB0330 3M Euribor Only0330
3MEB0524 3M Euribor Only0524
3MEB0624 3M Euribor Only0624
3MEB0625 3M Euribor Only0625
3MEB0626 3M Euribor Only0626
3MEB0627 3M Euribor Only0627
3MEB0628 3M Euribor Only0628
3MEB0629 3M Euribor Only0629
3MEB0724 3M Euribor Only0724
3MEB0824 3M Euribor Only0824
3MEB0924 3M Euribor Only0924
3MEB0925 3M Euribor Only0925
3MEB0926 3M Euribor Only0926
3MEB0927 3M Euribor Only0927
3MEB0928 3M Euribor Only0928
3MEB0929 3M Euribor Only0929
3MEB1024 3M Euribor Only1024
3MEB1224 3M Euribor Only1224
3MEB1225 3M Euribor Only1225
3MEB1226 3M Euribor Only1226
3MEB1227 3M Euribor Only1227
3MEB1228 3M Euribor Only1228
3MEB1229 3M Euribor Only1229
CONF0624 CONF Only0624
CONF0924 CONF Only0924
CONF1224 CONF Only1224
DAXXXXX DAX40 Full0624
DAXXXXX_8 DAX40 Full0624 8:00-22:00
DAXXXXX_9 DAX40 Full0624 9:00-17:35
DAX0325 DAX40 Only0325
DAX0325_8 DAX40 Only0325 8:00-22:00
DAX0325_9 DAX40 Only0325 9:00-17:35
DAX0326 DAX40 Only0326
DAX0326_8 DAX40 Only0326 8:00-22:00
DAX0326_9 DAX40 Only0326 9:00-17:35
DAX0327 DAX40 Only0327
DAX0327_8 DAX40 Only0327 8:00-22:00
DAX0327_9 DAX40 Only0327 9:00-17:35
DAX0624 DAX40 Only0624
DAX0624_8 DAX40 Only0624 8:00-22:00
DAX0624_9 DAX40 Only0624 9:00-17:35
DAX0625 DAX40 Only0625
DAX0625_8 DAX40 Only0625 8:00-22:00
DAX0625_9 DAX40 Only0625 9:00-17:35
DAX0626 DAX40 Only0626
DAX0626_8 DAX40 Only0626 8:00-22:00
DAX0626_9 DAX40 Only0626 9:00-17:35
DAX0924 DAX40 Only0924
DAX0924_8 DAX40 Only0924 8:00-22:00
DAX0924_9 DAX40 Only0924 9:00-17:35
DAX0925 DAX40 Only0925
DAX0925_8 DAX40 Only0925 8:00-22:00
DAX0925_9 DAX40 Only0925 9:00-17:35
DAX0926 DAX40 Only0926
DAX0926_8 DAX40 Only0926 8:00-22:00
DAX0926_9 DAX40 Only0926 9:00-17:35
DAX1224 DAX40 Only1224
DAX1224_8 DAX40 Only1224 8:00-22:00
DAX1224_9 DAX40 Only1224 9:00-17:35
DAX1225 DAX40 Only1225
DAX1225_8 DAX40 Only1225 8:00-22:00
DAX1225_9 DAX40 Only1225 9:00-17:35
DAX1226 DAX40 Only1226
DAX1226_8 DAX40 Only1226 8:00-22:00
DAX1226_9 DAX40 Only1226 9:00-17:35
FEXDXXXX ESTOXX 50 Ind. Div. Fut. Full1224
FEXD0624 ESTOXX 50 Ind. Div. Fut. Only0624
FEXD0625 ESTOXX 50 Ind. Div. Fut. Only0625
FEXD1224 ESTOXX 50 Ind. Div. Fut. Only1224
FEXD1225 ESTOXX 50 Ind. Div. Fut. Only1225
FEXD1226 ESTOXX 50 Ind. Div. Fut. Only1226
