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ProRealTime Screeners

Author Description Type
ProRealTime Multi-Time Open >< Boll Trend following
ProRealTime SAR-MACD-MM Trend following
ProRealTime Candlestick detection Trend following
ProRealTime Incrase Yesterday Volatility

Public Screeners

Author Description Type
flanel Bullish start Trend following
flanel Bearish start Trend following
liamfitz swing tracker upswing Trend following
jaim STOCKS ABOVE SUPERTREND Trend following
Kulwant 2Bearish moving average crossi Moving average
arena74 BULLISH BREAKOUT Trend following
arena74 Bearish SAR crossover MF lower Classic
grey Bullish / Bearish movements Trend following
OKAS Bearish engulfing Classic
doc1410 Reversal MACD Classic
yamin151 4 and 9 day crossover Moving average
handlep Bearish Candle Volatility
handlep Bullish Candle Volatility
csuper CC Stochastic Moving average
GeorgeO PP buy Moving average
johndoughh JD 52 Week Low Moving average
johndoughh JD 52 Week High Moving average
shoee63 New 265 day highs Moving average
financnipi Oversold based RSI Screener Classic
mds3019 Up-most---y Classic

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