Share live trading information

ProCommunity is a trading network which allows you to:

  • Share PaperTrading positions, orders and portfolios with your friends directly on charts
  • Receive a rank and detailed report based on your trading performance
  • View trading information of the best anonymous users of your rank

ProRealTime ProCommunity is only available with PaperTrading information on ProRealTime Software (

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View live positions and orders on charts

ProCommunity allows you to view open positions and pending orders of your friends and anonymous users directly on charts.

As the users you are following trade, their positions and orders will be updated in real-time on your charts.

You can adjust the timeframe and amount of historical data displayed on these charts and save them in templates.

View trading information in the ProCommunity table

To see the trading information of other users in a table format, select "ProCommunity" from the "Trading" menu. You can open a chart like the one shown above for users in the table by clicking the ProRealTime icon.

When looking at trading information of friends, you can use the menus highlighted in yellow below to display:

  • Online friends you follow, all friends you follow, or one friend at a time
  • All securities, all securities of one type (ex: All forex) or one security at a time (ex: EUR/USD only)
Click here to learn more about sharing information with friends via ProCommunity

When viewing trading information of anonymous users, you can use the menus highlighted in yellow below to display trading information for:

  • Selected popular securities (one at a time - click here to see the list)
  • Best of "All users" or "Users active today" that you have access to: A user is active today on a security if they have placed any orders or have an open position on it.
Click here to learn more about accessing trading information of anonymous users

To keep track of your favorite users, you can highlight or un-highlight them by right-clicking on them and selecting "highlight".

In all ProCommunity tables, the title shows the number of lines displayed in the table which correspond to buyers and sellers in order to give you quick information on community sentiment for the security or group of securities you are looking at.

Customize the trading information displayed

You can customize the columns of the ProCommunity window by clicking on the ProRealTime icon.

General information:

  • User: Displays the user's ProCommunity nickname
  • Security: Name of the security the user is trading on (shown only when multiple securities are displayed in the ProCommunity table)

Information about the user's current positions and orders on the security displayed:

  • Position: Direction and quantity of current position (ex: BUY 1000)
  • Buy Limit: Quantity and price of pending buy limit order closest to current price (ex: ^1K@1.23 means there is a Limit Buy order at 1.23 for a quantity of 1000)
  • Buy Stop: Quantity and price of pending buy stop order closest to current price
  • Sell Limit: Quantity and price of pending sell limit order closest to current price
  • Sell Stop: Quantity and price of pending sell stop order closest to current price
  • Last executed: Type, quantity and price of last executed order (ex: MKT 1K@1.23 means that the last order executed was a buy for a quantity of 1000 at the price of 1.23)
  • Last gain: Gain or loss realized due to the execution of the most recent order (ex: Paul buys 1000 shares at 10 per share. He then sells 600 shares at 12 per share. His last gain is 600*(12-10) = 1200)
  • Latent gain: Latent gain or loss of the current position on this security (amount or %)

Information about the user's trading activity and results on the security displayed:

  • Rank: Displays the user's rank from trading on this instrument
  • Activity: Displays the user's activity level corresponding to the average number of trades per month (on this security)
  • Gain, Gain today, Gain week, Gain month, Gain year: Total gain, Gain today, Gain in the current week, Gain in the current month, Gain in the current year (on this security: amount or %)
  • Since: Date of creation of the user's current PaperTrading portfolio
  • Avg ord/mth: Number of orders executed per month by the user (on this security)
  • Initial amount: Amount of cash initially in the user's portfolio (converted into the currency of the security being traded)
  • Last active: Date an order was last placed or executed by the user (on this security)

Note: Brokerage fees are not counted in any ProCommunity gain statistic in order to make the results of different users more easily comparable.