CME Futures & Options

The Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) offers a wide range of derivative products, including futures and options on a wide variety of assets.
The CME offers a range of commodity futures (gold, silver, crude oil, natural gas, agricultural products, etc.) enabling producers, consumers and investors to hedge against price fluctuations or speculate on future price movements.
But the CME also offers futures and options on stock indices (such as the S&P 500 and the Dow Jones Industrial Average), interest rate futures (such as US Treasury bills), as well as currency futures.
Founded in 1898, the CME has evolved over time to establish itself as a leading global market for futures and options trading. CME Globex (CME's electronic trading platform) provides market access for participants.
The CME is regulated by the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), ensuring high standards of transparency to guarantee market integrity.
A pioneer in financial innovation, the CME launched the first currency futures contract in 1972, a revolution in the financial world of the time that finally allowed companies to hedge against exchange rate fluctuations (a crucial development after the end of the Bretton Woods system and the transition to floating exchange rates).
A few years later, in 1975, the CME did it again, this time with the introduction of the first interest rate futures contracts.
In 2007, the CME merged with the Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT) to create the CME Group, the world's largest futures and options exchange.


CME E-mini Futures & Options (S&P500, ...)

Amount of Instruments: 127

Ticker Name
MNQXXXX Micro E-mini NASDAQ100 Full0324
MNQXXXXNG Micro E-mini NASDAQ100 Full0324 (NG)
MNQ0324 Micro E-mini NASDAQ100 Only0324
MNQ0324NG Micro E-mini NASDAQ100 Only0324 (NG)
MNQ0325 Micro E-mini NASDAQ100 Only0325
MNQ0624 Micro E-mini NASDAQ100 Only0624
MNQ0624NG Micro E-mini NASDAQ100 Only0624 (NG)
MNQ0924 Micro E-mini NASDAQ100 Only0924
MNQ0924NG Micro E-mini NASDAQ100 Only0924 (NG)
MNQ1224 Micro E-mini NASDAQ100 Only1224
MNQ1224NG Micro E-mini NASDAQ100 Only1224 (NG)
M2KXXXX Micro E-mini Russell 2000 Full0324
M2KXXXXNG Micro E-mini Russell 2000 Full0324 (NG)
M2K0324 Micro E-mini Russell 2000 Only0324
M2K0324NG Micro E-mini Russell 2000 Only0324 (NG)
M2K0325 Micro E-mini Russell 2000 Only0325
M2K0624 Micro E-mini Russell 2000 Only0624
M2K0624NG Micro E-mini Russell 2000 Only0624 (NG)
M2K0924 Micro E-mini Russell 2000 Only0924
M2K0924NG Micro E-mini Russell 2000 Only0924 (NG)
M2K1224 Micro E-mini Russell 2000 Only1224
M2K1224NG Micro E-mini Russell 2000 Only1224 (NG)
MESXXXX Micro E-mini S&P500 Full0324
MESXXXXNG Micro E-mini S&P500 Full0324 (NG)
MES0324 Micro E-mini S&P500 Only0324
MES0324NG Micro E-mini S&P500 Only0324 (NG)
MES0325 Micro E-mini S&P500 Only0325
MES0624 Micro E-mini S&P500 Only0624
MES0624NG Micro E-mini S&P500 Only0624 (NG)
MES0924 Micro E-mini S&P500 Only0924
