CBOT Futures & Options

The Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT) is today one of the 4 exchanges of the CME Group, the largest and most diversified derivatives market in the world.
While in its early days the CBOT focused solely on providing products on agricultural commodities related to grain, today it offers a wider range including options and futures on various products such as those on interest rates and indices.
In 1848, Chicago became a key location for agricultural trade. At this time, the CBOT was formed and became a major player in grain trading in the United States. This exchange enabled farmers to sell their crops at fixed prices between harvest seasons, providing consumers with price visibility for grain throughout the year.
In 1851, the CBOT offered an early form of the forwards contracts that gained popularity and it was in 1865 that the CBOT introduced the first form of futures contract.
Over the next century, the CBOT grew along with one of its competitors, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME). In 2007, the two entities officially merged to form the CME Group and become the leading derivatives exchange.
Today, the CBOT aims to preserve the integrity of the derivatives market by encouraging innovation and ensuring accessibility to a variety of financial products. This allows investors to effectively manage risk and seize opportunities within a secure trading environment.


CBOT E-mini Futures (DowJones)

Amount of Instruments: 18

CBOT Futures & Options (E-mini incl., T-Note, Soybean...)

Amount of Instruments: 264

Ticker Name
N1UXXXX 10Y Interest Rate Swap Future
ZNXXXX 10Y TNote Full0624
ZN0324 10Y TNote Only0324
ZN0624 10Y TNote Only0624
ZN0924 10Y TNote Only0924
ZTXXXX 2Y TNote Full0624
ZT0324 2Y TNote Only0324
ZT0624 2Y TNote Only0624
ZT0924 2Y TNote Only0924
ZQXXXX 30D Fed Fund Full0624
ZQ0125 30D Fed Fund Only0125
ZQ0126 30D Fed Fund Only0126
ZQ0127 30D Fed Fund Only0127
ZQ0128 30D Fed Fund Only0128
ZQ0129 30D Fed Fund Only0129
ZQ0225 30D Fed Fund Only0225
ZQ0226 30D Fed Fund Only0226
ZQ0227 30D Fed Fund Only0227
ZQ0228 30D Fed Fund Only0228
ZQ0229 30D Fed Fund Only0229
ZQ0324 30D Fed Fund Only0324
ZQ0325 30D Fed Fund Only0325
ZQ0326 30D Fed Fund Only0326
ZQ0327 30D Fed Fund Only0327
ZQ0328 30D Fed Fund Only0328
ZQ0424 30D Fed Fund Only0424
ZQ0425 30D Fed Fund Only0425
ZQ0426 30D Fed Fund Only0426
ZQ0427 30D Fed Fund Only0427
ZQ0428 30D Fed Fund Only0428
ZQ0524 30D Fed Fund Only0524
ZQ0525 30D Fed Fund Only0525
ZQ0526 30D Fed Fund Only0526
ZQ0527 30D Fed Fund Only0527
ZQ0528 30D Fed Fund Only0528
ZQ0624 30D Fed Fund Only0624
ZQ0625 30D Fed Fund Only0625
ZQ0626 30D Fed Fund Only0626
ZQ0627 30D Fed Fund Only0627
ZQ0628 30D Fed Fund Only0628
ZQ0724 30D Fed Fund Only0724
ZQ0725 30D Fed Fund Only0725
ZQ0726 30D Fed Fund Only0726
ZQ0727 30D Fed Fund Only0727
ZQ0728 30D Fed Fund Only0728
ZQ0824 30D Fed Fund Only0824
ZQ0825 30D Fed Fund Only0825