FEXD1227 ESTOXX 50 Ind. Div. Fut. Only1227
FEXD1228 ESTOXX 50 Ind. Div. Fut. Only1228
FEXD1229 ESTOXX 50 Ind. Div. Fut. Only1229
FEXD1230 ESTOXX 50 Ind. Div. Fut. Only1230
FEXD1231 ESTOXX 50 Ind. Div. Fut. Only1231
FEXD1232 ESTOXX 50 Ind. Div. Fut. Only1232
FEXD1233 ESTOXX 50 Ind. Div. Fut. Only1233
FESA0624 ESTOXX Automob. Fut. Only0624
FESA0924 ESTOXX Automob. Fut. Only0924
FESA1224 ESTOXX Automob. Fut. Only1224
FESBXXXX ESTOXX Banks Fut. Full0624
FESB0624 ESTOXX Banks Fut. Only0624
FESB0924 ESTOXX Banks Fut. Only0924
Ticker Name
FESB1224 ESTOXX Banks Fut. Only1224
ESTXXXXX_8 ESTOXX50 Full0624 8:00-22:00
ESTXXXXX_9 ESTOXX50 Full0624 9:00-17:35
ESTX0325 ESTOXX50 Only0325
ESTX0325_8 ESTOXX50 Only0325 8:00-22:00
ESTX0325_9 ESTOXX50 Only0325 9:00-17:35
ESTX0326 ESTOXX50 Only0326
ESTX0326_8 ESTOXX50 Only0326 8:00-22:00
ESTX0326_9 ESTOXX50 Only0326 9:00-17:35
ESTX0327 ESTOXX50 Only0327
ESTX0327_8 ESTOXX50 Only0327 8:00-22:00
ESTX0327_9 ESTOXX50 Only0327 9:00-17:35
ESTX0624 ESTOXX50 Only0624
ESTX0624_8 ESTOXX50 Only0624 8:00-22:00
ESTX0624_9 ESTOXX50 Only0624 9:00-17:35
ESTX0625 ESTOXX50 Only0625
ESTX0625_8 ESTOXX50 Only0625 8:00-22:00
ESTX0625_9 ESTOXX50 Only0625 9:00-17:35
ESTX0626 ESTOXX50 Only0626
ESTX0626_8 ESTOXX50 Only0626 8:00-22:00
ESTX0626_9 ESTOXX50 Only0626 9:00-17:35
ESTX0924 ESTOXX50 Only0924
ESTX0924_8 ESTOXX50 Only0924 8:00-22:00
ESTX0924_9 ESTOXX50 Only0924 9:00-17:35
ESTX0925 ESTOXX50 Only0925
ESTX0925_8 ESTOXX50 Only0925 8:00-22:00
ESTX0925_9 ESTOXX50 Only0925 9:00-17:35
ESTX0926 ESTOXX50 Only0926
ESTX0926_8 ESTOXX50 Only0926 8:00-22:00
ESTX0926_9 ESTOXX50 Only0926 9:00-17:35
ESTX1224 ESTOXX50 Only1224
ESTX1224_8 ESTOXX50 Only1224 8:00-22:00
ESTX1224_9 ESTOXX50 Only1224 9:00-17:35
ESTX1225 ESTOXX50 Only1225
ESTX1225_8 ESTOXX50 Only1225 8:00-22:00
ESTX1225_9 ESTOXX50 Only1225 9:00-17:35
ESTX1226 ESTOXX50 Only1226
ESTX1226_8 ESTOXX50 Only1226 8:00-22:00
ESTX1226_9 ESTOXX50 Only1226 9:00-17:35
BOBLXXXX Euro Bobl Full0624
BOBLXXXX_8 Euro Bobl Full0624 8:00-22:00
BOBL0624 Euro Bobl Only0624
BOBL0624_8 Euro Bobl Only0624 8:00-22:00
BOBL0924 Euro Bobl Only0924
BOBL0924_8 Euro Bobl Only0924 8:00-22:00
BOBL1224 Euro Bobl Only1224
BOBL1224_8 Euro Bobl Only1224 8:00-22:00
BONXXXX Euro Bono Fut. Full0624
