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Cheryl M, United Kingdom

This is seriously user friendly adaptable software for creating hundreds of new Trading ideas. Great stuff!!

Claude c. C, United States

ProRealTime is an all around awesome product with a beautiful display.

Paul J, United Kingdom

I have been trading since 1982 and have used many charting packages. Yours is the best.

Brian K, United States

ProRealTime is by far the most thought out charting software around. Very easy to use and versatile.

Saad A, United Kingdom

The option of having automatic trendlines being created for real time intraday trading is truely brilliant!

Michelle M, Jamaica

I must commend your organization on the remarkable work and thought that have gone into creating ProRealTime charting software. Because it is web based, it is easily accessible, flexible and does not require data to be downloaded to a machine. The video tutorial made it very easy to use and understand the software.

Jagdish M, India

Thanks so much for the product, its functionality is awesome.

Douglas G, United Kingdom

I love your products and they have helped me make really good decisions on my trading.

Jake R, United Kingdom

I love the new features in the latest release - ProRealTime keeps getting better!

Shabbir C, Bangladesh

With software like ProRealtime and an equally responsive customer support and understanding, you guys are doing a great service to traders.

Fábio F, United Kingdom

Thank you very much for providing us with such a fantastic analytical tool! I have strongly recommended it and use it for my investments!

Michelle M, Jamaica

ProRealTime is able to detect support and resistance lines that I may not readily see on any time frame. The use of a combination of indicators available on ProRealTime gives me a better sense of market direction, entry and exit. The way in which the package is designed gives me more time to concentrate on my trading.

Nick S, Australia

Thanks for the trial, the data service and charting is excellent.

Dirk D, Belgium

Fast, accurate, very nice charts!!

Adolphe R, France

A first class software. Congratulations and thank you - Exceptional

Norman W, United Kingdom

The software and tools are first class and easy to use.

Rolf B, Australia

"State of the art charting package ,a must for a serious trader. The latest development - ProRealTrend - is exceptional."

Susan F, United Kingdom

Wow, your software is amazing, the ProRealTrend module has made dramatic changes to my trading. Thank you.

Frank L, United States

The new ProRealTrend lines are great!

Meha B, United Kingdom

I am quite impressed with the quality and the reliability of your live data feed, without a doubt it's a top notch. The charting software is so huge and versatile, that every one can find his favorite indicator and trading system... for me it's a great value for the money.