ZQ0826 30D Fed Fund Only0826
ZQ0827 30D Fed Fund Only0827
ZQ0828 30D Fed Fund Only0828
ZQ0924 30D Fed Fund Only0924
ZQ0925 30D Fed Fund Only0925
ZQ0926 30D Fed Fund Only0926
ZQ0927 30D Fed Fund Only0927
ZQ0928 30D Fed Fund Only0928
ZQ1024 30D Fed Fund Only1024
ZQ1025 30D Fed Fund Only1025
ZQ1026 30D Fed Fund Only1026
ZQ1027 30D Fed Fund Only1027
ZQ1028 30D Fed Fund Only1028
ZQ1124 30D Fed Fund Only1124
ZQ1125 30D Fed Fund Only1125
ZQ1126 30D Fed Fund Only1126
ZQ1127 30D Fed Fund Only1127
ZQ1128 30D Fed Fund Only1128
ZQ1224 30D Fed Fund Only1224
ZQ1225 30D Fed Fund Only1225
ZQ1226 30D Fed Fund Only1226
ZQ1227 30D Fed Fund Only1227
ZQ1228 30D Fed Fund Only1228
ZBXXXX 30Y TBond Full0624
ZB0324 30Y TBond Only0324
ZB0624 30Y TBond Only0624
ZB0924 30Y TBond Only0924
F1UXXXX 5Y Interest Rate Swap Future
ZFXXXX 5Y TNote Full0624
ZF0324 5Y TNote Only0324
ZF0624 5Y TNote Only0624
ZF0924 5Y TNote Only0924
ZCXXXX Corn Full0524
ZC0324 Corn Only0324
ZC0325 Corn Only0325
ZC0524 Corn Only0524
ZC0525 Corn Only0525
ZC0526 Corn Only0526
ZC0724 Corn Only0724
ZC0725 Corn Only0725
ZC0726 Corn Only0726
Ticker Name
ZC0924 Corn Only0924
ZC0925 Corn Only0925
ZC0926 Corn Only0926
ZC1224 Corn Only1224
ZC1225 Corn Only1225
ZC1226 Corn Only1226
KEXXXX KC HRW Wheat Full0524
KE0324 KC HRW Wheat Only0324
KE0325 KC HRW Wheat Only0325
KE0326 KC HRW Wheat Only0326
KE0524 KC HRW Wheat Only0524
KE0525 KC HRW Wheat Only0525
KE0526 KC HRW Wheat Only0526
KE0724 KC HRW Wheat Only0724
KE0725 KC HRW Wheat Only0725
KE0726 KC HRW Wheat Only0726
KE0924 KC HRW Wheat Only0924
KE0925 KC HRW Wheat Only0925
KE1224 KC HRW Wheat Only1224
KE1225 KC HRW Wheat Only1225
10Y0324 Micro 10Y Yield Only0324
10Y0424 Micro 10Y Yield Only0424
2YY0324 Micro 2Y Yield Only0324
2YY0424 Micro 2Y Yield Only0424
30Y0324 Micro 30Y Yield Only0324
30Y0424 Micro 30Y Yield Only0424
5YY0324 Micro 5Y Yield Only0324
5YY0424 Micro 5Y Yield Only0424
XKXXXX Mini Soybean Full0524
XK0125 Mini Soybean Only0125
XK0126 Mini Soybean Only0126
XK0324 Mini Soybean Only0324
XK0325 Mini Soybean Only0325
XK0326 Mini Soybean Only0326
XK0524 Mini Soybean Only0524
XK0525 Mini Soybean Only0525
XK0526 Mini Soybean Only0526
XK0724 Mini Soybean Only0724
XK0725 Mini Soybean Only0725
XK0726 Mini Soybean Only0726
XK0727 Mini Soybean Only0727
XK0824 Mini Soybean Only0824
XK0825 Mini Soybean Only0825
XK0826 Mini Soybean Only0826
XK0924 Mini Soybean Only0924
XK0925 Mini Soybean Only0925
XK0926 Mini Soybean Only0926
XK1124 Mini Soybean Only1124
XK1125 Mini Soybean Only1125
XK1126 Mini Soybean Only1126
XK1127 Mini Soybean Only1127
XWXXXX Mini Wheat Full0524
XW0324 Mini Wheat Only0324
XW0325 Mini Wheat Only0325
XW0326 Mini Wheat Only0326
XW0524 Mini Wheat Only0524
XW0525 Mini Wheat Only0525
XW0526 Mini Wheat Only0526
XW0724 Mini Wheat Only0724
XW0725 Mini Wheat Only0725
XW0726 Mini Wheat Only0726
XW0924 Mini Wheat Only0924
XW0925 Mini Wheat Only0925
XW1224 Mini Wheat Only1224
XW1225 Mini Wheat Only1225