BON0624 Euro Bono Fut. Only0624
BON0924 Euro Bono Fut. Only0924
BON1224 Euro Bono Fut. Only1224
BUNDXXXX Euro Bund Full0624
BUNDXXXX_8 Euro Bund Full0624 8:00-22:00
BUND0624 Euro Bund Only0624
BUND0624_8 Euro Bund Only0624 8:00-22:00
BUND0924 Euro Bund Only0924
BUND0924_8 Euro Bund Only0924 8:00-22:00
BUND1224 Euro Bund Only1224
BUND1224_8 Euro Bund Only1224 8:00-22:00
BUXLXXXX Euro Buxl Full0624
BUXLXXXX_8 Euro Buxl Full0624 8:00-22:00
BUXL0624 Euro Buxl Only0624
BUXL0624_8 Euro Buxl Only0624 8:00-22:00
BUXL0924 Euro Buxl Only0924
BUXL0924_8 Euro Buxl Only0924 8:00-22:00
BUXL1224 Euro Buxl Only1224
BUXL1224_8 Euro Buxl Only1224 8:00-22:00
OATXXXX Euro OAT Full0624
OATXXXX_8 Euro OAT Full0624 8:00-19:00
OAT0624 Euro OAT Only0624
OAT0624_8 Euro OAT Only0624 8:00-19:00
OAT0924 Euro OAT Only0924
OAT0924_8 Euro OAT Only0924 8:00-19:00
OAT1224 Euro OAT Only1224
OAT1224_8 Euro OAT Only1224 8:00-19:00
SCHATZXXXX Euro Schatz Full0624
SCHATZXXXX_8 Euro Schatz Full0624 8:00-22:00
SCHATZ0624 Euro Schatz Only0624
SCHATZ0624_8 Euro Schatz Only0624 8:00-22:00
SCHATZ0924 Euro Schatz Only0924
SCHATZ0924_8 Euro Schatz Only0924 8:00-22:00
SCHATZ1224 Euro Schatz Only1224
SCHATZ1224_8 Euro Schatz Only1224 8:00-22:00
BTPXXXX Long-Term Euro BTP Full0624
BTP0624 Long-Term Euro BTP Only0624
BTP0924 Long-Term Euro BTP Only0924
BTP1224 Long-Term Euro BTP Only1224
OAMXXXX Mid-Term Euro OAT Full0624
OAM0624 Mid-Term Euro OAT Only0624
OAM0924 Mid-Term Euro OAT Only0924
Ticker Name
OAM1224 Mid-Term Euro OAT Only1224
SMIXXXX SMI20 Full0624
SMIXXXX_9 SMI20 Full0624 9:00-17:35
SMI0325 SMI20 Only0325
SMI0325_9 SMI20 Only0325 9:00-17:35
SMI0326 SMI20 Only0326
SMI0326_9 SMI20 Only0326 9:00-17:35
SMI0327 SMI20 Only0327
SMI0327_9 SMI20 Only0327 9:00-17:35
SMI0624 SMI20 Only0624
SMI0624_9 SMI20 Only0624 9:00-17:35
SMI0625 SMI20 Only0625
SMI0625_9 SMI20 Only0625 9:00-17:35
SMI0626 SMI20 Only0626
SMI0626_9 SMI20 Only0626 9:00-17:35
SMI0924 SMI20 Only0924
SMI0924_9 SMI20 Only0924 9:00-17:35
SMI0925 SMI20 Only0925
SMI0925_9 SMI20 Only0925 9:00-17:35
SMI0926 SMI20 Only0926
SMI0926_9 SMI20 Only0926 9:00-17:35
SMI1224 SMI20 Only1224
SMI1224_9 SMI20 Only1224 9:00-17:35
SMI1225 SMI20 Only1225
SMI1225_9 SMI20 Only1225 9:00-17:35
SMI1226 SMI20 Only1226