MES0924NG Micro E-mini S&P500 Only0924 (NG)
MES1224 Micro E-mini S&P500 Only1224
MES1224NG Micro E-mini S&P500 Only1224 (NG)
EEURUSDXXXX Mini Euro FX Full0324
EEURUSD0324 Mini Euro FX Only0324
EEURUSD0624 Mini Euro FX Only0624
EJPYUSDXXXX Mini JPY (x100) Full0324
EJPYUSD0324 Mini JPY (x100) Only0324
EJPYUSD0624 Mini JPY (x100) Only0624
NQXXXX Mini NASDAQ100 Full0324
NQXXXXNG Mini NASDAQ100 Full0324 (No Globex)
NQ0324 Mini NASDAQ100 Only0324
NQ0324NG Mini NASDAQ100 Only0324 (No Globex)
Ticker Name
NQ0325 Mini NASDAQ100 Only0325
NQ0325NG Mini NASDAQ100 Only0325 (No Globex)
NQ0624 Mini NASDAQ100 Only0624
NQ0624NG Mini NASDAQ100 Only0624 (No Globex)
NQ0625 Mini NASDAQ100 Only0625
NQ0924 Mini NASDAQ100 Only0924
NQ0924NG Mini NASDAQ100 Only0924 (No Globex)
NQ1224 Mini NASDAQ100 Only1224
NQ1224NG Mini NASDAQ100 Only1224 (No Globex)
NQ1225 Mini NASDAQ100 Only1225
NQ1225NG Mini NASDAQ100 Only1225 (No Globex)
NQ1226 Mini NASDAQ100 Only1226
NQ1226NG Mini NASDAQ100 Only1226 (No Globex)
NQ1227 Mini NASDAQ100 Only1227
NQ1227NG Mini NASDAQ100 Only1227 (No Globex)
NQ1228 Mini NASDAQ100 Only1228
NQ1228NG Mini NASDAQ100 Only1228 (No Globex)
QCN0324 Mini Nasdaq Comp. Only0324
QCN0624 Mini Nasdaq Comp. Only0624
RTYXXXX Mini Russell 2000 Full0324
RTYXXXXNG Mini Russell 2000 Full0324 (No Globex)
RTY0324 Mini Russell 2000 Only0324
RTY0324NG Mini Russell 2000 Only0324 (No Globex)
RTY0325 Mini Russell 2000 Only0325
RTY0624 Mini Russell 2000 Only0624
RTY0624NG Mini Russell 2000 Only0624 (No Globex)
RTY0924 Mini Russell 2000 Only0924
RTY0924NG Mini Russell 2000 Only0924 (No Globex)
RTY1224 Mini Russell 2000 Only1224
RTY1224NG Mini Russell 2000 Only1224 (No Globex)
MCXXXX Mini S&P400 Full0324
MCXXXXNG Mini S&P400 Full0324 (No Globex)
MC0324 Mini S&P400 Only0324
MC0324NG Mini S&P400 Only0324 (No Globex)
MC0325 Mini S&P400 Only0325
MC0624 Mini S&P400 Only0624
MC0624NG Mini S&P400 Only0624 (No Globex)
MC0924 Mini S&P400 Only0924
MC0924NG Mini S&P400 Only0924 (No Globex)
MC1224 Mini S&P400 Only1224
MC1224NG Mini S&P400 Only1224 (No Globex)
ESXXXX Mini S&P500 Full0324
ESXXXXNG Mini S&P500 Full0324 (No Globex)

CME Globex Futures & Options (E-mini incl., Fx Futures)

Amount of Instruments: 651

Ticker Name
SR3XXXX 3-Month SOFR Full0624
SR30124 3-Month SOFR Only0124
SR30224 3-Month SOFR Only0224
SR30324 3-Month SOFR Only0324
SR30325 3-Month SOFR Only0325
SR30326 3-Month SOFR Only0326
SR30327 3-Month SOFR Only0327
SR30328 3-Month SOFR Only0328
SR30329 3-Month SOFR Only0329
SR30330 3-Month SOFR Only0330
SR30331 3-Month SOFR Only0331
SR30332 3-Month SOFR Only0332
SR30333 3-Month SOFR Only0333
SR30424 3-Month SOFR Only0424
SR30524 3-Month SOFR Only0524
SR30624 3-Month SOFR Only0624
SR30625 3-Month SOFR Only0625
SR30626 3-Month SOFR Only0626
SR30627 3-Month SOFR Only0627
SR30628 3-Month SOFR Only0628
SR30629 3-Month SOFR Only0629
SR30630 3-Month SOFR Only0630
SR30631 3-Month SOFR Only0631
SR30632 3-Month SOFR Only0632
SR30633 3-Month SOFR Only0633
SR30724 3-Month SOFR Only0724
