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ProRealTime Indicators

Author Description Type
ProRealTime 3 Black Crows Moving average
ProRealTime Ichimoku Trend following
ProRealTime Guppy Multiple MAs Oscillator
ProRealTime Glitch Index Moving average
ProRealTime Body Momentum Moving average
ProRealTime Trend Index Trend following
ProRealTime Trend Intensity Index Trend following
ProRealTime Camarilla Pivot Points Classic
ProRealTime NoLag Moving Avg Oscillator Oscillator
ProRealTime Gravestone or Invert Hammer Moving average
ProRealTime Hammer or Hanging Man Classic
ProRealTime Bullish Harami Classic
ProRealTime Klinger Volume Osc (KVO) Moving average
ProRealTime Bearish Harami Classic
ProRealTime LR Forecast Oscillator Oscillator
ProRealTime Elliot Wave Oscillator Oscillator
ProRealTime Morning Star Moving average
ProRealTime RSI Dynamic Oscillator Oscillator
ProRealTime Fast MA crossing anticipate Moving average
ProRealTime Anticipated MA Crossing Classic
ProRealTime Hi-low Distance X periods Classic
ProRealTime Commodity Selection Index Classic
ProRealTime Awesome oscillator Oscillator
ProRealTime Bearish Engulfing Classic
ProRealTime True Strengh Index Moving average
ProRealTime Daily Pivots Program Classic
ProRealTime Yesterday's OHLC Intraday Classic
ProRealTime Daily OHLC Intraday Classic
ProRealTime Kaufman Adaptative MA Trend following
ProRealTime MACDhisto Upturn/Downturn Classic
ProRealTime MACD Histogram Upturn Classic
ProRealTime Ultimate Oscillator Oscillator
ProRealTime Coppock Classic
ProRealTime Bill Willams Accelerator Osc Moving average
ProRealTime RevEngRSI-SMA Moving average
ProRealTime RevEngRSI-EMA Moving average
ProRealTime PIVOTS DEMARK Classic
ProRealTime Cutler's RSI Classic
ProRealTime MA Upturn Moving average
ProRealTime EMA XOver&Under Moving average
ProRealTime 2 Moving Average Difference Moving average
ProRealTime MA crossover detector Moving average
ProRealTime Weekly Pivots Intraday Classic
ProRealTime 3up 3down Trend following
ProRealTime Range & Avg Range Moving average
ProRealTime Ehlers Laguerre RSI Classic

Public Indicators

Author Description Type
Panchen 123HIGH & LOW Trend following
fysol BuilderRVI Volatility
chri$$ Exponential Keltner Channel Moving average
chri$$ Finite Volume Element (FVE) Volatility
trishycamp Schaff Trend Cycle Trend following
dr2138 Demarker Classic
marinknell MACD intraday Trend following
SilverStar ZIGZAG TREND Oscillator
dr2138 TD REI Oscillator
myron Trend Force Trend following
chris %B Bollinger Oscillator
lolo64 Thermometer Trend following
castor Hammer Classic
nicobetty Projection Bands Trend following
lillilli Projection Oscillator Oscillator
LUCKYME3 Swing Hilo Moving average
Mikolaj Hull moving average Moving average
ianparks SafeZone Stop - Elder Moving average
DonR KST Oscillator
theblob Directional Volume Volume
Visioneer Keltner Channel Volatility
dipper99 HA count Classic
chri$$ Woodies CCI Classic
pdrastich PD WoodiesCCI Classic
GeorgeO Powerplay Moving average
johndoughh JD 52 Week HighLowBand Moving average
johndoughh JD DonchianClose Moving average
xscape ICHIMOKU KIJUN-SEN Trend following
keopce NR7 Trend following
bobbrentuk Fisher Transform Oscillator
theblob Long/Short Differential Gain Classic
theblob PriceDistance Volatility
Sasa Donchian Trend following
bobbrentuk PD-Retrace Classic
chrisdb Know Sure Thing Moving average

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