SMI1226_9 SMI20 Only1226 9:00-17:35
FSTA0624 STOXX 600 Auto. Fut. Only0624
FSTA0924 STOXX 600 Auto. Fut. Only0924
FSTA1224 STOXX 600 Auto. Fut. Only1224
FSTB0624 STOXX 600 Banks Fut. Only0624
FSTB0924 STOXX 600 Banks Fut. Only0924
FSTB1224 STOXX 600 Banks Fut. Only1224
FSTS0624 STOXX 600 Basic Fut. Only0624
FSTS0924 STOXX 600 Basic Fut. Only0924
FSTS1224 STOXX 600 Basic Fut. Only1224
FSTG0624 STOXX 600 Indus. Fut. Only0624
FSTG0924 STOXX 600 Indus. Fut. Only0924
FSTG1224 STOXX 600 Indus. Fut. Only1224
FSTI0624 STOXX 600 Insur. Fut. Only0624
FSTI0924 STOXX 600 Insur. Fut. Only0924
FSTI1224 STOXX 600 Insur. Fut. Only1224
FSTE0624 STOXX 600 Oil Fut. Only0624
FSTE0924 STOXX 600 Oil Fut. Only0924
FSTE1224 STOXX 600 Oil Fut. Only1224
FSTT0624 STOXX 600 Telec. Fut. Only0624
FSTT0924 STOXX 600 Telec. Fut. Only0924
FSTT1224 STOXX 600 Telec. Fut. Only1224
FSTU0624 STOXX 600 Util. Fut. Only0624
FSTU0924 STOXX 600 Util. Fut. Only0924
FSTU1224 STOXX 600 Util. Fut. Only1224
FXXPXXXX STOXX Europe 600 Fut. Full0624
FXXP0325 STOXX Europe 600 Fut. Only0325
FXXP0326 STOXX Europe 600 Fut. Only0326
FXXP0327 STOXX Europe 600 Fut. Only0327
FXXP0624 STOXX Europe 600 Fut. Only0624
FXXP0625 STOXX Europe 600 Fut. Only0625
FXXP0626 STOXX Europe 600 Fut. Only0626
FXXP0924 STOXX Europe 600 Fut. Only0924
FXXP0925 STOXX Europe 600 Fut. Only0925
FXXP0926 STOXX Europe 600 Fut. Only0926
FXXP1224 STOXX Europe 600 Fut. Only1224
FXXP1225 STOXX Europe 600 Fut. Only1225
FXXP1226 STOXX Europe 600 Fut. Only1226
STXXXXX_9 STOXX50 Full0624 9:00-17:35
STX0624 STOXX50 Only0624
STX0624_9 STOXX50 Only0624 9:00-17:35
STX0924 STOXX50 Only0924
STX0924_9 STOXX50 Only0924 9:00-17:35
STX1224 STOXX50 Only1224
STX1224_9 STOXX50 Only1224 9:00-17:35
BTSXXXX Short-Term Euro BTP Full0624
BTS0624 Short-Term Euro BTP Only0624
BTS0924 Short-Term Euro BTP Only0924
BTS1224 Short-Term Euro BTP Only1224
FTDXXXXX TecDAX30 Full0624
FTDX0624 TecDAX30 Only0624
FTDX0924 TecDAX30 Only0924
FTDX1224 TecDAX30 Only1224
FVS0524 VSTOXX Only0524
FVS0624 VSTOXX Only0624
FVS0724 VSTOXX Only0724
FVS0824 VSTOXX Only0824
FVS0924 VSTOXX Only0924
FVS1024 VSTOXX Only1024
FVS1124 VSTOXX Only1124
FVS1224 VSTOXX Only1224

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