ProScreener - market scanning tool Forex & Stocks

ProScreener is a powerful scanning tool that identifies the securities matching your searching criteria in real-time.

Do not spend time and effort in looking for your trading opportunities, just ask ProScreener!

ProScreener performs a full market scan and presents a selection of securities matching your criteria in that precise moment.

  • 100% flexible: almost unlimited scanning possibilities; set criteria on price, indicators or candlestick patterns
  • Multi-criteria: set a variety of criteria for a unique ProScreener scan
  • Multi-timeframe: define conditions simultaneously matched in numerous timeframes
  • Free: included in your ProRealTime Complete Workstation

...and with ProScreener's Wizard, create your scans without writing a single line of code.

Forex & Stock Screener - ProScreener

Example: The ProScreener stock screener filters 3700 stocks in the Nyse market to extract 27 stocks showing a change in direction of the Moving Average, a positive MACD and a positive value of a custom indicator.

More exclusive features: automatic drawing of support and resistance lines.