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We all get real-time data, but do you have fast and high quality data?

ProRealTime datafeeds and quality
Seize opportunities as they happen

Our name is ProRealTime because our priority is to deliver:

  • Ultra low latency real-time push datafeeds (directly from exchanges)
  • High availability datafeed service
  • Reliable data and maintenance services
  • Extensive historical data (including intraday)
  • Limitless possibilities in timeframe selection
  • Adaptation of data display methods to user preferences

In high volatility markets, compare the ProRealTime datastream with the datastream of your current provider and see the difference!

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Automatic support & resistance trend lines

We all look for trends, but how confident are you in your analysis?

Trend lines automatically drawn
Be confident in your analysis

ProRealTrend module displays support and resistance lines in one click:

  • Regularly updated every 5 minutes
  • In multiple views (Monthly, Weekly, Daily & intraday views)
  • For each type of security (Stocks, Indices, Futures, Currencies...)

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We all need trading practice, but is your simulator realistic?

Realistic trading simulator
Make sure you are ready for real trading

PaperTrading module helps you develop your trading skills in real market conditions, without risking any money:

  • Place orders on charts with a single click
  • Create Single or Multiple orders
  • Train yourself on Stocks, Futures and Currencies

PaperTrading : a realistic trading simulator

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We all have to choose between hundreds of securities every day, but how long does it take to make the best choices?

Real-time market scan
Find future top winners instantaneously

ProScreener module performs a full market scan and presents a selection of securities matching your criteria in real-time.

  • Almost unlimited scanning possibilities
  • Multi-criteria
  • Multi-timeframe
  • Create scans without writing a single line of code

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We all get buy and sell signals, but can you be alerted even if your computer is off?

Advanced real-time charts & quotes on your smartphone
Stay informed wherever you are

  • FREE real-time data for Forex
  • Display Stocks, Indices, Futures & Forex
  • View support & resistance levels
  • Compatible with multiple smartphones
  • Access ProRealTime mobile from or from any sms alert


Free registration gives you:

  • Unlimited free access to
    • ProRealTime Complete version
    • ProRealTime Mobile version
    • End-of-day market data
  • 2 weeks free trial on real time market data
  • Individual training session upon request