Mobile Solutions

Can I use the platform from a mobile device (smartphones, tablets, netbooks, etc.)?

ProRealTime on smartphones

A ProRealTime Mobile version is available for smartphones and tablets at the following address:
(to be entered in the address bar of your smartphone's web browser)

ProRealTime on tablets

Windows Tablets

The ProRealTime Complete platform can be launched from a Windows 8 or 8.1 tablet computer if it respects the minimum configuration to use ProRealTime (example compatible tablet computers: Microsoft Surface Pro 2 & 3, Asus T100 & T200,...).

Note: all Windows 8 or 8.1 tablet computers released after March 2015 should be compatible.

iPad & Android Tablets

For other tablets (iOS, Android etc.), since Java can't be launched from these tablets or is not supported in an advanced enough way to launch ProRealTime Complete or ProRealTime Premium, there are two possibilities:

  • Remotely launch ProRealTime Complete/Premium

    Some ProRealTime users also use their platform from a tablet (iOS, Android, etc.) by using remote access to their PC. Softwares such as TeamViewer, LogmeIn or PhonemyPC let you take control of your PC remotely from your tablet (iOS, Android, etc.). You can then start ProRealTime Complete or ProReamTime Premium.

  • Use ProRealTime Mobile

    You can still use ProRealTime Mobile in any case from your tablet (iOS, Android etc.). Go to from your tablet's web browser to access it.

ProRealTime on netbooks

ProRealTime Complete and Premium are usable on most netbooks. Launching the platform is possible if your netbook allows normal installation and use of Java and respects the minimal configuration previously mentioned.

iPad is trademark of Apple Inc.

About how much information does ProRealTime download per hour/minute etc...?

This can be important if you want to use ProRealTime with an internet service provider that charges according data usage (subscription with data threshold, 3G/4G modem).

The amount of data downloaded depends on the number of charts, lists and other items you have open that require real-time updates and will vary heavily depending on how you use the application. It can be estimated to:

  • For a user of ProRealTime with only one chart open and no lists, the amount will be less than one MB per hour.
  • For an average user of ProRealTime with several graphs open, lists and portfolios updating realtime about 45 MB per hour will be downloaded.

If you want to reduce the amount of data downloaded:

  • Have as few charts, lists and other items that require real-time data download as possible open simultaneously.
  • Click on the datastream icon from the ProRealTime main window and then change to "Standard Datastream".

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