SR30824 3-Month SOFR Only0824
SR30924 3-Month SOFR Only0924
SR30925 3-Month SOFR Only0925
SR30926 3-Month SOFR Only0926
SR30927 3-Month SOFR Only0927
SR30928 3-Month SOFR Only0928
SR30929 3-Month SOFR Only0929
SR30930 3-Month SOFR Only0930
SR30931 3-Month SOFR Only0931
SR30932 3-Month SOFR Only0932
SR31223 3-Month SOFR Only1223
SR31224 3-Month SOFR Only1224
SR31225 3-Month SOFR Only1225
SR31226 3-Month SOFR Only1227
SR31227 3-Month SOFR Only1228
SR31228 3-Month SOFR Only1229
SR31230 3-Month SOFR Only1230
SR31231 3-Month SOFR Only1231
SR31232 3-Month SOFR Only1232
AUDCAD0324 AUD/CAD Only0324
AUDCAD0325 AUD/CAD Only0325
AUDCAD0624 AUD/CAD Only0624
AUDCAD0625 AUD/CAD Only0625
AUDCAD0924 AUD/CAD Only0924
AUDCAD1224 AUD/CAD Only1224
AUDJPY0324 AUD/JPY Only0324
AUDJPY0325 AUD/JPY Only0325
AUDJPY0624 AUD/JPY Only0624
AUDJPY0625 AUD/JPY Only0625
AUDJPY0924 AUD/JPY Only0924
AUDJPY1224 AUD/JPY Only1224
AUDNZD0324 AUD/NZD Only0324
AUDNZD0325 AUD/NZD Only0325
AUDNZD0624 AUD/NZD Only0624
AUDNZD0625 AUD/NZD Only0625
AUDNZD0924 AUD/NZD Only0924
AUDNZD1224 AUD/NZD Only1224
AUDUSD0324 AUD/USD Only0324
AUDUSD0325 AUD/USD Only0325
AUDUSD0326 AUD/USD Only0326
AUDUSD0327 AUD/USD Only0327
AUDUSD0328 AUD/USD Only0328
AUDUSD0424 AUD/USD Only0424
AUDUSD0524 AUD/USD Only0524
AUDUSD0624 AUD/USD Only0624
AUDUSD0625 AUD/USD Only0625
AUDUSD0626 AUD/USD Only0626
AUDUSD0627 AUD/USD Only0627
AUDUSD0628 AUD/USD Only0628
AUDUSD0724 AUD/USD Only0724
AUDUSD0924 AUD/USD Only0924
AUDUSD0925 AUD/USD Only0925
AUDUSD0926 AUD/USD Only0926
AUDUSD0927 AUD/USD Only0927
AUDUSD0928 AUD/USD Only0928
AUDUSD1224 AUD/USD Only1224
AUDUSD1225 AUD/USD Only1225
AUDUSD1226 AUD/USD Only1226
AUDUSD1227 AUD/USD Only1227
AUDUSD1228 AUD/USD Only1228
BRLUSD0125 BRL/USD Only0115
BRLUSD0126 BRL/USD Only0126
BRLUSD0127 BRL/USD Only0127
BRLUSD0128 BRL/USD Only0128
BRLUSD0129 BRL/USD Only0129
BRLUSD0225 BRL/USD Only0225
BRLUSD0226 BRL/USD Only0226
BRLUSD0227 BRL/USD Only0227
BRLUSD0228 BRL/USD Only0228
BRLUSD0229 BRL/USD Only0229
BRLUSD0325 BRL/USD Only0325
BRLUSD0326 BRL/USD Only0326
BRLUSD0327 BRL/USD Only0327
BRLUSD0328 BRL/USD Only0328
BRLUSD0329 BRL/USD Only0329
BRLUSD0424 BRL/USD Only0424
BRLUSD0425 BRL/USD Only0425
BRLUSD0426 BRL/USD Only0426
BRLUSD0427 BRL/USD Only0427
BRLUSD0428 BRL/USD Only0428
BRLUSD0524 BRL/USD Only0524
BRLUSD0525 BRL/USD Only0525
BRLUSD0526 BRL/USD Only0526
BRLUSD0527 BRL/USD Only0527
BRLUSD0528 BRL/USD Only0528
BRLUSD0624 BRL/USD Only0624
BRLUSD0625 BRL/USD Only0625
BRLUSD0626 BRL/USD Only0626
BRLUSD0627 BRL/USD Only0627
BRLUSD0628 BRL/USD Only0628
BRLUSD0725 BRL/USD Only0715
BRLUSD0724 BRL/USD Only0724
BRLUSD0726 BRL/USD Only0726
BRLUSD0727 BRL/USD Only0727
BRLUSD0728 BRL/USD Only0728
BRLUSD0824 BRL/USD Only0824
BRLUSD0825 BRL/USD Only0825
BRLUSD0826 BRL/USD Only0826
BRLUSD0827 BRL/USD Only0827
BRLUSD0828 BRL/USD Only0828
BRLUSD0924 BRL/USD Only0924
BRLUSD0925 BRL/USD Only0925
BRLUSD0926 BRL/USD Only0926
BRLUSD0927 BRL/USD Only0927
BRLUSD0928 BRL/USD Only0928
BRLUSD1024 BRL/USD Only1024
