6 - Execute your trading system in real trading mode

How to do it?

  1. Open the chart of the instrument on which you want to execute the trading system
  2. In this chart, select the unit of time you want to use for the execution of the trading system
  3. From the top of the chart, click the button, then click "ProBacktest & Automatic Trading" and select the system you want to execute.
  4. Click the button "Prepare for automatic trading" to send the system to ProOrder.
  5. The ProOrder window opens. Your system will be in the "Not Running" section of the ProOrder window.

Quicker alternate method - when you are simulating the system with the ProBacktest module, you can drag the system from the charting window to the ProOrder AutoTrading window:
In the charting window, left-click on the "Equity curve" or the title "ProBacktest - Positions", hold the mouse button down and move the cursor to the ProOrder AutoTrading window. When you let go, the system will appear in the ProOrder window in the "Not Running" section.

Set ProOrder options

  1. From the top of the ProOrder window, click on the button to set options related to ProOrder.
    • Position and order status after stop of systems: when a system is stopped, choose if you want ProOrder to close the positions and cancel the pending orders; or keep them to manage them manually.
    • Stop due to number of orders: choose a limit to the number of orders a system can place. Beyond this limit, the system will be stopped.
    • Stop due to expiration date: for security reasons, all systems have a common validity date, beyond which they will be stopped. To extend the validity date, click "Extend" in the ProOrder window. The "Limit of validity" parameter lets you define the number of days of each extension.

Once these options are set, click the X icon to close the options window and go back to ProOrder.

Start your system

  1. In the ProOrder window, click the button of your trading system.
  2. The window that opens asks you to confirm starting your automatic trading system. This window reminds you of important information:
    • The instrument and timeframe on which the system will be executed
    • The name of the system and its version (which correspond to the date and time it was sent to the ProOrder servers)
    • The code of the trading system
    • Preferences you set in the ProOrder options
    • The conditions of execution of automatic trading systems
  3. Before starting the system, you have to define the parameter "Max position size". This is the maximum position size your strategy will be allowed to take, regardless of the conditions in the code.
    Example :
    • In one of your systems on the DAX30 Future, you have defined a "Max position size" of two contracts
    • Your system already has a long position (buying) of 1 contract
    • A new condition of your system is met and asks to buy 2 additional contract to theoretically increase the position size to 3 contracts.
    • This condition will be ignored because you defined a "Max position size" of 2 contracts.
  4. Finally, click the button

Your system will then be displayed in the "Running" section of the ProOrder window and will blink to show it has been activated. Its "Status" will also change from "Not running" to "Running".

Trading may expose you to risk of loss greater than your deposits and is only suitable for experienced clients who have sufficient financial means to bear such risk. No information on this site is investment advice or a solicitation to buy or sell any financial instrument.