ProRealTime WEB

Free platform, ad-free, all features included

Current main features

  • Many indicators
    Large choice of simple and advanced indicators
    Up to 25 indicators displayed simultaneously on each chart
  • Multiple charts
    Up to 10 charts displayed simultaneously
  • All timeframes
    from 1 second to 1 year, including tick-based views
  • Real-time data included for free
    on US stocks (incl. pre-open and post-close), EU stocks, Forex, Crypto, Dow Jones and S&P500 indices
    + delayed data on other indices, US and EU futures
  • Multiple personal lists
    Create up to 100 personal lists, in addition to the 70 predefined lists

Many new features coming soon, stay tuned !

Main updates

Version: v 4.7.7 2024.02.01

  • Validation of orders with the "Enter" key
  • User interface improvements
  • Time of last tick added to charts

Version: v 4.7.5 2023.11.30

  • New indicator "Volume Profile"
  • New indicator "Vortex"
  • New indicator "Horizontal price line"
  • New indicator "Exchanged capital"
  • Add to list with a right-click
  • Add to list with a drag and drop
  • New help to add chart

Version: v 4.7 2023.09.25

  • Last configuration saved automatically for each object
  • New search filters
  • Display news on charts and in a dedicated section
  • Multiple lists improvements
  • Access to fundamental data on charts
  • Multiple design and UI improvements
  • New shortcuts
  • Colors saved independently for light and dark modes
  • Loading time optimization

Version: v 4.6 2023.07.31

  • Display multiple workspaces in different tabs
  • Improved personal lists management
  • Shortcuts to favorite lists
  • Manual sorting for lists
  • New "auto" mode for historical data displayed in the charts
  • Switch charts from the "add chart" mode
  • New color pairs and predefined colors for indicators and chart background
  • New right-click menus
  • Switch to line view for compared values
  • Multiple design and UI improvements

Version: v 4.5 2023.03.07

  • Display multiple charts
  • PaperTrading: place orders from a virtual portfolio
  • Create and manage your personal watchlists
  • Drawing tools and objects
  • Display/hide ProRealTrend automatic trend lines
  • Multiple indicators on all charts

Looking for a specific feature?

Send us a message and we’ll do our best to add it to a future update for free.

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