BRLUSD1025 BRL/USD Only1025
BRLUSD1026 BRL/USD Only1026
BRLUSD1027 BRL/USD Only1027
BRLUSD1028 BRL/USD Only1028
BRLUSD1125 BRL/USD Only1125
BRLUSD1126 BRL/USD Only1126
BRLUSD1127 BRL/USD Only1127
BRLUSD1128 BRL/USD Only1128
BRLUSD1225 BRL/USD Only1225
BRLUSD1226 BRL/USD Only1226
BRLUSD1227 BRL/USD Only1227
BRLUSD1228 BRL/USD Only1228
BTCUSDXXXX Bitcoin Full0324
BTCUSD0324 Bitcoin Only0324
BTCUSD0325 Bitcoin Only0325
BTCUSD0424 Bitcoin Only0424
BTCUSD0524 Bitcoin Only0524
BTCUSD0624 Bitcoin Only0624
BTCUSD0625 Bitcoin Only0625
BTCUSD0724 Bitcoin Only0724
BTCUSD0824 Bitcoin Only0824
BTCUSD0924 Bitcoin Only0924
BTCUSD1224 Bitcoin Only1224
BTCUSD1225 Bitcoin Only1225
CADJPY0324 CAD/JPY Only0324
CADJPY0325 CAD/JPY Only0325
CADJPY0624 CAD/JPY Only0624
CADJPY0625 CAD/JPY Only0625
CADJPY0924 CAD/JPY Only0924
CADJPY1224 CAD/JPY Only1224
CADUSD0324 CAD/USD Only0324
CADUSD0325 CAD/USD Only0325
CADUSD0326 CAD/USD Only0326
CADUSD0327 CAD/USD Only0327
CADUSD0328 CAD/USD Only0328
CADUSD0424 CAD/USD Only0424
CADUSD0524 CAD/USD Only0524
CADUSD0624 CAD/USD Only0624
CADUSD0625 CAD/USD Only0625
CADUSD0626 CAD/USD Only0626
CADUSD0627 CAD/USD Only0627
CADUSD0628 CAD/USD Only0628
CADUSD0724 CAD/USD Only0724
CADUSD0924 CAD/USD Only0924
CADUSD0925 CAD/USD Only0925
CADUSD0926 CAD/USD Only0926
CADUSD0927 CAD/USD Only0927
CADUSD0928 CAD/USD Only0928
CADUSD1224 CAD/USD Only1224
CADUSD1225 CAD/USD Only1225
CADUSD1226 CAD/USD Only1226
CADUSD1227 CAD/USD Only1227
CADUSD1228 CAD/USD Only1228
CHFJPY0324 CHF/JPY Only0324
CHFJPY0325 CHF/JPY Only0325
CHFJPY0624 CHF/JPY Only0624
CHFJPY0625 CHF/JPY Only0625
CHFJPY0924 CHF/JPY Only0924
CHFJPY1224 CHF/JPY Only1224
CHFUSD0324 CHF/USD Only0324
CHFUSD0325 CHF/USD Only0325
CHFUSD0326 CHF/USD Only0326
CHFUSD0327 CHF/USD Only0327
CHFUSD0328 CHF/USD Only0328
CHFUSD0624 CHF/USD Only0624
CHFUSD0625 CHF/USD Only0625
CHFUSD0626 CHF/USD Only0626
CHFUSD0627 CHF/USD Only0627
CHFUSD0628 CHF/USD Only0628
CHFUSD0924 CHF/USD Only0924
CHFUSD0925 CHF/USD Only0925
CHFUSD0926 CHF/USD Only0926
CHFUSD0927 CHF/USD Only0927
CHFUSD0928 CHF/USD Only0928
CHFUSD1224 CHF/USD Only1224
CHFUSD1225 CHF/USD Only1225
CHFUSD1226 CHF/USD Only1226
CHFUSD1227 CHF/USD Only1227
CZKUSD0324 CZK/USD (x100) Only0324
CZKUSD0325 CZK/USD (x100) Only0325
CZKUSD0624 CZK/USD (x100) Only0624
CZKUSD0625 CZK/USD (x100) Only0625
Ticker Name
CZKUSD0924 CZK/USD (x100) Only0924
CZKUSD1224 CZK/USD (x100) Only1224
DCXXXX Class III Milk Full0424
DC0125 Class III Milk Only0125
DC0126 Class III Milk Only0126
DC0225 Class III Milk Only0225
DC0226 Class III Milk Only0226
DC0324 Class III Milk Only0324
DC0325 Class III Milk Only0325
DC0424 Class III Milk Only0424
DC0425 Class III Milk Only0425
DC0524 Class III Milk Only0524
DC0525 Class III Milk Only0525
DC0624 Class III Milk Only0624
DC0625 Class III Milk Only0625
DC0724 Class III Milk Only0724
DC0725 Class III Milk Only0725
DC0824 Class III Milk Only0824
DC0825 Class III Milk Only0825
DC0924 Class III Milk Only0924
DC0925 Class III Milk Only0925
