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Mohammad A, United States

Your Kagi charts, which I use extensively, are by far the best. Keep up the good work.

Mohammad A, United States

Your charting software rocks. It is by far the best charting software, period. I have tried many other charting softwares. None of them are even remotely comparable to ProRealTime!

Mariano D, Hong Kong

The colours within the Ichimoku cloud are very helpful. They provide you at glance a better picture of the price action.

Donald R, United States

I must thank you and the rest of staff for producing such an excellent charting package, please keep up the good work.

Mohammad A, United States

One of the most useful features of your charts is the Kagi charts which allows the reversal amount to be applied to high, low, and close. To my knowledge, this feature is not available in any other charting packages.

Patrick E, United Kingdom

The newest features have helped me tremendously. The colour shading possible between indicators adds such dimension to the graphs. The tick countdown is great.

Milan G, United Kingdom

I love the brilliant timer just below the price showing countdown to the next candlestick (1-minute, 5-minute, 1-hour, etc..)!

Brad B, Australia

Out of all the charting software packages I have tried, ProRealTime is the best - and the pricing is very reasonable.

Karl M, Germany

I like ProRealTime's Fibonacci tools! Very flexible and useful!

Sunil S, Philippines

ProRealTime is the best forex charting platform I have ever used.

András K, Hungary

I'm absolutely satisfied with the ProRealTime charting software. It is very useful and easy to use. The Alerts feature is exactly that I was looking for.

Stephen G, United Kingdom

ProRealTime has great reliability, versatility and customization capability with a nice programming language and screening tool.

Richard D, Netherlands

I love ProRealTime Forex charts.

Paulo L, Portugal

Thank you for your great charting application. ItŽs a must for every trader!

Chris M, United States

ProRealTime is hands down the best forex charting package on the market today, and for a great price!

John D, United Kingdom

Having completed my trial of ProRealTime last week, I would like to say how impressed I have been by the data supplied, the quality of the graphics, the analysis tools and the whole Pro Real Time ‘experience’.

Lenny F, United States

I've been with ProRealTime for several years now, and have been VERY satisfied. It meets all my requirements including pricing, customer service, and platform design.

Ben R, United Kingdom

ProRealTime's real-time data is fantastic. I have not encountered any glitches or stream interruptions and the software is suited ideally for my trading style.

Ebadur E, United Kingdom

ProRealTime is an excellent piece of financial market charting software.

Frank P, Canada

I'm subscribe to Prorealtime for my forex trading and am really enjoying it. Thanks for offering a truly superior charting platform.