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ProRealTime reviews

We krijgen regelmatig positieve feedback van ProRealTime gebruikers, zoals u, die zich overal ter wereld bevinden en inloggen.

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Per N, Norway Nieuw

I have completed the trial period, and I have to say that I´m totally in love with Pro Real Time. I´ve used most of the platforms out there, and this one completely outperforms them all in my opinion. Well done!!

Roger H, United Kingdom

Chart scrolling is superb - the ability to explore and map charts quickly is second to none.

Tim E, United Kingdom

Your service is the best I've ever encountered, excellent customer service and amazing charts.

Dee C, United States

Congratulations for a superb program in technical analysis.

Bryan K, Australia

I am finding the dynamic [ProReal]trend lines and other support and resistance line very rewarding.

Brian S, United States

The BEST thing about ProRealTime is that I could use it behind a firewall due to the direct internet connection. That was very useful for me while at the office [...].

Sergio C, Portugal

I found the ProScreener to be an exceptional tool to focus my attention on the forex pairs with the most potential.

Ted P, United Kingdom

I was using [...], but switched to ProRealTime mostly because of the great "ProBacktest" feature.

David G, Switzerland

I find your service excellent. It is easy to use, basic but done to a very high standard, in my opinion.

Corinne L, Canada

The premium [version] is great. It allows much more flexibility for my purposes.

Takamitsu H, Japan

I really liked your charting system. It was almost perfect for me to do scalping.

Fred R, United States

I am really very happy with ProRealTime charts [...]. Having tried many chart tools and platforms this is hands down the most useful and flexible to me.

Willy M, Netherlands

I'm very happy with the quality of the ProRealtime Services. Keep up the good work!

Jake S, United Kingdom

I love the function that gives you oblique support and resistance lines of the stock price. That is so cool!!

Ahmad M, Kuwait

I love your charting software it is really intelligently built! I had subscribed to/tested many trading packages over the past 8 years. Once I had tested your charts, I felt the difference of yours! I recommend it to all world traders.

Timothy F, United Kingdom

I'd also just like to tell you that I have been comparing your data feed with another very well known live data provider, and I am happy to tell you that Prorealtime is faster at giving live prices, and far more accurate in terms of candlestick formation, which for me, trading very small time frames, is vitally important.

Johan K, Sweden

I've had a look at these charts on my smartphone, they are just beautiful, look just as great as they do on my PC.

Pasi H, France

Absolutely the best. Your platform works like a dream. I would have not done anything differently. Nothing I've been using comes even close.

John B, United Kingdom

Brilliant on my smart phone. Thanks, I can now spend more time down at my local! Good Job!

Paul H, United Kingdom

ProRealTrend and ProScreener - these are super features that have really helped me improve the quality and consistency of my trading. Overall, a very fine piece of trading software !!!