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Luís O, Portugal

The new feature (automatic trend lines) is excellent!

David S, United Kingdom

The new version of ProRealTime is very impressive. I have been using real time charting software for many years, including 1, 2, 3 and 4 (names removed). I can honestly say that ProRealTime has features which are superior in some respects to other applications.

Gary C, Canada

I get more impressed with ProRealTime every day I launch the program. I believe it's the best charting program on the market and with the new features (of version 7), amazing, you and your team are doing an incredible job.

Hae C, United States

I've been a customer with you guys for almost a year now and quite happy with your charting system and services.

Mariano D, Hong Kong

ProRealTime has excellent chart software. Congratulations!

Yagnesh P, United Kingdom

Wow! is probably one word I can use to describe your FREE End-of-Day service. I am amazed that you are offering this premium scanning tool for FREE (EOD). I have just begun trading and my knowledge is limited. I did try other software but had to stop using since the cost was compounding and I found it stressful. Since your EOD charts are, free I can tryout my strategies at my own pace and try and figure out over the coming months what works for me.

David D, United Kingdom

Your chart software fantastic. It is very intuitive, fast and easy to use. I am excited about ProRealTime because for the first time I financial charting software something that runs very well on my Mac. There's so much software out there that only works with windows. It's nice to be able to use it on the operating system of my choice!

Willem W, Netherlands

ProRealTime is so easy to program with.

Csaba G, Canada

This is the best charting and screening software period. Congratulations! Thank you so much!

Hae C, United States

I've been very happy with your charting system. And the new version (7.01) is even better. I like the new look very much. The blooming color is visually attractive but mostly I can see which direction the chart is moving so much better. This eliminates the guessing work.

Anthony S, United Kingdom

ProRealTime's chart colour zones make it easier to visualise complicated breakouts and trend formations.

Mohammad A, United States

Your Kagi charts, which I use extensively, are by far the best. Keep up the good work.

Mariano D, Hong Kong

The colours within the Ichimoku cloud are very helpful. They provide you at glance a better picture of the price action.

Mohammad A, United States

Your charting software rocks. It is by far the best charting software, period. I have tried many other charting softwares. None of them are even remotely comparable to ProRealTime!

Donald R, United States

I must thank you and the rest of staff for producing such an excellent charting package, please keep up the good work.

Mohammad A, United States

One of the most useful features of your charts is the Kagi charts which allows the reversal amount to be applied to high, low, and close. To my knowledge, this feature is not available in any other charting packages.

Patrick E, United Kingdom

The newest features have helped me tremendously. The colour shading possible between indicators adds such dimension to the graphs. The tick countdown is great.

Milan G, United Kingdom

I love the brilliant timer just below the price showing countdown to the next candlestick (1-minute, 5-minute, 1-hour, etc..)!

Brad B, Australia

Out of all the charting software packages I have tried, ProRealTime is the best - and the pricing is very reasonable.

Karl M, Germany

I like ProRealTime's Fibonacci tools! Very flexible and useful!