DC1024 Class III Milk Only1024
DC1025 Class III Milk Only1025
DC1124 Class III Milk Only1124
DC1125 Class III Milk Only1125
DC1224 Class III Milk Only1224
DC1225 Class III Milk Only1225
EURAUD0324 EUR/AUD Only0324
EURAUD0325 EUR/AUD Only0325
EURAUD0624 EUR/AUD Only0624
EURAUD0625 EUR/AUD Only0625
EURAUD0924 EUR/AUD Only0924
EURAUD1224 EUR/AUD Only1224
EURCAD0324 EUR/CAD Only0324
EURCAD0325 EUR/CAD Only0325
EURCAD0624 EUR/CAD Only0624
EURCAD0625 EUR/CAD Only0625
EURCAD0924 EUR/CAD Only0924
EURCAD1224 EUR/CAD Only1224
EURCHF0324 EUR/CHF Only0324
EURCHF0325 EUR/CHF Only0325
EURCHF0624 EUR/CHF Only0624
EURCHF0625 EUR/CHF Only0625
EURCHF0924 EUR/CHF Only0924
EURCHF1224 EUR/CHF Only1224
EURCZK0324 EUR/CZK (x100) Only0324
EURCZK0325 EUR/CZK (x100) Only0325
EURCZK0624 EUR/CZK (x100) Only0624
EURCZK0625 EUR/CZK (x100) Only0625
EURCZK0924 EUR/CZK (x100) Only0924
EURCZK1224 EUR/CZK (x100) Only1224
EURGBP0324 EUR/GBP Only0324
EURGBP0325 EUR/GBP Only0325
EURGBP0424 EUR/GBP Only0424
EURGBP0524 EUR/GBP Only0524
EURGBP0624 EUR/GBP Only0624
EURGBP0625 EUR/GBP Only0625
EURGBP0724 EUR/GBP Only0724
EURGBP0924 EUR/GBP Only0924
EURGBP1224 EUR/GBP Only1224
EURJPY0324 EUR/JPY Only0324
EURJPY0325 EUR/JPY Only0325
EURJPY0624 EUR/JPY Only0624
EURJPY0625 EUR/JPY Only0625
EURJPY0924 EUR/JPY Only0924
EURJPY1224 EUR/JPY Only1224
EURNOK0324 EUR/NOK Only0324
EURNOK0325 EUR/NOK Only0325
EURNOK0624 EUR/NOK Only0624
EURNOK0625 EUR/NOK Only0625
EURNOK0924 EUR/NOK Only0924
EURNOK1224 EUR/NOK Only1224
EURSEK0324 EUR/SEK Only0324
EURSEK0325 EUR/SEK Only0325
EURSEK0624 EUR/SEK Only0624
EURSEK0625 EUR/SEK Only0625
EURSEK0924 EUR/SEK Only0924
EURSEK1224 EUR/SEK Only1224
ETHUSDXXXX Ether Full0324
ETHUSD0324 Ether Only0324
ETHUSD0325 Ether Only0325
ETHUSD0424 Ether Only0424
ETHUSD0524 Ether Only0524
ETHUSD0624 Ether Only0624
ETHUSD0625 Ether Only0625
ETHUSD0724 Ether Only0724
ETHUSD0824 Ether Only0824
ETHUSD0924 Ether Only0924
ETHUSD1224 Ether Only1224
ETHUSD1225 Ether Only1225
EURUSD0324 Euro FX Only0324
EURUSD0325 Euro FX Only0325
EURUSD0326 Euro FX Only0326
EURUSD0327 Euro FX Only0327
EURUSD0328 Euro FX Only0328
EURUSD0424 Euro FX Only0424
EURUSD0524 Euro FX Only0524
EURUSD0624 Euro FX Only0624
EURUSD0625 Euro FX Only0625
EURUSD0626 Euro FX Only0626
EURUSD0627 Euro FX Only0627
EURUSD0628 Euro FX Only0628
EURUSD0724 Euro FX Only0724
EURUSD0924 Euro FX Only0924
EURUSD0925 Euro FX Only0925
EURUSD0926 Euro FX Only0926
EURUSD0927 Euro FX Only0927
EURUSD0928 Euro FX Only0928
EURUSD1224 Euro FX Only1224
EURUSD1225 Euro FX Only1225
EURUSD1226 Euro FX Only1226
EURUSD1227 Euro FX Only1227
EDXXXX Eurodollar Full0324
ED0324 Eurodollar Only0324
ED0325 Eurodollar Only0325
ED0326 Eurodollar Only0326
ED0327 Eurodollar Only0327
ED0328 Eurodollar Only0328
ED0329 Eurodollar Only0329
ED0330 Eurodollar Only0330
ED0331 Eurodollar Only0331
ED0332 Eurodollar Only0332
ED0624 Eurodollar Only0624
ED0625 Eurodollar Only0625
ED0626 Eurodollar Only0626
ED0627 Eurodollar Only0627
ED0628 Eurodollar Only0628
