SMS alerts - Conditions of use

3 Credited SMS alerts per month - Valid 1 month

On the day your real-time subscription is activated ProRealTime credits your account with 3 SMS alerts which need to be used before the end of the month your account is activated.

Moreover, the first day of any new month of your real-time subscription period, ProRealTime will also credit your account with 3 additional SMS alerts.

These 3 SMS alerts must be used within the month they are credited and cannot be cumulated from one month to the next.

Prices for additional SMS alerts - Valid 6 months

You can also purchase SMS alert packs at the prices listed below (VAT not included).

  • 50 SMS alerts: 29,5 € -> 59 cents/SMS
  • 100 SMS alerts: 49,5 € -> 49,5 cents/SMS (16% discount)
  • 200 SMS alerts: 89,5 € -> 44,75 cents/SMS (24% discount)

To use them, you must have an active real-time subscription. Purchased SMS alerts must be consumed within 6 (six) months starting from the purchase date of the pack. The expiration date of the SMS alerts is fixed at the moment they are purchased and is not changeable.

Validity of SMS alerts:

After a real-time subscription expires, non used SMS will continue to be usable until their expiration date. However, an active real-time subscription is necessary to continue using SMS alerts. For this reason, active alerts that have not yet been triggered are deactivated in the workstation when the subscription expires. Once the real-time access has been reactivated, the user will be able to reactivate the SMS alerts in his/her workstation.

Refunds and Extensions:

Purchased and credited alerts cannot be refunded if not used. If you have not used some alerts when your subscription expires, you may re-activate it to get access to the SMS alerts. Please note that these alerts must be used before their fixed expiration dates in any case. It is not possible to extend the expiration dates of unused SMS.

Consumption of SMS credits

The SMS alerts with the soonest expiration date are consumed first.

Detailed Example:

If a user activates a 1 year real-time access to the NASDAQ on January 25th: This will give that user an active subscription until January 24th of next year (included).

The first 3 alerts will be credited on January 25th, and the user will be able to use them until January 31st (included).

The next 3 alerts will be credited on February 1st, and he will be able to use them until February 28th (included).

3 alerts will be credited each month until January 1st, the next year. That month, the user will also be credited 3 SMS alerts which may be used until the end of his subscription or until January 31st if he/she chooses to extend it.

If the user purchases a pack of 50 SMS alerts on March 10th, they will be valid until September 9th (6 months):

  • Every 1st day of the month, his/her account will continue to be credited with 3 additional SMS alerts which expire at the end of that month if not used.
    These alerts will be consumed before the alerts purchased.
  • By September 1st, the expiration date of his 3 additional SMS alerts will be September 30th.
  • Let's assume that by now, there are still 5 remaining SMS alerts to be used from the pack he purchased in March:
  • Every SMS triggered from September 1st will consume the credit belonging to the pack purchased on March 10th instead of the 3 additional SMS alerts credited on September 1st (because the pack's expiration date is closer).
  • The 3 SMS alerts credited on September 1st will be consumed only after the remaining alerts from the pack have been used.