CBOT Futures (E-mini included, T-Note, Soybean, ...)

Please note that this package also includes the CBOT E-mini futures.
Ticker Instrument Name
ZNXXXX 10Y TNote Full0615 Future***
ZFXXXX 5Y TNote Full0615 Future***
ZTXXXX 2Y TNote Full0615 Future***
ZBXXXX 30Y TBond Full0615 Future***
ZCXXXX Corn Full0515 Future***
ZSXXXX Soybean Full0515 Future***
ZMXXXX Soybean Meal Full0515 Future***
ZLXXXX Soybean Oil Full0515 Future***
ZWXXXX Wheat Full0515 Future***
N1UXXXX 10Y Interest Rate Swap Full0615 Future***
ZN0615 10Y TNote Only0615
ZQXXXX 30D Fed Fund Full0615 Future***
F1UXXXX 5Y Interest Rate Swap Full0615 Future***
ZF0615 5Y TNote Only0615
ZT0615 2Y TNote Only0615
ZQ0615 30D Fed Fund Only0615
ZB0615 30Y TBond Only0615
ZC0515 Corn Only0515
ZDXXXX DJ30 Full0615 Future***
ZOXXXX Oats Full0515 Future***
ZRXXXX Rough Rice Full0515 Future***
ZM0515 Soybean Meal Only0515
ZL0515 Soybean Oil Only0515
ZS0515 Soybean Only0515
ZW0515 Wheat Only0515
N1U0615 10Y Interest Rate Swap Only0615
F1U0615 5Y Interest Rate Swap Only0615
ZD0615 DJ30 Only0615
ZO0515 Oats Only0515
ZR0515 Rough Rice Only0515
ZN0315 10Y TNote Only0315
ZT0315 2Y TNote Only0315
ZB0315 30Y TBond Only0315
ZF0315 5Y TNote Only0315
ZC0715 Corn Only0715
ZM0715 Soybean Meal Only0715
ZL0715 Soybean Oil Only0715
ZS0715 Soybean Only0715
ZW0715 Wheat Only0715
N1U0315 10Y Interest Rate Swap Only0315
ZQ0315 30D Fed Fund Only0315
F1U0315 5Y Interest Rate Swap Only0315
ZC0315 Corn Only0315
ZO0715 Oats Only0715
ZR0715 Rough Rice Only0715
ZM0315 Soybean Meal Only0315
ZL0315 Soybean Oil Only0315
ZS0315 Soybean Only0315
ZW0315 Wheat Only0315
ZD0315 DJ30 Only0315
ZO0315 Oats Only0315
ZR0315 Rough Rice Only0315
N1U0915 10Y Interest Rate Swap Only0915
ZN0316 10Y TNote Only0316
ZN0616 10Y TNote Only0616
ZN0915 10Y TNote Only0915
ZN1215 10Y TNote Only1215
ZT0316 2Y TNote Only0316
ZT0616 2Y TNote Only0616
ZT0915 2Y TNote Only0915
ZT1215 2Y TNote Only1215
ZQ0116 30D Fed Fund Only0116
ZQ0117 30D Fed Fund Only0117
ZQ0118 30D Fed Fund Only0118
ZQ0216 30D Fed Fund Only0216
ZQ0217 30D Fed Fund Only0217
ZQ0218 30D Fed Fund Only0218
ZQ0316 30D Fed Fund Only0316
ZQ0317 30D Fed Fund Only0317
ZQ0318 30D Fed Fund Only0318
ZQ0415 30D Fed Fund Only0415
ZQ0416 30D Fed Fund Only0416
ZQ0417 30D Fed Fund Only0417
ZQ0515 30D Fed Fund Only0515
ZQ0516 30D Fed Fund Only0516
ZQ0517 30D Fed Fund Only0517
ZQ0616 30D Fed Fund Only0616
ZQ0617 30D Fed Fund Only0617
ZQ0715 30D Fed Fund Only0715
ZQ0716 30D Fed Fund Only0716
ZQ0717 30D Fed Fund Only0717
ZQ0815 30D Fed Fund Only0815
ZQ0816 30D Fed Fund Only0816
ZQ0817 30D Fed Fund Only0817
ZQ0915 30D Fed Fund Only0915
ZQ0916 30D Fed Fund Only0916
ZQ0917 30D Fed Fund Only0917
ZQ1015 30D Fed Fund Only1015
ZQ1016 30D Fed Fund Only1016
ZQ1017 30D Fed Fund Only1017
ZQ1115 30D Fed Fund Only1115
ZQ1116 30D Fed Fund Only1116
ZQ1117 30D Fed Fund Only1117
ZQ1215 30D Fed Fund Only1215
ZQ1216 30D Fed Fund Only1216
ZQ1217 30D Fed Fund Only1217
