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Daluz M, United States

Prorealtime is the best charting tool i have seen so far. I do appreciate that they can let new traders use it for free end-of-day in their efforts to learn this craft. The charts are crystal clear and offer a world of indicators and retracement tools to help you understand support and resistance. They are also great in answering customer support questions in a very friendly and supportive way!

Ryan C, United Kingdom

The customer service you provide for your real-time charting platform is most impressive!

Graham T, United Kingdom

My experience with your software has been very positive. It is extremely powerful, easy to use and has been very reliable. I also commend you support team.

Jason W, United Kingdom

Your platform is simply amazing!

Russell H, United Kingdom

I have been very impressed with the ProRealTime platform. The Java Web Start delivery of the charting application works very well. I just love being able to go to any machine and all my analysis and setup is saved and ready to use

Charles T, United Kingdom

ProRealTime's charting software is well thought out. The pro-screener is the most comprehensive and yet easy to use I have seen. Within the trial period I have set up a fairly sophisticated screener which ensures that I can get rid of stocks that are trading low value and where a number of parameters aren't going the right way. As a result I only get the stocks that I really want to trade in - this saves masses of time.

Jari H, Finland

ProRealTime's technical analysis software is simply the best : especially (x)ticks-scale for drawing charts

Stephen G, United Kingdom

I really like the ProRealTime software, itÂ’s easy and intuitive to use. A great feature is the range of market data that you offer at good value.

Jack H, United States

I just started using your software recently, and think it is some of the best I have seen.

Csaba G, Canada

Thanks for the best charting software in the world !

Patrick E, United Kingdom

Your site most certainly ranks among the best.

Arash Y, United Kingdom

ProRealTime is what I always imagined as a solution to all problems I had with different software providers.

David C, United Kingdom

Your innovation with the automatic trend lines and channels is absolutely fabulous.

John T, Australia

I am enjoying the use of your service, i am making money!!

Michael P, United Kingdom

It is a very friendly system and yet it is powerful.

Simon B, United Kingdom

You offer an excellent site and service. Especially as you cover so many markets across the financial world. That is the best I have come across yet.

Selwyn H, United Kingdom

The product is great - very comprehensive

Paul H, United Kingdom

You have an incredible service backed up with top rate customer service.

Bhaskaran D, United Kingdom

I was looking for a charting package the last seven years, I am gald I found the best in the business. It's so easy to use now i can concentrate on my testing and trading.

Alan S, United Kingdom

Clarity & Accuracy of your Charts. Your software is helping an ordinary man like myself begin to understand how to use technical analysis.