Trading history and statistics

ProCommunity is a trading network which allows you to:

  • Share PaperTrading positions, orders and portfolios with your friends directly on charts
  • Receive a rank and detailed report based on your trading performance
  • View trading information of the best anonymous users of your rank

ProRealTime ProCommunity is only available with PaperTrading information on ProRealTime Software (

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This page explains how to get trading history, equity curves and detailed performance reports in ProCommunity, for yourself and other users.

Trading history

When you open the chart of any user from the ProCommunity table, their previous trades will be shown on the chart:

  • ProRealTime indicates that a long position was opened
  • ProRealTime indicates that a long position was closed
  • ProRealTime indicates that a short position was opened
  • ProRealTime indicates that a short position was closed

If there is more than one symbol on a given candlestick, it means there was more than one transaction completed during this time period. You can open a lower timeframe to view the past transactions in more detail:

Equity Curve

Click the button highlighted in yellow below to display the user's Equity curve and positions chart.

  • The Equity curve shows the user's initial capital and their gains/losses resulting from trades on this security
  • The Positions chart shows the size and direction of the user's position (Long, Short, or Neutral)

The equity curve for continuous futures contracts (example: CAC Future - FCEXXXX) takes into account your trades on the current contract and previous contracts.


If the current contract is February, any trades on the February and past expiry CAC contracts will be taken into account.

Trades on future expiry contracts (March, April) will not be displayed on the continuous future equity curve.

When the February contract expires and the March contract becomes the current contract:

  • any positions on the February contract will be closed
  • if you had a position already open on the March contract, your gains and losses on the March position will be counted in the equity curve from this time forward

Detailed report

Clicking on the button described in the previous section also generates a detailed report about the user's results from trading on this security. There are 3 tabs:

  • Statistics gives an exhaustive view of the user's performance (net gains or loss, number of winning and losing trades, and many others).
  • Orders list shows details on the time, direction (buy or sell), quantity and price of orders. Times displayed will be in local market time (GMT for forex).
  • Trades list gives details about the positions (long or short, duration in number of bars, absolute and relative performance, entry and exit dates...).

If the security you are looking at is a continuous future (example: CAC future), the detailed report takes into account the same information as the equity curve (see above).

Note: Brokerage fees are not taken into account in ProCommunity. As a result, they are not counted in calculations of the detailed report or equity curve.

Open your own Equity curve & Detailed report from the ProCommunity table

To quickly access your own Equity curve & Detailed report from the ProCommunity table:

  • Select "Myself" in the "Users" dropdown menu
  • Right-click on the line of any security and choose the option highlighted in yellow below

You can also access the equity curve & detailed reports of your friends in the same manner.