Connect the ProRealTime Trading platform to Interactive Brokers TWS

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Connect your ProRealTime platform to Interactive
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The ProRealTime Trading interface
for better trading

All the analysis tools of the
ProRealTime platform

The ProRealTime market data feeds
including all ticks

Your Interactive Brokers prices and
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You keep a direct access to TWS from
Interactive Brokers in addition to ProRealTime

ProRealTime, one of the best Trading platforms!

... and because we believe that after trying it, you will be convinced,
we offer you 3 months for free.

Benefit from:

  • The Complete version of ProRealTime
  • Nasdaq and NYSE real-time data
  • 20 other markets with 15-minute delayed data

Other real-time markets available as an optional service.

*$29 promotional price until end of 2022, then $39 per month.

Offer limited to the first 500 non-professional users with regards to data suppliers and subject to (1) activation of the connectivity service between the ProRealTime platform and the API of the TWS platform from Interactive brokers ; (2) placement of at least 1 order per month from the ProRealTime platform ; (3) valid only once per user and Interactive Brokers account number.
3 calendar months free starting from the day of activation of the service (example: if the service is activated September 15th, the free period will last until November 30th) subject to the conditions previously mentioned. Starting in the 4th calendar month, the service will be billed at the preferential price of US$29 per month including tax. This preferential price is guaranteed until December 31st, 2022 subject to the conditions previously mentioned.
The connectivity service between the ProRealTime platform and the API of the TWS platform from Interactive Brokers is only available to clients residing in the following countries : %countries%. The subscription is billed monthly by credit card.
or purchase obligation

ProRealTime technology for better trading

Professional quality market data

  • Independent datafeed from the broker: Stocks, Futures & Options market data displayed inside the ProRealTime platform is independent from Interactive Brokers.
  • Direct connectivity: to provide you with low latency market data, ProRealTime is directly connected to many of the largest exchanges (no intermediaries). These connections use leased lines and fiber-optic connections for the best connectivity.
  • Push datafeed: our push datafeeds lets you receive all the ticks as soon as they appear in the market.
  • Extensive historical data: the platform includes several years of intraday and daily historical data.

Our 23 years of experience in datafeed management and the reliability of our infrastructures have led major banks & brokerage firms to rely on our services....

How does it work?

  • Interactive Brokers's TWS trading platform includes a feature called "API" which allows other softwares such as ProRealTime to connect to the TWS to transmit and manage orders.
  • Orders placed using ProRealTime are received by the Interactive Brokers servers through the TWS. Pre-existing positions and pending orders on your Interactive Brokers account can also be managed from the ProRealTime platform.
your computer IB servers PROREALTIME IB TWS internet

Order placed via ProRealTime

Information on: order status, open positions, account balance

How to enable this service

Interactive Brokers

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