Network of friends

ProCommunity is a trading network which allows you to:

  • Share PaperTrading positions, orders and portfolios with your friends directly on charts
  • Receive a rank and detailed report based on your trading performance
  • View trading information of the best anonymous users of your rank

ProRealTime ProCommunity is only available with PaperTrading information on ProRealTime Software (

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Invite friends to exchange trading details on any security

To send or accept invitations, open the "Friends" window from the "Trading" menu of the main window:

Follow the trades of your friends

In order to share trading information with your friends, you both must have real-time access with PaperTrading enabled. To send a request, go to the section "Friends I follow" and click "Add":

You can send requests to your friends via e-mail or via their ProRealTime workstation.

To send a request via e-mail, you will need to know your friend's name and e-mail address:

To send a request to your friend's ProRealTime workstation, you will need to know your friend's ProCommunity nickname and the e-mail address that is associated with their ProRealTime account. Your friend can find this information in their "ProCommunity friends" window as shown above.

If your friend accepts your request to follow them, they will be available in the ProCommunity table when you choose either "Friends I follow" or "Online friends I follow" in the users selector shown below:

Click on the ProRealTime icon next to the name of any friend to display their chart with their positions and pending orders which are the closest to the current price:

To view your friend's portfolio on all securities, first choose to display only one friend in the dropdown menu to the right of "Friends I follow". Then select "All" in the menu "Security Types" as shown below.

Here's how a friend can invite you to see their trading information:

  • Just provide them your e-mail address and ProCommunity nickname as described above (remember: your ProCommunity nickname is not the same as your login name. Do not share your login and password with anyone).
  • You will receive an invitation by e-mail or an invitation in your workstation like the one shown below. Click "Accept" to access the trading information of this friend.

Let other users follow your trades

Inviting a user to follow your trading information is done in the same way as described in the last section, except that this is done from the right side of the Friends menu - "Friends following me". Other users can also send you requests to follow your trading information if they know your ProCommunity nickname and ProRealTime e-mail address.

Manage your contacts and invitations

When opening the ProCommunity friends window, you may receive requests to follow you or invitations to follow other users. You can accept these invitations, reject them, or block the sender.

  • You can follow 25 friends at a time on the Complete workstation or 100 at a time on the Premium workstation. A counter keeps track of the number of friends you are following.
  • You can invite as many users as you want to follow your trading information.
  • If one of the friends you are following or friends following you becomes unavailable, their icon will have a red ProRealTime associated with it (see below).
  • You can remove any contact from your friends window or delete a pending invitation sent via the workstation by clicking on the icon of your contact and clicking the "Delete" button. You can select multiple "Friends I follow" or "Friends following me" at a time if you want to delete several at once.
  • If you have blocked a user, you can unblock them by selecting their icon and clicking on the "Unblock" button that will appear.

A full list of the icons you may see in the Friends window is shown below.

Friends Following me

Online: This user can see your trading information. They are online now.

Offline: This user can see your trading information. They are offline now.

PaperTrading disabled: This user could previously see your PaperTrading information. They can no longer see it because they disabled PaperTrading. If they re-enable it, they will be able to access your trading information again.

No real-time access: This user could previously see your trading information. It is no longer available because their real-time access expired. If they re-activate real-time access, they will be able to access your information again.

Invitation sent: You sent an invitation for this user to follow you via their workstation (invitations sent by e-mail are not displayed).

Not following me anymore: This user has stopped following you.

Invitation not accepted: This user did not accept your invitation to follow you or this user can no longer accept ProCommunity invitations to follow others at this time.

Blocked user: This user can no longer request to view your trading information.