ED0629 Eurodollar Only0629
ED0630 Eurodollar Only0630
ED0631 Eurodollar Only0631
ED0632 Eurodollar Only0632
ED0924 Eurodollar Only0924
ED0925 Eurodollar Only0925
ED0926 Eurodollar Only0926
ED0927 Eurodollar Only0927
ED0928 Eurodollar Only0928
ED0929 Eurodollar Only0929
ED0930 Eurodollar Only0930
ED0931 Eurodollar Only0931
ED0932 Eurodollar Only0932
ED1224 Eurodollar Only1224
ED1225 Eurodollar Only1225
ED1226 Eurodollar Only1226
ED1227 Eurodollar Only1227
ED1228 Eurodollar Only1228
ED1229 Eurodollar Only1229
ED1230 Eurodollar Only1230
ED1231 Eurodollar Only1231
ED1232 Eurodollar Only1232
GFXXXX Feeder Cattle Full0424
GF0125 Feeder Cattle Only0125
GF0324 Feeder Cattle Only0324
GF0424 Feeder Cattle Only0424
GF0524 Feeder Cattle Only0524
GF0824 Feeder Cattle Only0824
GF0924 Feeder Cattle Only0924
GF1024 Feeder Cattle Only1024
GF1124 Feeder Cattle Only1124
GBPCHF0324 GBP/CHF Only0324
GBPCHF0325 GBP/CHF Only0325
GBPCHF0624 GBP/CHF Only0624
GBPCHF0625 GBP/CHF Only0625
GBPCHF0924 GBP/CHF Only0924
GBPCHF1224 GBP/CHF Only1224
GBPJPY0324 GBP/JPY Only0324
GBPJPY0325 GBP/JPY Only0325
GBPJPY0624 GBP/JPY Only0624
GBPJPY0625 GBP/JPY Only0625
GBPJPY0924 GBP/JPY Only0924
GBPJPY1224 GBP/JPY Only1224
GBPUSD0324 GBP/USD Only0324
GBPUSD0325 GBP/USD Only0325
GBPUSD0326 GBP/USD Only0326
GBPUSD0327 GBP/USD Only0327
GBPUSD0328 GBP/USD Only0328
GBPUSD0424 GBP/USD Only0424
GBPUSD0524 GBP/USD Only0524
GBPUSD0624 GBP/USD Only0624
GBPUSD0625 GBP/USD Only0625
GBPUSD0626 GBP/USD Only0626
GBPUSD0627 GBP/USD Only0627
GBPUSD0628 GBP/USD Only0628
GBPUSD0724 GBP/USD Only0724
GBPUSD0924 GBP/USD Only0924
GBPUSD0925 GBP/USD Only0925
GBPUSD0926 GBP/USD Only0926
GBPUSD0927 GBP/USD Only0927
GBPUSD0928 GBP/USD Only0928
GBPUSD1224 GBP/USD Only1224
GBPUSD1225 GBP/USD Only1225
GBPUSD1226 GBP/USD Only1226
GBPUSD1227 GBP/USD Only1227
GD0324 GSCI Only0324
GD0424 GSCI Only0424
GD0524 GSCI Only0524
HUFEUR0324 HUF/EUR (x100) Only0324
HUFEUR0325 HUF/EUR (x100) Only0325
HUFEUR0624 HUF/EUR (x100) Only0624
HUFEUR0625 HUF/EUR (x100) Only0625
HUFEUR0924 HUF/EUR (x100) Only0924
HUFEUR1224 HUF/EUR (x100) Only1224
HUFUSD0324 HUF/USD (x100) Only0324
HUFUSD0325 HUF/USD (x100) Only0325
HUFUSD0624 HUF/USD (x100) Only0624
HUFUSD0625 HUF/USD (x100) Only0625
HUFUSD0924 HUF/USD (x100) Only0924
HUFUSD1224 HUF/USD (x100) Only1224
JPYUSDXXXX JPY/USD (x100) Full0324
JPYUSD0324 JPY/USD (x100) Only0324
JPYUSD0325 JPY/USD (x100) Only0325
JPYUSD0326 JPY/USD (x100) Only0326
JPYUSD0327 JPY/USD (x100) Only0327
Ticker Name
JPYUSD0328 JPY/USD (x100) Only0328
JPYUSD0424 JPY/USD (x100) Only0424
JPYUSD0524 JPY/USD (x100) Only0524
JPYUSD0624 JPY/USD (x100) Only0624
JPYUSD0625 JPY/USD (x100) Only0625
JPYUSD0626 JPY/USD (x100) Only0626
JPYUSD0627 JPY/USD (x100) Only0627
JPYUSD0628 JPY/USD (x100) Only0628
JPYUSD0724 JPY/USD (x100) Only0724
JPYUSD0924 JPY/USD (x100) Only0924
JPYUSD0925 JPY/USD (x100) Only0925
JPYUSD0926 JPY/USD (x100) Only0926
JPYUSD0927 JPY/USD (x100) Only0927
JPYUSD0928 JPY/USD (x100) Only0928