ZOXXXX Oats Full0524
ZO0324 Oats Only0324
ZO0325 Oats Only0325
ZO0524 Oats Only0524
ZO0525 Oats Only0525
ZO0724 Oats Only0724
ZO0725 Oats Only0725
ZO0726 Oats Only0726
ZO0924 Oats Only0924
ZO0925 Oats Only0925
ZO0926 Oats Only0926
ZO1224 Oats Only1224
ZO1225 Oats Only1225
ZRXXXX Rough Rice Full0524
ZR0125 Rough Rice Only0125
ZR0324 Rough Rice Only0324
ZR0325 Rough Rice Only0325
ZR0524 Rough Rice Only0524
ZR0724 Rough Rice Only0724
ZR0924 Rough Rice Only0924
ZR1124 Rough Rice Only1124
ZSXXXX Soybean Full0524
ZMXXXX Soybean Meal Full0524
Ticker Name
ZM0125 Soybean Meal Only0125
ZM0126 Soybean Meal Only0126
ZM0324 Soybean Meal Only0324
ZM0325 Soybean Meal Only0325
ZM0326 Soybean Meal Only0326
ZM0524 Soybean Meal Only0524
ZM0525 Soybean Meal Only0525
ZM0724 Soybean Meal Only0724
ZM0725 Soybean Meal Only0725
ZM0726 Soybean Meal Only0726
ZM0824 Soybean Meal Only0824
ZM0825 Soybean Meal Only0825
ZM0826 Soybean Meal Only0826
ZM0924 Soybean Meal Only0924
ZM0925 Soybean Meal Only0925
ZM0926 Soybean Meal Only0926
ZM1024 Soybean Meal Only1024
ZM1025 Soybean Meal Only1025
ZM1026 Soybean Meal Only1026
ZM1027 Soybean Meal Only1027
ZM1224 Soybean Meal Only1224
ZM1225 Soybean Meal Only1225
ZM1226 Soybean Meal Only1226
ZLXXXX Soybean Oil Full0524
ZL0125 Soybean Oil Only0125
ZL0126 Soybean Oil Only0126
ZL0324 Soybean Oil Only0324
ZL0325 Soybean Oil Only0325
ZL0326 Soybean Oil Only0326
ZL0524 Soybean Oil Only0524
ZL0525 Soybean Oil Only0525
ZL0526 Soybean Oil Only0526
ZL0724 Soybean Oil Only0724
ZL0725 Soybean Oil Only0725
ZL0726 Soybean Oil Only0726
ZL0824 Soybean Oil Only0824
ZL0825 Soybean Oil Only0825
ZL0826 Soybean Oil Only0826
ZL0924 Soybean Oil Only0924
ZL0925 Soybean Oil Only0925
ZL0926 Soybean Oil Only0926
ZL1024 Soybean Oil Only1024
ZL1025 Soybean Oil Only1025
ZL1026 Soybean Oil Only1026
ZL1027 Soybean Oil Only1027
ZL1224 Soybean Oil Only1224
ZL1225 Soybean Oil Only1225
ZL1226 Soybean Oil Only1226
ZS0125 Soybean Only0125
ZS0126 Soybean Only0126
ZS0324 Soybean Only0324
ZS0325 Soybean Only0325
ZS0326 Soybean Only0326
ZS0524 Soybean Only0524
ZS0525 Soybean Only0525
ZS0526 Soybean Only0526
ZS0724 Soybean Only0724
ZS0725 Soybean Only0725
ZS0726 Soybean Only0726
ZS0824 Soybean Only0824
ZS0825 Soybean Only0825
ZS0826 Soybean Only0826
ZS0924 Soybean Only0924
ZS0925 Soybean Only0925
ZS0926 Soybean Only0926
ZS1124 Soybean Only1124
ZS1125 Soybean Only1125
ZS1126 Soybean Only1126
TN0324 Ultra 10Y TNote Only0324
TN0624 Ultra 10Y TNote Only0624
TN0924 Ultra 10Y TNote Only0924
UB0324 Ultra TNote Only0324
UB0624 Ultra TNote Only0624
UB0924 Ultra TNote Only0924
ZWXXXX Wheat Full0524
ZW0324 Wheat Only0324
ZW0325 Wheat Only0325
ZW0326 Wheat Only0326
ZW0524 Wheat Only0524
ZW0525 Wheat Only0525
ZW0526 Wheat Only0526
ZW0724 Wheat Only0724
ZW0725 Wheat Only0725
ZW0726 Wheat Only0726
ZW0924 Wheat Only0924
ZW0925 Wheat Only0925
ZW1224 Wheat Only1224
ZW1225 Wheat Only1225

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