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Brandon D, United States

I love your new pip measure tool and the ability to customize the main window tool bars.

Mariano D, Hong Kong

The service is great and it could not be better...

John B, United Kingdom

My first use of your support was very impressive I have to say - so thanks for that. I do like the charts - easily one of the best around.

Raymond N, United Kingdom

Yours is an Excellent site, i would venture to say that it is possibly one of the Best, if not the Absolute Best that i have come across on the Web. Keep up the good work, it is very much appreciated i can assure you.

Andy B, United States

ProRealTime is the best charting system I have seen. I am very impressed with its features, and is an excellent value.

Andy B, United States

ProRealTime is the most advanced and easiest to use charting software I have ever seen! Very impressive product.

Nizam A, United Kingdom

My impression about the charting service is without a doubt it's huge, versatile and flexible and most importantly the real time feed is reliable and accurate. I can safely say there is enough tools and indicators to implement any trading system.

Greg C, New Zealand

This would be one of the best chart and information systems I have used and seen. Even better than xxx (system I previously used).

Andrzej K, Canada

The technical tools you provide are incomparable, extraordinary ... and improvements you introduce often make your website even more useful ... thanks a lot!

David U, United Kingdom

ProRealTime has everything I require and I think your product is the best in the market, keep up the good work.

Philip S, Singapore

Your charting software is tops! Keep up the good work.

Hamant K, United Kingdom

Wow, loads more historical data in the new version 7.11, superb!

Timothy F, United Kingdom

ProRealTime is quite simply the best charting software out there - congratulations!

David D, United States

Nice offering of different indicators and the ability of programming my own indicators - very easy to do.

Haytham K, Egypt

ProRealTime 7.11 is unique in the new added time frames. They allow much more flexibility in trading.

Derek M, United Kingdom

Your charts are extremely clear and precise, probably the clearest i have ever seen. The free end-of-day charts are just superb.

Neil T, United Kingdom

I love the new ruler and I like the way you can drag and drop stocks from one list (ex:top movers) to a personal list.

Peter M, United States

Thanks for the best web-based charting software on Earth.

Willem W, Netherlands

About ProRealTime v7.11 printing (exporting) lists to external text applications is really helpful.

Rory D, United Kingdom

I have to congratulate you on the latest update (ProRealTime 7.11). There are some really excellent innovations included.