JPYUSD1224 JPY/USD (x100) Only1224
JPYUSD1225 JPY/USD (x100) Only1225
JPYUSD1227 JPY/USD (x100) Only1227
HEXXXX Lean Hogs Full0424
HE0225 Lean Hogs Only0225
HE0424 Lean Hogs Only0424
HE0425 Lean Hogs Only0425
HE0524 Lean Hogs Only0524
HE0525 Lean Hogs Only0525
HE0624 Lean Hogs Only0624
HE0625 Lean Hogs Only0625
HE0724 Lean Hogs Only0724
HE0725 Lean Hogs Only0725
HE0824 Lean Hogs Only0824
HE1024 Lean Hogs Only1024
HE1224 Lean Hogs Only1224
LEXXXX Live Cattle Full0424
LE0225 Live Cattle Only0225
LE0424 Live Cattle Only0424
LE0425 Live Cattle Only0425
LE0624 Live Cattle Only0624
LE0625 Live Cattle Only0625
LE0824 Live Cattle Only0824
LE0825 Live Cattle Only0825
LE1024 Live Cattle Only1024
LE1224 Live Cattle Only1224
LBXXXX Lumber Full0524
LB0125 Lumber Only0125
LB0324 Lumber Only0324
LB0325 Lumber Only0325
LB0524 Lumber Only0524
LB0724 Lumber Only0724
LB0924 Lumber Only0924
LB1124 Lumber Only1124
MXNUSD0125 MXNUSD (x100) Only0125
MXNUSD0225 MXNUSD (x100) Only0225
MXNUSD0324 MXNUSD (x100) Only0324
MXNUSD0325 MXNUSD (x100) Only0325
MXNUSD0424 MXNUSD (x100) Only0424
MXNUSD0524 MXNUSD (x100) Only0524
MXNUSD0624 MXNUSD (x100) Only0624
MXNUSD0625 MXNUSD (x100) Only0625
MXNUSD0724 MXNUSD (x100) Only0724
MXNUSD0824 MXNUSD (x100) Only0824
MXNUSD0924 MXNUSD (x100) Only0924
MXNUSD0925 MXNUSD (x100) Only0925
MXNUSD1024 MXNUSD (x100) Only1024
MXNUSD1124 MXNUSD (x100) Only1124
MXNUSD1224 MXNUSD (x100) Only1224
MAUDUSD0324 Micro AUD/USD Only0324
MAUDUSD0624 Micro AUD/USD Only0624
MBTCUSDXXXX Micro Bitcoin Full0324
MBTCUSD0324 Micro Bitcoin Only0324
MBTCUSD0325 Micro Bitcoin Only0325
MBTCUSD0424 Micro Bitcoin Only0424
MBTCUSD0524 Micro Bitcoin Only0524
MBTCUSD0624 Micro Bitcoin Only0624
MBTCUSD0625 Micro Bitcoin Only0625
MBTCUSD0724 Micro Bitcoin Only0724
MBTCUSD0824 Micro Bitcoin Only0824
MBTCUSD0924 Micro Bitcoin Only0924
MBTCUSD1224 Micro Bitcoin Only1224
MBTCUSD1225 Micro Bitcoin Only1225
MCADUSD0324 Micro CAD/USD Only0324
MCADUSD0624 Micro CAD/USD Only0624
MCHFUSD0324 Micro CHF/USD Only0324
MCHFUSD0624 Micro CHF/USD Only0624
METHUSD0324 Micro ETH/USD Only0324
METHUSD0325 Micro ETH/USD Only0325
METHUSD0424 Micro ETH/USD Only0424
METHUSD0524 Micro ETH/USD Only0524
METHUSD0624 Micro ETH/USD Only0624
METHUSD0625 Micro ETH/USD Only0625
METHUSD0724 Micro ETH/USD Only0724
METHUSD0824 Micro ETH/USD Only0824
METHUSD0924 Micro ETH/USD Only0924
METHUSD1224 Micro ETH/USD Only1224
METHUSD1225 Micro ETH/USD Only1225
MEURUSDXXXX Micro Euro FX Full0324
MEURUSD0324 Micro Euro FX Only0324
MEURUSD0624 Micro Euro FX Only0624
MGBPUSD0324 Micro GBP/USD Only0324
MGBPUSD0624 Micro GBP/USD Only0624
MJPYUSD0624 Micro JPY/USD Only0624
MJPYUSD0924 Micro JPY/USD Only0924
MUSDCAD0324 Micro USD/CAD Only0324
MUSDCHF0324 Micro USD/CHF Only0324
MUSDJPY0324 Micro USD/JPY Only0324
NKDXXXX NIKKEI225 $ Full0324
NKD0324 NIKKEI225 $ Only0324
NKD0325 NIKKEI225 $ Only0325
NKD0326 NIKKEI225 $ Only0326
NKD0327 NIKKEI225 $ Only0327
NKD0624 NIKKEI225 $ Only0624
NKD0626 NIKKEI225 $ Only0626
NKD0924 NIKKEI225 $ Only0924
