ProRealTime mobile: dynamic charts and quotes for smartphones and tablets


Not registered yet ? Create a user account and return to this page to get free access to ProRealTime mobile.

If you already have a user account, to access ProRealTime mobile, go to from your smartphone's web browser.

Exclusive features

  • Intuitive & powerful real-time streaming charts, top movers & quote lists
  • Get in real-time, the markets you subscribed to on
  • FREE end-of-day data for further worldwide markets (stocks, futures...)

Powerful charting software for smartphones

  • View charts with different timeframes, indicators and styles
  • Easy to use: launch charts from lists, search or top movers in one click
  • Choose automatic data refresh or no refresh mode to limit data sending

Streaming charts

Free charting software for smartphones

Top movers, personal lists & technical analysis studies

  • View your personal lists created on
  • Get top movers & volume leaders in several timeframes
  • See support & resistance levels

Get alerts even when your computer is off

  • Create SMS alerts on and receive them on your mobile, even if your computer is off when the alert is triggered
  • Launch the chart of the alert on your mobile directly from the SMS message
  • Set SMS alerts on price levels, indicators & multiple timeframes

Lists, top movers & technical analysis

Trading alerts

Free registration gives you:

  • Unlimited free access to
    • ProRealTime Complete version
    • ProRealTime Mobile version
    • End-of-day market data
  • 2 weeks free trial on real time market data
  • Individual training session upon request

Tips for iPhone* and iPad* users

How to access ProRealTime mobile directly via an application icon?

  • Launch the Safari* web browser included on your iPhone or iPad
  • Go to the site:
  • Click on the icon "+" in Safari's toolbar
  • Choose the next option "Add to Home Screen" and then "Add"

The ProRealTime mobile icon will become available on your device and permit you to launch the software in full screen. You will gain more space compared to launching it from the navigator.

How to access ProRealTime mobile directly without entering your password at each use?

  • Click on the icon "Settings" on your iPhone
  • In the menu "Settings", click on "Safari"
  • In the Safari options, click on "AutoFill", then activate the option "Names & Passwords" (if it has not already been activated)
  • At the login of your next session, a message will suggest you to keep them in memory

Once your username/password are automatically filled in ProRealTime mobile, you will only have to click on either the "Lists" button, the "Charts" button, or the "Top Movers" button.

ProRealTime for iPhone

How to use ProRealTime mobile simultaneously with other applications?

If you are running ProRealTime mobile via an application icon, it will be disconnected automatically when you switch to another application.

Therefore, if you are using a multitask capable device, we advise to start ProRealTime mobile via the Safari web browser to avoid disconnection.

*iPhone, iPad and Safari are trademarks of Apple Inc.