ZB0915 30Y TBond Only0915
ZB1215 30Y TBond Only1215
F1U0915 5Y Interest Rate Swap Only0915
ZF0316 5Y TNote Only0316
ZF0616 5Y TNote Only0616
ZF0915 5Y TNote Only0915
ZF1215 5Y TNote Only1215
ZC0316 Corn Only0316
ZC0317 Corn Only0317
ZC0516 Corn Only0516
ZC0517 Corn Only0517
ZC0716 Corn Only0716
ZC0717 Corn Only0717
ZC0718 Corn Only0718
ZC0915 Corn Only0915
ZC0916 Corn Only0916
ZC0917 Corn Only0917
ZC1215 Corn Only1215
ZC1216 Corn Only1216
ZC1217 Corn Only1217
ZC1218 Corn Only1218
ZD0915 DJ30 Only0915
ZD1215 DJ30 Only1215
ZO0316 Oats Only0316
ZO0317 Oats Only0317
ZO0516 Oats Only0516
ZO0716 Oats Only0716
ZO0717 Oats Only0717
ZO0915 Oats Only0915
ZO0916 Oats Only0916
ZO0917 Oats Only0917
ZO1215 Oats Only1215
ZO1216 Oats Only1216
ZR0116 Rough Rice Only0116
ZR0316 Rough Rice Only0316
ZR0516 Rough Rice Only0516
ZR0915 Rough Rice Only0915
ZR1115 Rough Rice Only1115
ZM0116 Soybean Meal Only0116
ZM0117 Soybean Meal Only0117
ZM0316 Soybean Meal Only0316
ZM0317 Soybean Meal Only0317
ZM0516 Soybean Meal Only0516
ZM0517 Soybean Meal Only0517
ZM0716 Soybean Meal Only0716
ZM0717 Soybean Meal Only0717
ZM0718 Soybean Meal Only0718
ZM0815 Soybean Meal Only0815
ZM0816 Soybean Meal Only0816
ZM0817 Soybean Meal Only0817
ZM0915 Soybean Meal Only0915
ZM0916 Soybean Meal Only0916
ZM0917 Soybean Meal Only0917
ZM1015 Soybean Meal Only1015
ZM1016 Soybean Meal Only1016
ZM1017 Soybean Meal Only1017
ZM1018 Soybean Meal Only1018
ZM1215 Soybean Meal Only1215
ZM1216 Soybean Meal Only1216
ZM1217 Soybean Meal Only1217
ZM1218 Soybean Meal Only1218
ZL0116 Soybean Oil Only0116
ZL0117 Soybean Oil Only0117
ZL0316 Soybean Oil Only0316
ZL0317 Soybean Oil Only0317
ZL0516 Soybean Oil Only0516
ZL0517 Soybean Oil Only0517
ZL0716 Soybean Oil Only0716
ZL0717 Soybean Oil Only0717
ZL0718 Soybean Oil Only0718
ZL0815 Soybean Oil Only0815
ZL0816 Soybean Oil Only0816
ZL0817 Soybean Oil Only0817
ZL0915 Soybean Oil Only0915
ZL0916 Soybean Oil Only0916
ZL0917 Soybean Oil Only0917
ZL1015 Soybean Oil Only1015
ZL1016 Soybean Oil Only1016
ZL1017 Soybean Oil Only1017
ZL1018 Soybean Oil Only1018
ZL1215 Soybean Oil Only1215
ZL1216 Soybean Oil Only1216
ZL1217 Soybean Oil Only1217
ZL1218 Soybean Oil Only1218
ZS0116 Soybean Only0116
ZS0117 Soybean Only0117
ZS0316 Soybean Only0316
ZS0317 Soybean Only0317
ZS0516 Soybean Only0516
ZS0517 Soybean Only0517
ZS0716 Soybean Only0716
ZS0717 Soybean Only0717
ZS0718 Soybean Only0718
ZS0815 Soybean Only0815
ZS0816 Soybean Only0816
ZS0817 Soybean Only0817
ZS0915 Soybean Only0915
ZS0916 Soybean Only0916
ZS0917 Soybean Only0917
ZS1115 Soybean Only1115
ZS1116 Soybean Only1116
ZS1117 Soybean Only1117
ZS1118 Soybean Only1118
ZW0316 Wheat Only0316
ZW0317 Wheat Only0317
ZW0516 Wheat Only0516
ZW0517 Wheat Only0517
ZW0716 Wheat Only0716
ZW0717 Wheat Only0717
ZW0915 Wheat Only0915
ZW0916 Wheat Only0916
ZW1215 Wheat Only1215
ZW1216 Wheat Only1216
***These continuous futures have EOD history from their creation and intraday history from Nov. 2004.