NKD0925 NIKKEI225 $ Only0925
NKD0926 NIKKEI225 $ Only0926
NKD1224 NIKKEI225 $ Only1224
NKD1225 NIKKEI225 $ Only1225
NKD1226 NIKKEI225 $ Only1226
NKD1227 NIKKEI225 $ Only1227
NKD1228 NIKKEI225 $ Only1228
NIY0324 NIKKEI225 ¥ Only0324
NIY0325 NIKKEI225 ¥ Only0325
NIY0326 NIKKEI225 ¥ Only0326
NIY0327 NIKKEI225 ¥ Only0327
NIY0424 NIKKEI225 ¥ Only0424
NIY0524 NIKKEI225 ¥ Only0524
NIY0624 NIKKEI225 ¥ Only0624
NIY0625 NIKKEI225 ¥ Only0625
NIY0626 NIKKEI225 ¥ Only0626
NIY0724 NIKKEI225 ¥ Only0724
NIY0924 NIKKEI225 ¥ Only0924
NIY0925 NIKKEI225 ¥ Only0925
NIY0926 NIKKEI225 ¥ Only0926
NIY1224 NIKKEI225 ¥ Only1224
NIY1225 NIKKEI225 ¥ Only1225
NIY1226 NIKKEI225 ¥ Only1226
NIY1227 NIKKEI225 ¥ Only1227
NIY1228 NIKKEI225 ¥ Only1228
NIY1229 NIKKEI225 ¥ Only1229
NZDUSD0324 NZD/USD Only0324
NZDUSD0325 NZD/USD Only0325
NZDUSD0624 NZD/USD Only0624
NZDUSD0625 NZD/USD Only0625
NZDUSD0924 NZD/USD Only0924
NZDUSD1224 NZD/USD Only1224
PLNEUR0324 PLN/EUR Only0324
PLNEUR0325 PLN/EUR Only0325
PLNEUR0624 PLN/EUR Only0624
PLNEUR0625 PLN/EUR Only0625
PLNEUR0924 PLN/EUR Only0924
PLNEUR1224 PLN/EUR Only1224
PLNUSD0324 PLN/USD Only0324
PLNUSD0325 PLN/USD Only0325
PLNUSD0624 PLN/USD Only0624
PLNUSD0625 PLN/USD Only0625
PLNUSD0924 PLN/USD Only0924
PLNUSD1224 PLN/USD Only1224
RUBUSD0324 RUB/USD (x100) Only0324
RUBUSD0325 RUB/USD (x100) Only0325
RUBUSD0326 RUB/USD (x100) Only0326
RUBUSD0327 RUB/USD (x100) Only0327
RUBUSD0624 RUB/USD (x100) Only0624
RUBUSD0625 RUB/USD (x100) Only0625
RUBUSD0626 RUB/USD (x100) Only0626
RUBUSD0924 RUB/USD (x100) Only0924
RUBUSD0925 RUB/USD (x100) Only0925
RUBUSD0926 RUB/USD (x100) Only0926
RUBUSD1224 RUB/USD (x100) Only1224
RUBUSD1225 RUB/USD (x100) Only1225
RUBUSD1226 RUB/USD (x100) Only1226
SG0324 S&P500 Barra Growth Only0324
SG0624 S&P500 Barra Growth Only0624
SU0324 S&P500 Barra Value Only0324
SU0624 S&P500 Barra Value Only0624
SK0324 S&P600 Only0324
SK0325 S&P600 Only0325
SK0624 S&P600 Only0624
SK0924 S&P600 Only0924
SK1224 S&P600 Only1224
USDNOK0324 USD/NOK Only0324
USDNOK0325 USD/NOK Only0325
USDNOK0624 USD/NOK Only0624
USDNOK0625 USD/NOK Only0625
USDNOK0924 USD/NOK Only0924
USDNOK1224 USD/NOK Only1224
USDSEK0324 USD/SEK Only0324
USDSEK0325 USD/SEK Only0325
USDSEK0624 USD/SEK Only0624
USDSEK0625 USD/SEK Only0625
USDSEK0924 USD/SEK Only0924
USDSEK1224 USD/SEK Only1224
ZARUSDXXXX ZAR/USD (x100) Full0324
ZARUSD0125 ZAR/USD (x100) Only0125
ZARUSD0225 ZAR/USD (x100) Only0225
ZARUSD0324 ZAR/USD (x100) Only0324
ZARUSD0325 ZAR/USD (x100) Only0325
ZARUSD0326 ZAR/USD (x100) Only0326
ZARUSD0424 ZAR/USD (x100) Only0424
ZARUSD0524 ZAR/USD (x100) Only0524
ZARUSD0624 ZAR/USD (x100) Only0624
ZARUSD0625 ZAR/USD (x100) Only0625
ZARUSD0724 ZAR/USD (x100) Only0724
ZARUSD0824 ZAR/USD (x100) Only0824
ZARUSD0924 ZAR/USD (x100) Only0924
ZARUSD0925 ZAR/USD (x100) Only0925
ZARUSD1024 ZAR/USD (x100) Only1024
ZARUSD1124 ZAR/USD (x100) Only1124
ZARUSD1224 ZAR/USD (x100) Only1224
ZARUSD1225 ZAR/USD (x100) Only1225

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